Imperial Game 9 Proposals 51 - 100

Recommendation 51 (Olivier MARCE)

Olivier MARCE recommends Stefan, making him a sponsor.
Score: 1 A point.
Total: 3 A points.

Proposal 52 (ShadowFoxy)

Praise: Oh Great Ruler on whom the Sun Shines Brighter than Any Other.
Proposal: As Anyone can Plainly See, in your Great Empire there exist the Planes of Air, Earth, and Water. All Players should hereby Designate in Which Region they Live; I, being a dark and shadowy Foxy, do live in the Plane of Earth.
Decision: Rejected. Bad Luck Foxy, someone else got in with the geography first.
Score: 1 B point.
Total: 1 B point.

Point of Order 53 (Andre Engels)

Date: Wed, 25 Jan 95 16:35:42 MET
Point of order: If I read Rule 31 correctly any proposal that does not meet BOTH current directives at the same time will be deferred until there is such a proposal accepted. Do I understand this correctly?
Comment: Rule 31 should mean that the proposal meets at least one of the current directives. To make this clearer a slight change of wording has occurred, "the directive" becoming "a directive."

Proposal 54 (Egil)

Date: Thu, 26 Jan 95 23:03:40 MET
Praise: Oh mighty circle on the surface of a quiet lake.
Proposal: Scores are no longer written as 2A1B (or something like that), but as (in this particular case) AAB. Every time a new score-point is added it is added at a random place by THS. The order of existing scores is changed by THS. A player may Propose to another player to Breed. I will not define Propose (yet) but here's what Breeding means: The score of a Player is considered his DNA. Breeding will cause the scores of both Players involved to change. If the DNA-strings of both players (A and B) have the same length, matching characters (I mean: characters that are on the same place) are 1) not altered if they're identical, 2) changed into player A's character if the place on the string (counting left to right) is odd, 3) changed into player B's character if the place on the string is even. If the strings do not have the same length the procedure is identical for as long as there are matching characters. The remaining characters from the longest string are added to the resulting new string, but have a chance of one in three to change into an M. After a new string is created in this manner every character in this string has a chance of one in six to change into a random character taken from the letters A-T. This final resulting string now becomes the new DNA of both Players involved in this breeding. Any player who has an M in his name is considered a Moron. Morons cannot win the game (even if they have five C's in their DNA), but need not praise TIE with every proposal they do. They may freely express they're disagreement (resulting from they're limited capacities) with the way things are in The Realm. There's a chance of 1 in 10 that after such a breeding-procedure another (third) player comes to life (new players!!!!!). This will be a Virtual Player. Virtual Players are not allowed to do proposals and cannot win the game (even if they have five C's in their DNA). They can only Breed.
Decision: Rejected. One - Virtual Players are too complex. Two - Ordering the points adds complexity for little reward. Three - No Sex Please We're Aussies.
Score: 1 B point.
Total: 1 B point.
Voting on Popularity:
Yes: Tivol.
No: Big Mad Drongo.

Proposal 55 (Egil)

Date: Fri, 27 Jan 95 3:26:57 MET
Praise: Oh almighty Rejector
Proposal: In order to attract more players at least one in four proposals should be accepted.
Decision: Accepted. There can never be a lower rate of acceptance than one in four. Becomes Rule 45. Current acceptance rate: 28/42 (2 in 3).
Score: 2 A points.
Total: 2A, 1B.
Voting on Popularity:
Yes: Big Mad Drongo, Euler.
No: Tivol, Jay Luo.

Proposal 56 (Egil)

Date: Fri, 27 Jan 95 3:50:05 MET
Praise: Blessing to the Generous Aussie.
Proposal: Anybody who scores 100B is called The Obscure Pearl.
Decision: Ahh, why not? Accepted as Rule 46.
Score: 2 A points.
Total: 4A, 1B.
Voting on Popularity:
Yes: Al-Istar.
No: Jay Luo.

Point of Order 57 (Egil)

Date: Fri, 27 Jan 95 4:11:54 MET
Point of order: Rule 41 uses the term Sail Away. As you stated yourself this has not yet been defined. Therefor it should be added to the list of Undefined Terms.
Comment: Fine. Done.

Proposal 58 (Stefan)

Date: Fri, 27 Jan 95 08:04:46 -0500
Praise: Oh glorious Emperor, whose unworthy subjects long for your light.
Proposal: Due to the limited supply of points in the Emperor's coffers, the Emperor shall be empowered to confiscate points from players if the coffers are emptied of a class of points. A player whose last two proposals were either rejected or ignored, and who has at least two of the points needed is subject to such a confiscation. The player shall receive one P point, plus any additional compensation the Imperious Emperor considers suitable.
Decision: Accepted. This discourages frivolous proposals while ensuring those who get proposals through will not be disadvantaged by point shortages. Note: no additional compensation will normally be given. You get 1 P, that's it. Becomes Rule 47.
Score: 2 A points.
Total: 8 A points.
Voting on Popularity:
Yes: Big Mad Drongo.

