Chapter VI of the Imperial 9 Ruleset - Geography

  1. (Rudimentary Geography - Rule 42)
    The Empire is bounded on the North, West and East by the Mountainous Mountains, and on the South by the Sea of Troubles. Any player sailing away to either Imperial Game 7 or 8 who brings back suitable tribute shall gain 1 or 2 H points. Unsuitable tribute (the meaning of which is left up to TIE) shall result in deduction of H points instead.

  2. (Movement within and without the Empire - Rule 51)
    Any player may move from one location in the Empire to another by expending a single A point. To move beyond the boundaries of the Empire, you must always expend a D point in addition to any other requirement set down in the rules.

  3. (Eastern Mountainous Mountains - Rule 52)
    The eastern ranges of the Mountainous Mountains are densely forested. The wood of the Glumba tree, which grows in profusion in the highest parts of the forest, is highly prized by the shipwrights of the southern seaports. Unfortunately, these forests are infested with three species of man-eating beast: Leapers, Creepers, and the extremely poisonous Weepers, which lurk in the branches of trees and drip their venom on the unwary. Only Heroes may defeat them.

  4. (Geography of the Realm - Rule 59)
    The empire consists of six realms: In the west, comprising almost half of the empire's territory,is the land of the Sandgropers, a vast and sparsely populated land of plains, in the extreme west of which is the ancient fortified city of Friment. In the centre of the Empire are the two ancient kingdoms of the Croweaters, Adelia in the south, in which the Imperial Capital is situated, and Darnia in the north; and in the east are the lands of the three tribes of the Sapsuckers,from south to north; the Vitarii , the Nusowal, and the barbarous Bannan Aben, many of whom are so misguided as to refuse to do Your Imperial Majesty the homage you are due. The Free City of Cambar lies on the border of Vitaria, Nusowalland and Adelia. The capital cities are as follows: Adelia: Adelia City, Darnia: Darn, Sandgroper Country: Frement, Vitaria: Wellworn, Nusowalland: Cinni, and Bannan Abendland: Breezwane. Another, seventh territory exists, an island to the south-east of the empire proper, but is a land of demons, who call themselves the Veyne. The Veyne demons' land has never fully been brought under Imperial control.

  5. (Definition of Location - Rule 61)
    A Location is defined as any named place in the Empire. All Locations will be listed in the List of Locations published on the Web after the list of Undefined Terms. Should an accepted proposal contain the name of a place that a player might wish to visit, the name shall be added to the location list so that players may reach it.

  6. (Sailing Away - Rule 62)
    A player can Sail Away if they have Glumba wood, a D point to expend, and 4 A points to pay the shipwrights of the Southern Seaports. Sailing Away to other lands takes 10 proposals. H points are earned by completing missions for the Empire, which shall be listed after the list of Locations. There must always be at least one mission available, with the number of H points earned based on the difficulty of the mission.

  7. (Cities - Rule 69)
    Cities are places that can be dangerous to the unwary. If a player is in a city that is not Well Known to them, then there is a 5% chance per proposal they make there that they will be robbed. The robber will take a Randomly selected point from them (excluding S, P and H points). Of course, the justice of this Empire being as it is, the thief is apprehended at once, and the point returned to the Emperor's pool.

  8. (Interracial Tension - Rule 71)
    A traveller entering the homeland of another race may purchase Imperial protection at the cost of an additional A point. Protection lasts for the duration of the traveller's stay in that land. A traveler may be challenged by an inhabitant of the land. When the challenge is issued, THS rolls 1d6. If the traveler has protection, the challenge is successful if 1 or 2 is rolled (1,2 or 3 in Bannan Abendland), otherwise if 1,2,3 or 4 is rolled. A successful challenger gives the traveller 2 B points, while an unsuccessful challenger receives 2 B points from the traveller. The challenger acts on behalf of the whole tribe, and the same player may not be challenged again during his stay.

  9. (Day and Night - Rule 73)
    Every 20 proposals, night becomes day or vice versa. Travellers at night have a 10% chance of losing one of their points to a thief (point chosen at random). Multiple moves in one night each have a 10% chance.

