Imperial Nomic Game 9

To submit your proposals mail to Make sure you put Imperial in the Subject: line. I will be getting an html based submission form up as soon as the WWW System maintainer is around to explain to me how to do it.
The Game is Now Officially Over. Depending on player opinions, the game may be restarted as Game 9A, but it might be a good idea to wait until the moratorium on new games has ended. If you have any comments on the game, please mail me, through this mailto link. Access to Game 9:

Like I said, the game is over, and the winner is:

To find out why Calvin might play Nomic, click here.
Or for the officially unofficial but unofficially official Nomic Imperial High Score Table, click here. Other Links:

Due to resumption of classes, I will probably only decide on 8 - 10 items a day (not necessarily only Proposals). Please try to avoid frivolous proposals (not that most of you propose frivolous stuff).

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