Proposal 59 (Stefan)

Date: Fri, 27 Jan 95 08:04:46 -0500 Praise: Light of the world, hear my humble supplication.
Proposal: In order to promote racial harmony in the realm, if the last two accepted proposals were submitted by members of the same race, consideration of further proposals from members of that race shall be deferred until at least one proposal from a member of a different race has been accepted. Implementation of this rule shall be delayed until at least two races have 3 or more declared members.
Decision: Nice bit of affirmative action. Accepted. Becomes Rule 48.
Score: 2 A points.
Total: 10 A points.
Voting on Popularity:
Yes: Big Mad Drongo.
No: Anarchy.

Proposal 60 (Big Mad Drongo)

Date: Fri, 27 Jan 1995 13:46:03 +0000 (GMT)
Praise: O Great Emperor, who never trips over cats...
Proposal: Looking at the list of proposals I see very few comments on popularity. I therefore suggest that each proposal must be accompanied by at least two votes on popularity of previous proposals.
Decision: Yes, I noticed it too. Accepted. Becomes Rule 49. Note that the votes will be published under the appropriate proposal numbers. However, due to my time zone differences, this rule shall not take effect until all players have had time to study it. I think this really ought to be a change to the ruleset, because otherwise I keep being forced to ignore the rules in order to get through more proposals.
Score: 2 A points.
Total: 12 A points.
Voting on Popularity:
Yes: Al-Istar.
No: Anarchy, Bill.

Proclamation 60A

This Proclamation came from the decision in Proposal 60, so I'll fit it in here.
All rules which cause certain proposals to be ignored shall not take effect until TIE has been able to inform all players, through the Rules Web page, that the new requirements are in place. This is to ensure that TIE is not limited by a new rule to kick out a great proposal because the proposer could not have known about the rule change. This becomes Rule 50.

Proposal 61 (Big Mad Drongo)

Date: Fri, 27 Jan 1995 13:53:19 +0000 (GMT)
Praise: Wonderful Emperor, whose wonderfulness is more wonderful than a very wonderful thing on a particularly wonderful day. And then some.
Proposal: Any player may move from one point in your great Empire to another by expending a single A point. Movement beyond the boundaries of the Empire, as well as any more mundane requirements (rockets, boats, giant mutant chickens etc.) also requires the expenditure of a D point. Although expenditure of an A point is all that is required to move within the Empire, there is *always* some other requirement than a D point to move outside the Empire.
Decision: Good idea, requiring the D point. Makes it tougher to leave. Accepted as Rule 51, but you have left "point in the Empire" undefined. I shall rename this "Location", and put it in the Undefined Terms.
Score: 2 A points.
Total: 14 A points.
Voting on Popularity:
Yes: Al-Istar, Euler.

Point of Order 62 (Glamis)

Date: Fri, 27 Jan 1995 08:54:40 -0500
Point of order: My latest proposal seems to be accepted, but does not appear in the rules. Could this inconsistency be rectified?
Comment: It has. Thanks for pointing this out.

Proposal 63 (Al-Istar)

Date: Fri, 27 Jan 1995 21:08:16 +0000 (GMT)
Praise: O Mighty Emperor, before whom the greatest in the land must grovel, your most humble of servants, Al-Istar, of the Sapsucker people, begs your Dread Majesty's most gracious permission to deliver his proposal.
Proposal: The eastern ranges of the Mountainous Mountains are densely forested. The wood of the Glumba tree, which grows in profusion in the highest parts of the forest, is highly prized by the shipwrights of the southern seaports. Unfortunately, these forests are infested with three species of man-eating beast: Leapers, Creepers, and the extremely poisonous Weepers, which lurk in the branches of trees and drip their venom on the unwary. Only Heroes may defeat them.
Decision: Accepted. I hope you know what you're getting into. Becomes Rule 52 with 4 Undefined Terms.
Score: 2 A points, +2 A points for first proposal.
Total: 4 A points.
Voting on Popularity:
Yes: Big Mad Drongo, Egil.

Proposal 64 (Anarchy)

Date: Sat, 28 Jan 1995 11:34:53 +0000 (GMT)
Praise: All hail the emperor, master of the secret circle.
Proposal: The Rule of Three: In order to maintain connectivity between the various letter-points, players may make the following trades: AAA for E; D for BBB; T for CCC; DDD for P; C for EEE; III for C; PPP for E; TTT for A. These trades are not reversible, so a player could convert PPP to E, but not vice versa. Any number of valid trades may be made at any time. Every time an as-yet-undefined point is introduced in a proposal, the proposal must include a new Trade that would exchange three of that point for one other point that is already defined by a Trade(either way), otherwise it will be ignored.
Decision: Rejected. We already have some valid convoluted trading rules. The last thing we need is a whole pile of them.
Score: 1 B point.
Total: 6A, 1B.

Proposal 65 (Anarchy)

Date: Sat, 28 Jan 1995 11:34:53 +0000 (GMT)
Praise: Great emperor whose generosity knows no bounds, I plead that you will allow us to try and emulate a tiny fraction of your magnificence.
Proposal: A player may declare himself to be a Supporter of another player's next proposal(without actually knowing what that proposal is). Should the proposal be Accepted, the Supported player gains a bonus +1A in addition to his normal award. Should the proposal be Rejected, the Supported player doesn't receive the normal 1B, this goes instead to the Supporter. In any case, the Supporter gains +1P for this generous act. This only lasts for 1 Proposal, and a player can only Support one other player at a time.
Decision: Accepted. If you want to take the rap for someone else's bad proposal, on your head be it. Becomes Rule 53.
Score: 2 A points.
Total: 8A, 1B.
Anarchy supports Tivol.
Voting on Popularity:
Yes: Euler.
No: Bill.

