Chapter II of the Imperial 9 Ruleset - Point Awards

  1. (Rejected Proposal Score - Rule 15)
    If a player's proposal is rejected, that player receives 1 B point.

  2. (Accepted Proposal Score - Rule 16)
    If a player's proposal is accepted, that player receives 2 A points.

  3. (Ignored Proposal Score - Rule 17)
    If a player's proposal is ignored, that player loses 1 A point and receives 1 B point.

  4. (Cancelling A and B Points - Rule 22)
    A player may use 2 A points to get rid of 1 B point at any time.

  5. (Mysterious Magic Words - Rule 23)
    TIE has 3 hidden Mysterious Magic Words (MMWs) in the game. Any player whose score is an MMW loses all their B points and gains 2 C points. That MMW is no longer used and is not replaced.

  6. (Popularity Points - Rule 24a)
    Players may send email to TIE approving or disapproving of certain proposals, and a player's P point score changes by 1 point for every 3 net players approving or disapproving. Each player can vote at most once on each proposal's popularity. TIE can change P scores at his/her discretion.
  7. (Trading A for C Points - Rule 28)
    10 A points can be traded for 1 C point.

  8. (Compulsory Flattery - Rule 30)
    All proposals lacking flattery of the Emperor will gain 1 extra B point and lose 1 extra A point.

  9. (Equivalency but for A and B - Rule 32)
    If switching every A point for a B point in one player's score would make his score identical to one other player's score, and both players have unique scores, then both players will be awarded an A point.

  10. (Undefined Terms Bonus - Rule 33)
    If a proposal contains undefined terms and the proposal is accepted the undefined term wil be placed in a list that is published with the Scores and Other Stats. If a proposal is submited that defines a term in the list and is accepted the proposer gains 1A extra per defined term, the term then is removed from the list. If in a proposal a term is being defined that already has been defined the TIE will decide if the new definition is 1) ignored 2) accepted as the only right one(term redefined). If the definition is malicious, however, the proposer will also gain 2B, regardless of whether the proposal is accepted or not.

  11. (ACCEPT - Rule 34)
    A player whose score contains ACCEP will lose ACCEP and gain T.

  12. (What Letters can Represent Scores - Rule 35)
    Only the letters A-T can be used to represent scores.

  13. (Cancellation of B and C Points - Rule 36)
    If a player at any time has both 5 B points and a C point, then they are removed from the player's score.

  14. (First Time Accept Bonus - Rule 41)
    If a player's first submission is accepted they gain a bonus of 2 A points.

  15. (Expending C Points - Rule 43)
    A player may expend a C point to remove all B,D and E points from another player's score.

  16. (Secret Ballot - Rule 57)
    Voting on Popularity of Proposals will be by secret ballot.

  17. (No Self-Voting - Rule 63)
    No player may vote on the popularity of their own proposal.

  18. (Maximum Total Points - Rule 64)
    If the addition of points would take the total number of points of all classes held by a player above 31, then these points shall be subtracted instead.

  19. (Trading Points - Rule 66)
    Points may be freely traded between players. A player wishing to initiate such a trade offers a set of points from their total up for auction by sending a For Sale Notice to THS, who will publish it. Interested players then send their bids to THS, who will publish all bids 15 proposals after the offer. The seller then informs THS which bid (if any) they accept,the trade being made immediately on acceptance. If no bid is accepted, then the offer lapses.

  20. (Compact Discs - Rule 68)
    Compact Discs can be bought for a C point and a D point. Each Compact Disc can be played once for a special effect. CD's available are as follows:

  21. (Transfer of points via D - Rule 70)
    By spending a D point, a player can transfer 1 point of his to any other player.

  22. (Positive Points Only to Trade - Rule 74)
    All references to trading of points require the player to have positive points. A player may not trade away to a negative points situation or buy an item when they have no points of the type needed.

