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2011-06-16 henrichupdate Japanese translation
2011-06-16 henrichfix mistranslation
2011-06-15 henrichupdate Japanese translation
2011-06-14 henrichupdate Japanese translation
2011-06-14 henrichupdate japanese translations
2011-06-11 henrichupdate Japanese translation
2011-04-22 taffit-guestAdd a link to various translations, as suggested by...
2011-04-21 hertzogMany typos fixed by Chris Leick <
2011-04-21 taffit-guestmake updatepo, tidypo, and trivial unfuzzy
2011-03-03 taffit-guestupdate PO and POT files (no content change)
2011-03-03 taffit-guest(style convention) Use <command>lintian</command> inste...
2011-02-13 spaillardFix markup typo (r8498) breaking build
2011-02-13 henrichUpdate Japanese translation
2010-12-17 henrichupdate Japanese translation
2010-12-13 henrichupdate Japanese translation
2010-12-12 henrichupdate Japanese translation (a bit)
2010-12-12 henrichupdate Japanese translation
2010-12-12 henrichupdate Japanese translation
2010-12-08 henrichupdate Japanese translation
2010-12-07 henrichupdate Japanese translation
2010-11-21 taffit-guestRemove Japanese comments breaking pdf built
2010-11-21 taffit-guestmsgcat, no other change
2010-11-20 henrichupdate Japanese translation
2010-09-04 henrichupdate Japanese translation
2010-08-24 henrichupdate Japanese translation
2010-08-23 henrichupdate ja trans (eliminate fuzzy)
2010-06-20 taffit-guestPOT and PO update (planned with Hideki).
2010-06-20 taffit-guestPreventive unfuzzy (planed with Hideki).
2010-03-13 henrich-guestupdate Japanese translations
2010-03-13 henrich-guestupdate Japanese translations
2010-02-15 henrich-guestJapanese: update
2010-01-23 henrich-guestJapanese: squash fuzzy
2010-01-12 henrich-guestupdate resource.po (Japanese)
2010-01-08 henrich-guestupdate and fix tag miss.
2010-01-06 henrich-guestupdate Japanese translation (not reviewed yet).
2010-01-03 hertzogRegenerate POT files and merge into po files
2009-11-07 henrich-guestupdate Japanese translation (checked with msgfmt)
2009-09-05 henrich-guesthenrich: update Japanese translations
2009-07-12 henrich-guesthenrich: update japanese (sure, I've checked those...
2009-07-06 osamuupdate to latest and fix translation.
2009-07-05 osamufix missing quote but translation needs fix
2009-07-04 henrich-guesthenrich: update japanese translation
2009-07-03 henrich-guesthenrich: update japanese translation
2009-06-25 lucasupdate all po files for fr/ and ja/. no other changes.
2008-07-03 henrich-guest - update Japanese translation (not yet complete, step...
2008-06-17 jseidel-guestRemoved a space at end of line po4a is warning about...
2008-06-17 jseidel-guestFixed syntax errors in ja/resources.po
2008-06-09 henrich-guest - update Japanese translation (not yet completed)
2008-03-05 henrich-guest - Update Japanese translations
2008-03-01 rhertzogPut in place the new developers-reference and the new...
2008-02-28 debacleFix typos in Japanese po files.
2007-11-04 henrich-guest - add Japanese translation (developer-duties.po) by...
2007-09-17 debacleUpdate Japanese translation by Hideki Yamane (thanks!),
2007-07-01 debacleNow everything builds. Translators needed!
2007-06-27 debaclehtml, txt, and pdf do build for en, fr, and ja.
2007-06-26 debacleFirst files for developers-reference in DocBook XML