Proposal 66 (Euler)

Praise: Oh Mighty Emperor, he whose footfalls are heard as thunder.
Proposal: Should TIE decide that any player has attempted to submit a definition of a term from the 'Undefined terms' list with malicious intentions or with the intention of insulting any other player, then the player making that proposal shall be penalised by the addition of 2 B points to his score.
Decision: Accepted. Modifies Rule 33.
Score: 2 A points, + 2 A points for first proposal.
Total: 4 A points.
Voting on Popularity:
Yes: Big Mad Drongo, Anarchy.
Note: Rule 48 now comes into operation.

Point of Order 67 (Al-Istar)

Date: Sat, 28 Jan 1995 15:01:27 +0000 (GMT)
Point of Order: Does rule 36 apply when a player has more than one C point, and/or more than five B points?
Comment: Yes, it does, because then the score has 1 C point, 5 B points, and some other points as well.

Proposal 68 (Tivol)

Date: Sat, 28 Jan 1995 11:11:54 EST
Proposal: In the spirit of friendliness among Imperial players, which your wise decisions recently bolstered, I propose that a players not be allowed to form "cliques". When one player recommends another, then neither player may recommend each other until each one of them has been recommended by or given recommendation to a third or fourth player (one who is outside their clique). This will allow more Imperial players to meet interesting new people.
Decision: Accepted. Good way to avoid mutual admiration societies. Note to other players: praise was included with the proposal but elsewhere in the message. This Becomes Rule 54, but note that recommendation will be implied to mean Support.
Score: 2 A points, + 1 A for Anarchy's support.
Total: 10 A, 1B.
Anarchy gains + 1 P, to go to 8A, 1B, 1P.
Voting on Popularity:
Yes: Al-Istar, Big Mad Drongo.
Note: Glamis tried to recommend this proposal, but as the recommendation got here after the proposal, I will have to deal with it as Glamis supporting Tivol for Tivol's next proposal.

Appeal 69 (Tivol)

I would hereby like to make an Appeal for Rejected Proposal 43 on the following grounds: The Emperor claimed that players would still make proposals starting with the letter "C" every other proposal. The beauty of my proposal is that in a game paced such as this one, no player could have the slightest chance of knowing how many people have made proposals before he has--will he be the first one to jump in with a C or will someone else? A player has to stop and think about which letters are valuable enough to own and balance that with some reverse psychology and luck. All things being equal, chances are just as likely that the proposals will have all the Cs in a row, cancelling each other, as it is likely that the Cs come out staggered.
Comment: Finally someone Appeals! The Current Appeals Court is as follows, from youngest member to oldest: Tivol (ineligible), Euler, Anarchy, Al-Istar, Big Mad Drongo.
Results of the Voting! (1st Feb)
For: None.
Against: Euler, Al-Istar, Big Mad Drongo, Anarchy.
Result: You needed 4-0 Tivol. Sorry you got 0-4. Appeal failed.
Score: 2B, 1E.
Anarchy's reason for rejection (He really wanted it published).
The Appeal is spurious, because a player can submit 2 Proposals at once. So we WOULD get a C every other proposal after all.

Proposal 70 (Amoeba)

Date: Sun, 29 Jan 1995 12:32:19 -0800
Praise: Oh great, powerful, omnipotent, honest, enlightened, illuminated, and pleasently scented Emperor, please accept my humblest proposal...
Proposal: I propose, in response to rule 41, to allow any player to trade in any combination of points who's numerical equivalents(a=1,b=2,c=3...t=20) add up to the number 25 (5x5) for temporary use of a ship in Your Majesties Navy for use in exploration of that land beyond, presently only known as Imperial Game 7, on a mission of dlunder and destruction (aka colonization) in the name of the most high and mighty, one true Emperor, Yourself.
Decision: I have no navy yet, because I don't know where the shipyards are exactly. Rejected. BTW, what is dlunder?
Score: 1 B point.
Total: 1 B point.
Voting on Popularity:
No: Tivol.

Proposal 71 (Euler)

Date: Mon, 30 Jan 1995 11:39:38 +0000 (GMT)
Praise: Oh most mighty Emperor, to whom stars are candles.
Proposal: The Leepers, Creepers and Weepers, even though hostile to the Races of the Empire are excellent shiphands. Due to the limited knowledge of the subjects of the Emperor, any player wishing to Sail Away must have at least one of each aboard every ship. To protect the safety of the remaining crew members, at least one Hero must also sail aboard every ship. To hire the services shall cost 6 A points, which shall pass to the Hero. The Hero who accepts an invitation to become a member of a crew shall win the adulation of the populus of the Empire and hence gain 2 P points.
Decision: Rejected. Rule 49. Submit some votes next time.
Score: 1 B point.
Total: 4A, 1B.
Voting on Popularity:
No: Big Mad Drongo.