  23. (Just Ignore Them - Rule 76)
    A player who has two consecutive proposals ignored shall have 2 B added to their score.

  24. (A's and D's - Rule 80)
    A player may exchange 7 A points for 1 D point.

  25. (Points for Alien Artifacts - Rule 106)
    Alien Artifacts will be represented by use of other symbols representing Greek, Russian or accented letters. These points may not be used as replacements for the original points.

  26. (DNA and PCR - Rule 109)
    The letters A, C, G and T in a player's score constitute that player's DNA. By spending PCR, the player will receive the complement of the DNA he possesses; that is, he gains 1T for every 1A he had, 1G for every 1C, 1C for every 1G and 1A for every 1T.

  27. (Everybody's Popular - Rule 118)
    If the mean P Count of all players should ever drop below zero, every player will have their scores boosted by one P point until the mean P Count is non-negative again.

  28. (Om - Rule 119)
    Any proposal that TIE considers to be particularly wise, and *not* to advantage the player making it in any way may be granted an O point. Any player who reaches 10 O points can choose to cast aside all worldly possessions and become the Messiah. The Messiah can not possess K, A, D or G points - any of these owned or gained by the Messiah return to the Emperor. Also the Messiah cannot carry out violent actions. However, the Messiah has a number of advantages: Any player can choose to follow a Messiah. They gain 1P, 3A and 3O as a result. However, any follower must, if in the same location, attack any of the following:
  29. (Uh-oh We Got It Wrong - Rule 120)
    Any player who reports a mistake of THS gains 1A, but they lose 1 A if the mistake report was fake. Spelling errors do not count as errors, but nor do they count as false reports. Reports will not be listed in full in the proposals page, but instead a record of who made the reports will be kept as a summary.

  30. (Points of Certain Types to be Positive - Rule 134)
    G and K points cannot be negative, and a player who reaches negative S points becomes dead.

  31. (Your Death and How to Cope With It - Rule 136)
    A dead player loses all material items e.g. G and K points, all money, and anything carried (pelts etc.) these quickly disapear into the black market and thieves' pockets. He also leaves his corpse behind and his spirit appears in the underworld. A dead player may not hold any official office and proceedings to select a replacement occur as set out in the rule(s) which define that office. A dead player may continue to make proposals but may have no interactions with other players - even if they are also dead. (e.g. No duels in the underworld).

  32. (Back from the Dead - Rule 139)
    A dead player may, by expending 2C points and all P points they own make a pact with the Demon King in order to escape the underworld. This action immediately makes the player irretrievably Evil, and an agent of the Demon King in his plots against the Empire. A player who is resurrected in this manner reappears in the Royal Palace in Hoorbat, where the Demon King will instruct them in their duties. Sea transport back to the Southern Seaports will be provided by His Loathsome Majesty.

  33. (Rescue from the Underworld - Rule 142)
    A player may travel to the Underworld; as the underworld is beyond the boundaries of the Empire he must spend 1 D point to get there and 1 D point when he returns. Players in the Underworld can not in any way be affected by players not in the Underworld. Any living player who travels to the Underworld will be Ambushed by the Reeper, a very powerful 'eeper that has a combat strength of 5 and can remove all A points from a player's score if it wins. Living players can lead Dead players Out of the Underworld; the Dead player must possess a D point in order to leave though, as the Underworld is beyond the boundaries of the Empire.

  34. (Making Out Your Will - Rule 143)
    A dead player (henceforth called the late lamented) may make their Will known. The late lamented's Will shall consist of the totality of their points, and the players to whom they are bequeathed. Failure to make a Will known within a day and a night (40 proposals) shall result in the late lamented's points devolving to the Crown (TIE). However, should the late lamented escape the Underworld within that period, their points are retained.

  35. (Probate - Rule 147)
    The Will only becomes active 40 Proposals after a player's death. The beneficiaries of the will must arrive at the Imperial Palace within 20 Proposals of the will becoming active, or have their points revert to TIE.

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