Imperial Game 9 Proposals - The First 50

All dates have been shifted to GMT.

Directive 1

Hear ye, Hear ye.
The Imperious Emperor wishes all players to consider the possibilities in the legislative area of ignored proposals.

Proposal 2 (Andre Engels)

Date: Mon, 9 Jan 95 10:08:41
Proposal: A player may at any time get rid of 1 B-point, at the cost of 2 A-points.
Decision: Accepted as Rule 22. Simple method for getting back under the 5 B-points restriction.
Score: 2 A points.
Total: 2 A points.

Proposal 3 (Olivier MARCE)

Date: Mon, 9 Jan 95 10:13:48
Proposal : TIE decides on 3 Mysterious Magic Words at the beginning of game. Each time a player has a score such that it's an anagram of one of the MMWs, he loses all B from his score and gains 2 C. Once a MMW discovered, it can not be used, and it's not replaced. Example : one of MMW is 'ABACABABACA', then if the score of a player is 6A 3B 2C it becomes 6A 4C
Decision: Accepted as Rule 23. Finally we can gain some C points!
Score: 2A points.
Total: 2A points.

Proposal 4 (Dawn)

Date: Mon, 9 Jan 95 13:34:07
Proposal: All players own a standard model car and begin at the start of the racetrack. A player can spend 1 A to advance 1 km (or mile if the Emperor prefers) and 1 B to go 1 km/mile backwards. One mile/km of road can be created by a player by spending 1b and 1A, This road piece is represented by the incoming roads- direction and the outgoing dirs. This represents a square of 1 by 1 mk/mile and it exits and incomings and is noted by an (X,Y). For reaching an square there can be a bonus awarded by the creating player, but this bonus should be licenced by the TIE (if the player thinks his piece of road needs a bonus he should ask the TIE if this is posible). The starting part of the track is (1,1) Start, With no incoming but 1 exit in North. THS makes a map of the track and publishes it.
Decision: Rejected. This is Nomic not IndyCar. Besides, I want geography to be a little larger in my Empire, with possibly counties etc.
Score: 1B point.
Total: 1B point.

Proposal 5 (Toejam)

Date: Mon, 9 Jan 1995 13:59:25
Proposal: I propose, that in the case of an Imperial call for legislation, any proposals submitted after the call for legislation that do not pertain to the call itself shall be ignored.
Decision: Rejected. A nice idea, but I can't be that restrictive. Besides, what if I want more than one directive running at once? Perhaps a little less strict proposal might be accepted. (hint, hint).
Score: 1B point.
Total: 1B point.

Proposal 6 (Glamis)

Date: Mon, 9 Jan 1995 14:20:16
Proposal: Each type of point corresponds to a letter. A player may at any time trade in a set of points corresponding to the letters in any English word (the Webster dictionary at "" shall serve as the standard) and receive in return one "C" point. Note that the word must have more than 4 letters.
Decision: Rejected. Firstly, the MMW idea already enables C points to be earned. Secondly, your method is just too easy.
Score: 1B point.
Total: 1B point.

Proposal 7 (Jim Huggins)

Date: Mon, 9 Jan 1995 16:34:24
Proposal: A fulfilled directive is a directive from TIE with respect to which TIE has awarded bonus points. If an unfulfilled directive exists, any proposals received after the unfulfilled directive has been issued which do not address the directive will be ignored.
Decision: Rejected. See Proposal 5. Score: 1B point.
Total: 1B point.

Proposal 8 (Tivol)

Date: Mon, 09 Jan 1995 20:14:52
Proposal: Any player who makes a fantastically grand proposal or a ridiculously lousy proposal will have his Popularity rating altered accordingly. Players may send email to TIE telling him what they think of certain proposals and a player's Popularity can change by 1 point (add a point for general liking, subtract a point for general disliking) for a well written piece of criticism. TIE may also change Popularity if he feels that a proposal will be grandly accepted by the populace, if two players seem to be praising each other just for their own sake, if a player sends way too much pointless email, or other reasons. At no time will the THS publish criticism from one player of another. (The meaning behind this Popularity rating and how it affects the game is...) Any player may attempt to Snub another player by attracting TIE's attentions. If the proposal before the attempted Snub has not been decided upon, then the proposer of that proposal becomes the Snubbee. If the Snubber's Popularity is more than the Snubbee's by at least 5, then the Snubbee's proposal is automatically ignored. If the Snubbee's Popularity is greater than the Snubber's, then the Snubber's proposal is ignored and the Snubbee is awarded an A point for the insult. Proposals that Snubbed others may themselves be Snubbed. Snubbing might be done blindly, without the player knowing whom they might be snubbing.
Decision: Accepted with the following modification: All players start with Popularity of 0, and Popularity changes either (a) at TIE's discretion or (b) if at least a net 3 people approve or disapprove of the proposal. Also, Snubbing costs you 1 Popularity point, and you cannot snub with -ve popularity. (As people who Snub are Snobs). Further, to indicate a Snub send a message as wi th a proposal, but simply saying "I wish to snub". Becomes Rule 24.
Score: 2 A points.
Total: 2 A points.
Voting on Popularity:
Yes: Andre Engels, Tivol.
No: Jay Luo, Bill.