Proposal 72 (Al-Istar)

Date: Mon, 30 Jan 1995 12:09:58 +0000 (GMT)
Praise: O Ineffable Monarch of All, whose merest gaze can make the mightiest tremble,pray harken unto thy humble servant's meagre plea.
Proposal: Whenever a proposal contains an undefined term, then regardless of whether or not it is defined in the proposal, the term in question shall be capitalised, enclosed in quote marks and followed by the letters UT enclosed in parentheses, otherwise the proposal shall be rejected. The question of whether or not a term is considered undefined shall of course be left to the wisdom of TIE.
Decision: How can people know whether or not a term is undefined if it's my call? Sorry, but this one is Rejected.
Score: 1 B point.
Total: 4A, 1B.
Voting on Popularity:
No: Anarchy.

Proposal 73 (Al-Istar)

Date: Mon, 30 Jan 1995 12:09:58 +0000 (GMT)
Praise: O Great Light, who outshines the very sun in the sky, graciously consider my insignificant proposal.
Proposal: A player shall become a "Hero" (UT) on collection of three H points.
Decision: Simple enough. Accepted as Rule 55. Term defined.
Score: 2 A points + 1 A point for term definition.
Total: 7A, 1B.
Voting on Popularity:
Yes: Euler.

Proposal 74 (Stefan)

Date: Mon, 30 Jan 95 12:35:07 -0500
Praise: O glorious Lord of the known Universe.
The wording of Rule 52 is ambiguous. Is it implying that one must be a hero to defeat a weeper, or to defeat any of the man-eating beasts. I propose that the former shall be the official interpretation. When a player enters the Eastern Mountains, the Humble Scribe shall generate a random number between 1 and 4 to determine which kind of monster the player encounters. 1 - no monster 2 - leaper - a smallish furry beast which attacks the unwary. Can be defeated by gaining 2 B points. 3 - creeper - a powerful venomous lizard, which can be defeated at the cost of 2 A points. 4 - weeper - a scorpion-like critter, dripping venom. Can be defeated at the cost of a C point, if poison proof armor is worn. Poison-proof armor is bestowed upon heroes by TIE. A player becomes a hero when his score contains at least 2 C points and 2 P points. A player who defeats a monster (or does not encounter one) may harvest 1000 linear feet of Glumba wood to sell to the shipwrights in the southern ports. If a player does not have the required points to defeat the monster, or would end up with more than 5 B points, he loses all his A, C and P points, and gainsan L point (loser).
Decision: Great proposal, but I must reject it. Rule 49 (Votes, please!)
Score: 1 B point.
Total: 10A, 1B.
Voting on Popularity:
Yes: Big Mad Drongo.

Proposal 74 (Stefan)

Date: Mon, 30 Jan 95 12:35:07 -0500
Praise: Oh most cruel (but fair) slayer of your insignificant subjects
Proposal: No player with any L points may become the winner. L points may be removed by trading in 2 C's, 2 P's or a C and a P.
Decision: Rejected. See Rule 49. I'll reword it to make it clearer.
Score: 1 B point.
Total: 10A, 2B.
Voting on Popularity:
Yes: Al-Istar.

Proposal 75 (Big Mad Drongo)

Date: Mon, 30 Jan 1995 18:49:05 +0000 (GMT)
Praise: Oh great and wise Emperor, against whom no man in this Empire would ever dream of speaking, hear my plea...
Proposal: I propose that popularity is a double-edged weapon, since the popular players are those that are most noticed. Indeed, I would suggest that any player with P points can challenge another player with P points to a duel. If the duel is turned down, the player turning it down loses a P point. If it is accepted, the duel takes place as follows:
Two six-sided dice are rolled for each player. To this is added the number of S points each player possesses. S for strength, you see. If the attacker has a higher score he may steal one point of his choice from the defender, or give them one point of his choice from his own score. If the defender has a higher score he may do the same. Should the scores be equal, then the duel shall be adjudged a draw.
Points that represent attributes can not be stolen in a duel. As the rules stand this means P, R and S points if I have read them correctly.
Decision: Accepted. This is a great way to have a little cut and thrust. The only problem is that only Anarchy has any P points, so the rule won't work for a while yet. Oh, and R points don't exist as we have negative P points instead.
Score: 2 A points.
Total: 16 A points.
Voting on Popularity:
Yes: Anarchy.

Proposal 76 (Big Mad Drongo)

Date: Mon, 30 Jan 1995 18:54:46 +0000 (GMT)
Praise: Oh great and wonderous Emperor, whose towers reach higher into the sky than any large spiky buildings in the universe...
Proposal: I come to you with a small problem. I have recently served on a court of appeal, to decide the fate of proposal 43. But my position on this proposal was already known to the world, for I had made my feelings clear on it by voting down its popularity. I fear this may influence the votes of the others who are sitting in judgement on the proposal.
So what I suggest is that all votes on the popularity of proposals are anonymous - we get to see how popular they are, but not who thinks what of them. This would surely give us an unbiased and fair court of appeal worthy of such a great Empire.
Decision: A secret ballot is a worthy addition to an Empire based on Australia (to some extent anyway). Accepted as Rule 57. Note, however, that this only affects votes on proposals numbered >= this one, so the current named votes will remain named.
Score: 2 A points.
Total: 18 A points.
Voting on Popularity:
No: 1.

Point of Order 77 (Al-Istar)

Date: Mon, 30 Jan 1995 19:01:56 +0000 (GMT)
Point of Order: I notice that in Proposal 63, my typing has let me down, and the word "brances" appears. This should read "branches". The same mistake appears in the resulting Rule 52. Sorry for any inconvenience.
Comment: Ta very much.