  10. (Well Known Locations - Rule 75)
    A location is Well Known to a player if it is their home location or they have stayed there for a day and a night. A land is Well Known to a player if it is their homeland (the Realm in which they originate), they are Well Known in three locations within that land, or angarook is in force.

  11. (Jetsetters and Worlds Travellers - Rule 78)
    All locations are Well Known to the Emperor. A Jetsetter has all locations within the Empire as Well Known, while a Worlds Traveller has all locations outside the Empire as Well Known.

  12. (Worlds Travellers II - Rule 79)
    A Worlds Traveller is a player who has managed to leave the Imperial Game 9 Area three times. A Jetsetter is a player who has visited ten locations inside the Empire, including all the cities.

  13. (Alien Artifacts - Rule 81)
    A player in the same location as a Dimensional Portal may exchange 1 object for an Alien Artifact from another Imperial Game, provided someone on the other side (i.e. in the other game) is there to make the trade.

  14. (The Black Lake - Rule 86)
    Within the Black Lake there lives a mysterious beast of the deeps, and any player moving to the Black Lake shall encounter it. It has lived through countless ages and has great knowledge about the world. Should a player encounter it when the number of the last published proposal ends in 1,4 or 9, it will grant that player a brief insight into the Lands, and angarook shall be in force for that player until the sun has both risen and set on the Empire. If the last digit is 2,3,5 or 7, it will reach out with one of its tentacles and steal a point from the player, going first for As, then Bs, then Cs... etc. If it is 6,8 or 0, it will stare that player in the eye for a while and then depart. That player will gain 1 H point for bravery, but this benefit may only be claimed once by any player. "angarook" is simply defined as a heightened state of awareness about the lands of the empire.

  15. (The Imperial Library - Rule 87)
    Anyone in the Library can read any of the books there by paying an A point. Photocopies may be made for 1 Imperial each, but such players may fall foul of the Copyright Laws, having in their posession a photocopy of the book.

  16. (Being Well Known - Rule 92)
    A player is Well Known in a location when the location is Well Known to them and they have had a proposal accepted in that location.

  17. (The Central Market - Rule 97)
    The Central Market in Adelia City is a bizarre bazaar where anything can be bought or traded. It is one of the Wonders of the World. A Player in the Market can purchase anything they so desire if they can pay the price. They do this by sending a Proposal to TIE describing the item they wish to purchase and the price they are willing to pay. TIE then determines whether the Price is Right and if the Player manages to buy the item. A Player can also sell anything by sending a Proposal to TIE who decides whether the Player is able to sell the item and what price e receives. The Market is, however, not a place for the faint hearted and fools are often parted from their gold. The risk of mugging is twice as high in the Market as elsewhere in the land and any Player in the Market with 10 or more Imperials has a one in ten chance of having them all stolen. These dangers are, of course, only for those for whom the Market is not a Well Known location.

  18. (Copyright Laws - Rule 98)
    Anyone not paying the author 1 Imperial (this in addition to the fee charged by the Photocopying Machines) for the opportunity to photocopy their works shall be in breach of the Copyright Laws. A player in breach of the Copyright Laws shall be fined 1 P point.

  19. (Foreigners - Rule 102)
    Longbeard is not the only one to have come through the mysterious magical portals. Strange Black Bags are beginning to show up in the Southern Seaports; it is rumoured that these Bags contain visitors from Imperial Game Seven, who may have some Alien Artifacts with them. They will enter the game as a new player and may make proposals. A player may run both a player and any number of visitors simultaneously. Visitors shall be bound by all rules that affect normal players, including choosing a race. In order to establish the visitor, it is necessary for it to be published in Imperial Game Seven that the player in question has left the Empire, and all visitors must have an unique name, so that you cannot have two Big Mad Drongos for example. They will appear in the Southern Seaports together with all the Alien Artifacts that they brought along with them.