Point of Order 9 (mcv)

Date: Mon, 9 Jan 1995 21:13:30
Point of Order: According to rule 10, if any player, already having submitted two proposals which haven't been decided upon, submits a third proposal, that third proposal will replace the older proposal. Which older proposal? There are two proposals older than that newest proposal. I think it should be reworded a bit. This isn't really clear.
Response: Older means older of 2 proposals. Meaning the 2 existing proposals and not relating to the newer one. Rule stands. Nice try though.

Proposal 10 (mcv)

Date: Mon, 9 Jan 1995 21:13:30
Proposal: If any player, already having submitted a proposal which hasn't yet been decided upon, submits a second proposal, then that second proposal will be Ignored.
Decision: Rejected. I changed it to 2 deliberately, because an Antipodean Emperor needs some time to sleep while you guys are making proposals.
Score: 1 B point.
Total: 1 B point.
Voting on Popularity:
No: Death, Al-Istar, Anarchy.
mcv loses 1P.
(Takes effect in scores after proposal 148).

Proposal 11 (Death)

Date: Sun, 08 Jan 95 22:09:36 -2400
Proposal: If a proposal is ignored the proposer may submit it to review by the players in exchange for gaining 1 B point. If at least 5 of the last 10 unique proposers (including the ignoree) agree (by confidentially notifying THS) that the proposal has merit and should be accepted the ignoree gains 1 C point and the proposal is submitted to TIE for reevaluation. TIE may accept or reject the proposal as he will, granting the original proposer the proper score, but he may not ignore it again. If 5 of the last 10 proposers do not speak in favor of the proposal the ignoree loses 1 A. If there have not been 10 unique proposers by the time of the appeal, half of the proposers shall be sufficient to force the reevaluation.
Decision: Accepted as Rule 25. Great idea.
Score: 2 A points.
Total: 2 A points.

Proposal 12 (Big Mad Drongo)

Date: Tue, 10 Jan 1995 09:32:00
Proposal: I propose that should a proposal be rejected by the Emperor, the player may put it before a special committee of five currently active players selected by the Emperor. Each of these players vote for or against the proposal, sending their decision to THS. When the vote has been taken, if there are more yes votes than no votes, the proposal is accepted, and the player gains 2 A points and a D point. If there are more no votes than yes votes, however, the player gains 2 B points and an E point.
Decision: Accepted with modification as follows: The vote of the 5 people must be unanimous to pass the proposal. The player must send intention to put the message before the committee by submitting an Appeal, mentioning the proposal number. Becomes Rule 26.
Committee consists of the first 5 people to get proposals through, namely Andre Engels, Olivier MARCE, Tivol, Death and Big Mad Drongo.
Score: 2 A points.
Total: 2 A points.
Voting on Popularity:
Yes: Death, Bill.

Proposal 13 (Damian Coffey)

Date: Mon, 16 Jan 1995 07:12:11
Proposal: I propose that a committee be formed comprising the 5 most recent players to have proposals accepted. This committee is to be known as the Court of Appeal. When a player has a proposal accepted, he will become a member of the court of Appeal, and the oldest member will revert to a normal player. Rules 25 and 26 should then be modified so that they are both judged by the Court of Appeal. In the case of Rule 25, if 3 out of the 5 members of the Court of Appeal agree that the proposal has merit, then TIE will reevaluate the proposal. For rule 26, all 5 members of the Court of Appeal must vote for the proposal if it is to be accepted.
Decision: Accepted. Rules 25 and 26 modified. Great way to simplify the game. Note - I am taking oldest to mean first player in, not physically oldest to make administration simple. Definition of Court of Appeal entered as Rule 27.
Score: 2 A points.
Total: 2 A points.
Voting on Popularity:
Yes: Bill.

Proposal 14 (Damian Coffey)

Date: Mon, 16 Jan 1995 08:01:01
Proposal: I propose that 10 A points can be traded for 1 C point plus 2 B points.
Decision: Accepted as Rule 28. Simple yet effective.
Score: 2 A points.
Total: 4 A points.
Voting on Popularity:
Yes: Tivol.
No: Anarchy, Jay Luo.