Proposal 78 (Tivol)

Date: Mon, 30 Jan 1995 17:19:11 EST
Proposal: When Snubbing and Supporting clash in this marvelous Empire of yours, most ultimately fabulous Emperor, the results should be defined as follows... The Popularity that is compared will be the total Popularity of the Snubbing proposal's proposer and his supporters versus the total Popularity of the possibly Snubbed proposal's proposer and supporters. Supporters suffer the same consequences that those whom they support suffer, and they also gain the same bonuses.
Decision: Rejected (Rule 49). Also, you forgot the praise. Nice rule though. Score: -1 A + 1 B (no praise).
Total: 9A, 4B, 1E.
Glamis receives 1 P, 1 B for being supporter.
Voting on Popularity:
Yes: 3.
Tivol Gains 1 P.

Point of Order 79 (Tivol)

Date: Mon, 30 Jan 1995 17:19:11 EST
Point of Order: I know your decision is final and all, but ought I really be disqualified from judging my Appeal? I don't think there are rules about it (though I may be wrong.) If there's a change of heart or a change of rules before all the votes come in, I'd like to vote ACCEPT for my proposal.
Comment: I'm afraid you are wrong. If you look carefully you'll see that if the proposer is on the Court of Appeal they are ineligible to vote. Rule 27.

Proposal 80 (Anarchy)

Proposal: Profound imperial philosopher, I humbly submit to you that we should have less Undefined Terms in our fair empire. Thus, I propose definitions of all six Undefined Terms. A Location shall be a place in the Empire where people can travel to and from; Locations include The Western Mountainous Mountains, The Northern Mountainous Mountains, The Eastern Mountainous Mountains, The Imperial City, and The Great Seaport. Sapsuckers begin in the Eastern Mountainous Mountains, Sandgropers in the Western Mountainous Mountains and Croweaters in The Imperial City. The Great Seaport is the only place from which Players may Sail Away to Other Lands. In order to Sail Away the Player must submit a Proposal detailing the Land which he intends to Sail Away to, and must have a Ship(an S Point, obtained by the trade 4G -> S). A player can become a Hero by performing Heroic Deeds. Heroic Deeds include Sailing Away to Other Lands and returning with Tribute and other things which may be proposed. Creepers, Weepers and Leapers will Attack anyone who is in their Loaction(i.e. the Eastern Mountainous Mountains) when they make a Proposal. If the last digit of the proposal number is 1,2,3,4, a Creeper attacks; on 5,6,7 a Weeper attacks; and on 8,9,0 a Leaper attacks. If the player is a Hero, they will defeat the beast and get one G point(for wood of the Glumba tree). Otherwise, they get the G point anyway, but lose 1A for a Creeper, 2A for a Weeper, and 3A for a Leaper attack.
Decision: You sure pack enough into 1 proposal! However, I'll have to pick and choose what I accept. Accepted will be the definitions of Creeper, Weeper and Leaper, but not the list of locations in the Empire. If my Empire has only 5 places, it's barely worth ruling! Also, Heroes were already defined, as were S points.
Score: 2 A points, + 3 A points for definitions.
Total: 13A, 1B, 1P.

Proposal 81 (Anarchy)

Date: As for Proposal 80.
Proposal: Emperor whose might can make fish fall from the stars on a moonless night, I beg you to hear the words of the mice. I have heard from a mouse that the enemies of the Imperium have spies everywhere and are watching us all the time. They seek out in particular those who use words of six letters. If a proposal contains any words precisely six letters long, its proposer shall gain a F point. If someone accumulates 5F, all their As and Ds shall mysteriously disappear.
Decision: Rejected. You've been listening to the mice too long. A worthy effort to detail your proposal without a single six letter word, but as you can see TIE loves six letter words.
Score: 1 B point.
Total: 13A, 2B, 1P.
Voting on Popularity:
No: 2.

Directive 82

The Imperious Emperor wishes all players to consider proposals for legislation in the area of defining a Large Realm with Numerous States and 3 Large Cities, where Expansion and Building may occur.

Proposal 83 (Tivol)

Date: Tue, 31 Jan 1995 21:41:02 EST
Praise: Oh most noble Emperor, whose Praise is so beneficial and true that it must be set aside and clearly labelled for all the world to see...
Proposal: The large realm of your Empire shall contain three large cities, each of which starts out with one gigantic Skyscraper built in it. In the West is the Gigantic Apartment Complex; in the East is the Ancient Monolithic Tower; and in the Central Region is the Large Obelisk of Doom. Nobody knows how tall these skyscrapers are; the stairways and elevators seem to go on forever, both up and down. All players will start in the Lobby on the First Floor of a Skyscraper and may freely travel up or down a flight of stairs with each proposal they make. By expending an E point, a player may enter an elevator and move up or down anywhere from one to ten floors. It is rumored that there are ways outside of these giant buildings on the first floors as well as walkways and tunnels between various skyscrapers. Nobody believes that anything exists inside the cities and outside the skyscrapers except debris and travel outside in the wilderness outside the cities is unwise at this point.
Decision: Great Proposal but you didn't submit any votes. Rule 49. Rejected.
Score: 1 B point.
Total: 9A, 5B, 1E.

