Chapter V of the Imperial 9 Ruleset - Races

  1. (Definition of Races - Rule 38)
    All players are of one of three races: The Sapsuckers who live in the East, the Sandgropers who live in the West, and the Croweaters who live in the Centre.

  2. (The Infamous Rule 48 - Rule 48)
    If the last two players to have proposals accepted were of the same race, then all other proposals from players of that race shall be deferred until a player of another race has a proposal accepted. This rule takes effect from the time when at least two races have at least 3 declared members each.

  3. (Multiple 48ing - Rule 89)
    If 5 proposals are backed up due to Rule 48, then they are decided upon and all players not of the race of those who have had their proposals deferred lose 1 P point.

  4. (Anti-Discrimination Act - Rule 95)
    No rule shall give one race any benefit over any other race explicitly.

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