  20. (Veyne Demon's Land - Rule 103)
    Although travel to the Veyne Demon's Land requires the use of a ship, it shall not constitute Sailing Away, and so shall require the expenditure of 3A instead of 1D. The voyage to Hoorbat, the capital of that foul land shall take five proposals.

  21. (Wonders of the World - Rule 116)
    The Wonders of the World are great awe-inspiring places whose locations are not all known. The First Wonder of the World, of course, is the Imperial Palace, the only place fit for The Imperious Emperor to reside in. Besides The Marketplace and The Holy Land, there exist four more wonders hidden somewhere in the lands. These wonders are; The Great Monolith, The Mysterious Island of Avalon, The Waterfalls of Liquid Silver, and one more whose name is at present only known by TIE. These Wonders are located far from civilization. In order to search for a Wonder of the World, a player must go to a location and announce that he intends to search there. Every sunset or sunrise that he remains in the location THS will roll one six-sided die. If the score is 1 and there is a Wonder there, he will Discover the wonder. If not, he will be told that he has found nothing. The Wonders have special properties. Anyone discovering a Wonder must with his next submission submit a proposal suggesting its special powers, or else have all their proposals ignored until they do.

  22. (The Holy Land - Rule 117)
    The special property of the Holy Land is that one can Make a Pilgrimage to it. However, the way to the Holy Land is not easy. When a Player makes a Pilgrimage, they must first purify themselves by selling all their material(i.e. non-point) possessions and donating all of the money to the Poor. This gains them 2P for obvious reasons, but only if they had anything to give away. Secondly, along the way they will be attacked by an 'eeper sent to test their resolve. Thirdly, in order to make themselves Holy, they must meditate for 20 Proposals during which time they can take no other Action. A player having completed his Pilgrimage shall gain one of the following benefits; if they were Risible, they shall be considered to have Made Amends; if they were Infamous, they shall have the option to have all their I and P points removed and start afresh; if not, they will be Blessed and may remove the weight of any 3 Points they desire from their soul, said points transforming miraculously into A Points.

  23. (Meeting an Animal - Rule 122)
    When travelling between Cities, you meet an animal 10% of the time. To defeat the animal, add two dice to the animals strength, and you must roll more on your 2d6 (with your H & S points added, + 2 for a weapon). If you win you gain 1 Animal Pelt, otherwise you lose 1 point according to the following preferences: H, S, C, A. The animals are friendly 37% of the time, otherwise you meet a Lion (strength 7) 5% of the time, a Jackal (strength 4) 25% of the time, and a Dingo (strength 2) 33% of the time.

  24. (King of the Veyne Demons - Rule 123)
    The foul King of the Veyne Demons has begun plotting against the Empire. The land of Veyne is populated by Demons. Demons are like wild animals, except that they all have 5 Strength Points, and because they use evil and dishonourable methods of combat such as back stabbing that no Hero would even dream of using, H points do not help when fighting Demons. A player with positive popularity who moves to the Veyne Demons' Land will automatically be attacked by a Demon when he moves there and any turn he remains there. Players with negative popularity will not be attacked. The Demon King has a strength of 10 because of the +5 bonus from his Sceptre. Any player who is in Veyne may challenge the Demon King who will always accept, but H points confer no advantage here either. A player who slays the Demon King will get the Sceptre. However, the Sceptre's holder is always Plagued by Demons; a Veyne Demon will appear every nightfall and attempt to steal the Sceptre (1 in 6 chance of succeeding). If this succeeds, then a new Demon King arises. Otherwise, combat will ensue as normal(not that the Demon would have any chance whatsoever when the player has a +5 bonus...). A player killing a Veyne Demon gets 1H. A player killing the Demon King gets 3H and 3P.

  25. (Reading a Book - Rule 138)
    A player who reads a book (by spending an A point and doing nothing else for 20 Proposals) gains an R point, plus the knowledge that is pursuant to that tome or photocopy.

  26. (Getting Forgiven - Rule 145)
    A player can only be Forgiven by the Messiah once they have discovered a Wonder of the World.

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