Proposal 84 (Al-Istar)

Date: Wed, 1 Feb 1995 03:07:44 +0000 (GMT) Praise: O Magnanimous and Indefatigable Ruler, your humble servant craves audience.
Proposal: Your Majesty's mighty empire consists of six realms: in the west, comprising almost half of the empire's territory,is the land of the Sandgropers, a vast and sparsely populated land of plains, in the extreme west of which is the ancient fortified city of Friment. In the centre of the Empire are the two ancient kingdoms of the Croweaters, Adelia in the south, in which the Imperial Capital is situated, on the coast, and Darnia in the north, a land of many mysteries (though not to you, Omniscient Monarch); and in the east are the lands of the three tribes of the Sapsuckers,from south to north; the Vitarii , the Nusowal, and the barbarous Bannan Aben, many of whom are so misguided as to refuse to do Your Imperial Majesty the homage you are due. The Free City of Cambar lies within the borders of Nusowalland, but has traditionally regarded itself as separate from that realm. Another, seventh territory exists, an island to the south-east of the empire proper, but is a land of demons, who call themselves the Veyne. The Veyne demons' land has never fully been brought under Imperial control, which all loyal subjects see as a grave insult to Your Imperial Majesty's dignity.
Decision: Accepted with Modifications as Rule 59. Modifications: Adelia City is not on the coast, and the Free City of Cambar will be moved to the border of Nusowalland, Vitaria and Adelia. All Sapsuckers are initially in the capital of Nusowall, Cinni. All Sandgropers start in Frement, while all Croweaters are in Adelia City. (Note: To finish off what you started, the capital of Bannan Abendland is Breezwane, and the capital of Vitaria is Wellworn.) Score: 2 A points + 2 A points for Directive 82.
Total: 11A, 1B.

Proposal 85 (Tivol)

Proposal Deferred by Directive 82

Date: Tue, 31 Jan 1995 21:41:02 EST
Praise: Loving and kind Emperor, forgiving me for quoting ABBA as my score prompts me to, but "without a song and dance, what are we? Thank you for the music, for giving it to me!"
Proposal: Any player who may exchange a C point and a D point for a Compact Disc containing one special Song which, when played, could provide a variety of effects. After playing, though, the CD will disappear. A few CDs have already been pressed in the Empire:

Decision: Neat, but Rule 49 again. Rejected.
Score: 1 B point.
Total: 9A, 6B, 1E.

Proposal 86 (Al-Istar)

Proposal Deferred by Directive 82

Date: Wed, 1 Feb 1995 03:07:44 +0000 (GMT)
Praise: O Indisputable Master of the Empire, may your reign be eternal, may it please you to hear this trifling proposal.
Proposal: Once in every period of 25 proposals, The Obscure Pearl may remove all points of one type from a player of their choice, such points reverting to TIE's coffers.
Decision: Accepted. We have to get The Obscure Pearl first, but it's a good rule. Becomes Rule 60.
Score: 2 A points.
Total: 13A, 1B.
Voting on Popularity:
No: 2.

Proposal 87 (Big Mad Drongo)

Date: Wed, 1 Feb 1995 09:38:34 +0000 (GMT)
Praise: Oh wonderful Emperor, who shines over our world like a great big shiny thing...
Proposal: I propose that a Location be defined as any named place in the Empire. So for example, the current Locations would be the Imperial Palace, the Court of Appeal, The Eastern Mountainous Mountains, The Western Mountainous Mountains, The Southern Seaports, The Northern Mountainous Mountains, The Imperial Library (currently closed for redecoration), The Great Arena, the Central Plains, and the Black Lake. Some of these locations have no rules to handle them as of yet, but I am sure they will come.
Should an accepted proposal contain the name of a place that a player might wish to visit, the name shall be added to the location list so that players may reach it. Thus the list of locations in the Empire is never fixed: it can always expand to accomodate your great glory. Clearly the cities of the three races will be included on the list, as will any buildings in them that may be specified in future proposals.
Decision: Accepted with Modifications as Rule 61. Modifications are additions to the list of Locations as appropriate from Rule 59: The City Squares of all the Capital Cities mentioned in Rule 59. The Imperial Library and Great Arena are in Adelia, but all players are Currently in the City Square. The Black Lake is in Vitaria, while the Central Plains are in Darnia. The Court of Appeal is in Adelia City, with the Southern Seaports being in Adelia but not part of the city itself. All Mountainous Mountain Locations are outside of the 6 Realms of the Empire.
Score: 2 A points + 1 A point for defining Location.
Total: 21 A points.

Proposal 88 (Big Mad Drongo)

Date: Wed, 1 Feb 1995 09:55:37 +0000 (GMT)
Praise: Almighty and Wonderful Emperor, whose might is so great that people point it out in the streets and say, 'Look, there's the Emperor's might. Isn't it great...'
Proposal: It is time!
Yes, it is time for players to sail away from your Empire to far-off lands, to return having done deeds of a heroic nature! In order to sail away, the player clearly has need of a D-point, for the rules say so. But I would propose that the player also needs a strong wooden ship made from the trunks of the stoutest Glumba wood trees! A boat may be made from the wood of a Glumba tree by the shipwrights at the Southern Seaports. For this they will charge the princely sum of 4A. When a player sails away from the Empire to the lands of Imperial 8 or Imperial 9 the journey each way takes a period of time similar to that for five proposals to be made to the Emperor (by any players, not just the sailing player). H points can be gained by completing missions for the Empire in these new lands. There shall always be at least one mission available to carry out in each other Empire, which should not require the player to have a doppelganger in that other world. The more difficult the mission, the more H points it scores. Initially there shall be the same mission to each of the two other Empires. It shall be to bring back a brief but detailed report on the state of the other Empire and the disposition of its ruler.
Decision: Accepted with Modifications as Rule 62. Modifications are: Someone has to provide the shipwrights with Glumba wood as well as 4 A points. The journey is treacherous, and so shall take 10 proposals. The list of missions will be published with the proposals, terms and locations.
Score: 2 A points + 1 for defining Sail Away.
Total: 24 A.
Voting on Popularity:
Yes: 2.

Proposal 89 (Euler)

Date: Wed, 1 Feb 1995 10:02:17 +0000 (GMT)
Praise: Oh Mighty Emperor, without whose guidance we would be blind.
Proposal: This may seem a very innocuous proposal, but I think a very important one. No player may vote on the popularity of their own proposals.
Decision: Accepted as Rule 63.
Score: 2 A points.
Total: 6A, 1B.
Voting on Popularity:
Yes: 1.
No: 2.

Point of Order 90 (Euler)

Date: Wed, 1 Feb 1995 10:02:17 +0000 (GMT)
Point of Order: Should not have Al-Istar, Big Mad Drongo, Anarchy and myself have received 1 A point each for voting in the majority in the Court of Appeal on Appeal 69 (Rule 37) ?
Comment: Yes, you should have. Scores modified accordingly. Sorry.

Proposal 91 (Anarchy)

Date: Wed, 1 Feb 1995 13:01:39 +0000 (GMT)
Proposal: Mighty Emperor of the Geographically Largest Imperial Game World, please hear my proposals for Expansion. States shall be defined as large regions in the Empire which contain Locations. New States may be created by Proposal. States presently in existence include the Northern Mountains, Western Mountains, Eastern Mountains(home of Creepers, Weepers and Leapers), Imperial Lands(home of the Imperious Emperor), The Dark Forest(home of Sapsuckers), The Hills(home of Croweaters), The Sea of Salt(home of Sandgropers), and The Fertile Grasslands, to the South of the Empire next to the Sea. At the moment, Locations consist of the following: City of Xantin, in Dark Forest; all Sapsuckers begin here. City of Aerial, in The Hills; all Croweaters begin here. City of Silkon, in The Sea of Salt; all Sandgropers begin here. The Imperial City, in Imperial Lands; The Imperious Emperor Begins Here. And The City of Waters, the port in the south of The Fertile Grasslands. (Ok, so that's 5 Cities, but most of them are 6 letters long, and besides, 3 cities isn't really enough is it?) One can only Sail Away from the City of Waters. if in possession of a Ship, which is defined to be a Q point(so there). 4G may be exchanged for 1Q.
Decision: Rejected. Sorry but someone else beat you to it.
Score: 1 B point.
Total: 14A, 2B, 1P.
Anarchy supports Stefan's next proposal.

Proposal 92 (Anarchy)

Date: Wed, 1 Feb 1995 13:01:39 +0000 (GMT)
Proposal: Brilliant but overworked Emperor, let your subjects aid you with the onerous task of judgement. Every 5th Proposal shall be judged upon by the player with the greatest number of P points. If 2 players have the same number of P points, the privilege will go to the one with more A points. If a Proposal is accepted and there are 3 more Yes votes than No votes, the judge gains +1P; if a Proposal is rejected and there are 3 more No votes than Yes votes, the judge gains +1P; if a Proposal is accepted with 3 more No votes than Yes votes or rejected with 3 more Yes votes than No votes the judge loses 2P. Players may Appeal against the decision, if a majority of the Court of Appeal agrees to uphold the Appeal, the proposal is referred to TIE who will judge it himself. If TIE overturns the judge's decision, the judge loses 2P and gains 2B; if TIE should agree with the judge, the judge gains 2A and 2D, but loses 1P anyway for being unpopular.
Decision: Hmmm, let's have a look at the scores. Most popular on basis of P followed by A points: Anarchy. I'm afraid I can't give you that much power, besides the game would probably slow to a crawl if I have to wait on every fifth proposal. It would limit me to four proposals each decision session.
Score: 1 B point.
Total: 14A, 3B, 1P.
Voting on Popularity:
No: 1.

Proposal 93 (Glamis)

Date: Wed, 1 Feb 1995 09:29:19 -0500
Proposal: "e" is a number whose transcendence hardly matches your own, great ruler, but could you pass a rule limiting the total number (i.e. sum of all kinds) of points of any player to 31, meaning that any point transaction which would cause a score to exceed this limit would result in points being subtracted rather than added? "pi" may be irrational, but since the proposed rule makes maneuvering for winning points more interesting in the face of limited point capacity, wouldn't anyone agree that this proposal is not irrational?
Decision: Proposal is most certainly rational. Accepted as Rule 64.
Score: 2 A points.
Total: 6A, 2B, 1P.
Voting on Popularity:
Yes: 1.
No: 2.

Proposal 94 (Euler)

Deferred as per Rule 48

Praise : Oh Great Emperor, who controls the flowing of the tides and the motion of the planets, please hear your humble servant.
Proposal: Should any player have a proposal rejected because of a breach in any published rule, then that proposal shall remain the property of the player making it. If at any point in the future, the proposal becomes viable, it may be made again for the consideration of the Emperor under the new circumstances. No other player may make a proposal of the same wording or the same intention without permission from the person making the initial proposal, this permission being gained by using THS as a liason between the parties involved. In such a case, the 2A points awarded shall be divided equally between the parties involved. No proposal may come to the Emperors attention in the same form more than twice.
Decision: Accepted with Modification as Rule 65. Modification: Meaning must be exactly the same for the other player to be denied use of the proposal, merely a similar intention is insufficient grounds for denial.
Score: 2 A points.
Total: 8A, 1B.
Voting on Popularity:
Yes: 4.
Euler gains 1 Popularity!

Appeal 95 (Egil)

Appeal: I would like the Court of Appeal to consider accepting proposal 54 for the following reasons (in reaction to TIE's reasons for rejection): One - Virtual Players are not very complex. They're just a DNA-string in the list of players. Two - Ordering the points has great advantages; we can breed (one can really alter the points one has, just pick your partner with care) and it's FUN (that's what the game is about). Besides, it's not very complex. Three - If we don't want to shock Aussies, it can be done In Vitro.
Current Members of the Court of Appeal are: Euler, Big Mad Drongo, Al-Istar, Anarchy, Tivol. Please submit your votes while the Emperor moves over to the Court of Appeal to deliver the verdict. (You don't need to move).
Yes: Tivol.
No: Al-Istar, Euler, Anarchy, Big Mad Drongo.
Verdict: Appeal denied. You needed 5-0, only received 4-1.
Points received: Tivol 2B, everyone else on Court 1A.
Egil receives: 2B, 1E.
Note: These points will only appear on the score after Point of Order 108. Apologies for any confusion that occurs.

Proposal 96 (Egil)

Praise: Oh Mighty One, recreator of Australia.
Proposal: I propose that there will be a Large Realm with Numerous States and 3 Large Cities, where Expansion and Building may occur. This Realm will be situated west of the Eastern Mountainous Mountains, east of the Western Mountainous Mountains, south of the Northern Mountainous Mountains and north of the Southern Coast. The names of the cities will be Duncanarea, Slakkonia and Richerton. These, and all other cities that can be build or already exist will be Locations on the map.
Decision: Sorry, someone beat you to it. Nice sucking-up though.
Score: 1 B point.
Total: 4A, 2B.
Egil supports Dawn.
Voting on Popularity:
No: 1.

Proposal 97 (Dawn)

Date: Fri, 3 Feb 1995 00:56:48 +0100 (MET)
Praise : Oh, most conservative emperor.
Proposal : Every player who wronks must be troted as it already happened in the times of our ancestors. A player who is troted will of course not be able to vote on popularity and will also not be penalized for it. Wronking can of course only be committed in the territories not controlled by the ever great Tie and there for is in the sea or somewhere in those mountanious mountains. Those who do it in the sea will be on a floating log so they must have rentudar to be able to wronk.
Decision: Rejected. If you can't do it in the Empire, what point is there talking to me about it?
Score: 1 B point to Egil for Support.
Egil's total is: 4A, 3B, 1P.

Proposal 98 (Dawn)

Date: Fri, 3 Feb 1995 00:56:48 +0100 (MET)
Praise : Merry on the Palace, oh emperor.
Proposal : Our realm is a huge plate of LEGO's(tm) of 10,000 by 10,000 nops. A points can be traded for 2 by 4 nops blocks. players can place any blocks they have in possesion on the plate at coordinates they specify by (X,Y) counted from the North East corner and place in a direction they also specify. If a block is placed where already a block is, it is placed on top of this block. A state is a place that is surrounded by 1 by 1000 blocks place so that they form a rectangle. A city's place is defined by the citywalls which are made of 1 by 10 blocks placed in an exact square and are 10 blocks high with an opening in the north wall at nop fifthy from the east to nop 60. the average city is 100 by 100 nops.
Decision: Rejected. We already have a geography and I don't think it's made of LEGO(tm).
Score: 1 B point.
Total: 2A, 3B.
Voting on Popularity:
Yes: 5.
No: 2.
Dawn gains 1P.

Point of Order 99 (Al-Istar)

Date: Fri, 3 Feb 1995 01:24:29 +0000 (GMT)
Point of Order: I see that in the list of scores, THS has me down as having 12A,1B. I believe that this should be 14A,1B.
Comment: Correct. Fixed. Sorry.

Proposal 100!!! (Tivol)

Date: Fri, 03 Feb 1995 00:33:33 EST
Proposal: As an immensely fabulous TIE for whom small ailments mean nothing, I wish to point out that we feebler denizens of your land sometimes suffer from the occassional illness. Although one as omnipotent as yourself may not have known that I was bedridden and unable to access the Web, I know it would be incredibly taxing to track all of the players' status. Therefore, I recommend an alteration to Rule 50 which, as it currently is phrased, suggests that, since a sick player or a player whose terminal is crashed doesn't have the opportunity to read the Rules, the game might be stalled for a long time.
Decision: Accepted. Rule 50 will be modified to indicate that proposals received by the Emperor before the rule was changed will be immune to that rule.
Score: 2 A points.
Total: 11A, 6B, 1E, 1P.
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