Proposal 15 (Andre Engels)

Date: Mon, 16 Jan 95 10:16:02
Proposal: To each number a letter corresponds in the following way: To 1 the letter 'A' corresponds, to 2 the letter 'B', etc., until to 26 the letter 'Z'. To 27 the letter 'A' again corresponds, and this way we go on cyclically. Every time a player has a proposal accepted, he/she gets 1 point of the type of the letter corresponding to their proposal number. If this point type is declared 'special', a Q-point is awarded instead. At the moment only C-points are declared special.
Decision: Rejected. Too many point types to deal with right now. THS is not too pleased at the possibility of dealing with 26 categories of point, as it reminds me of the tags in Game 6.
Score: 1 B point.
Total: 2 A, 1 B.
Voting on Popularity:
No: Tivol

Proposal 16 (Andre Engels)

Date: Mon, 16 Jan 95 10:26:33
Proposal: Popularity will be measured by P-points, negative popularity by R-points. (Rule 24 should be changed to account for this). Also add the rule that if a player has both P- and R-points automatically one of both is lost.
Decision: Accepted with Modification. Modification is - you can have negative P points as well as positive ones. Note that you can do this with other letters as well.
Score: 2 A points.
Total: 4 A, 1 B.
Voting on Popularity:
Yes: Tivol, Jay Luo.

Proposal 17 (Big Mad Drongo)

Date: Mon, 16 Jan 1995 13:41:57
Proposal: I propose that TIE may ignore a proposal in any one of the following situations:
1. If the proposal does not meet the rules that were in place at the time it was submitted.
2. If the proposal has been re-submitted and rejected anonymously by the committee. (NB: This is not automatic - it only happens if TIE sees fit. It is in addition to the normal penalties for a failed proposal).
3. If the emperor feels that a proposal is particularly counter-productive or insulting.
4. If the proposal is impossible to implement or attempts to create a paradox.
Decision: Accepted with Modifications as Rule 29. Reason 2 will be ignored as some penalties are already in place, and a rejection by the committee means I don't look at it again anyway. Reason 3 will be reduced to insulting. All in all, a good way to weed out the rotten rules to save me some trouble.
Score: 2 A points.
Total: 4 A points.

Proposal 18 (Glamis)

Date: Mon, 16 Jan 1995 17:34:33
Proposal: O wondrous Emperor, I propose that all proposals which do not include some unambiguous reference to your wondrous Personage be ignored, as they could not possibly have gotten your attention. This reference may consist solely of an opening, addressing your Highness, c.f. this proposal.
Decision: You're sucking up! Not bad, so I'll modify the idea a little for Rule 30: A proposal without any flattery of the Emperor will be given one more B point and one less A point than a proposal with the flattery would have achieved in the same situation. This means I get to look at the rules anyway, but you can still suck up and benefit. Happy?
Score: 2 A points.
Total: 2 A, 1 B.
Votes on Popularity:
No: Andre Engels, Jay Luo.

Proposal 19 (Jim Huggins)

Date: Mon, 16 Jan 1995 17:50:29
Proposal: The committee that evaluates Appeals consists of the last five players to have accepted proposals prior to the Appeal (excluding the player who is making the Appeal).
Decision: This is almost already the rule! The exclusion will be included, so this proposal is Accepted. However, if the player making the appeal is in the Court normally, they cannot vote.
Score: 2 A points.
Total: 2 A, 1 B.

Proposal 20 (Jim Huggins)

Date: Mon, 16 Jan 1995 17:53:58
Proposal: If one or more directives are currently unfulfilled, any proposals received which do not pertain to the directive will be deferred until all directives are fulfilled. After that time, TIE will consider the deferred proposals as if they had just been proposed by their respective authors.
Decision: Accepted. This ought to see some real action when I issue a directive! Becomes Rule 31.
Score: 2 A points.
Total: 4 A, 1 B.

Proposal 21 (Tivol)

Date: Mon, 16 Jan 1995 18:53:38
Proposal: If switching every A point for a B point in one player's score would make his score identical to one other player's score, both of those players will be awarded an A point.
Decision: Accepted as Rule 32, with the proviso that both players must have unique scores (i.e. distinct from every other player). This also stops people with no points at all automatically going to 1A each.
Score: 2 A points.
Total: 4 A points.
Votes on Popularity:
Yes: Andre Engels.

Point of Order 22 (Death)

Date: Mon, 16 Jan 95 03:31:11 -2400
Point of Order: Is not a bonus due for an accepted proposal relating to the directive? Or was neither 8, nor 11 "appropriate"?
Comment: Sorry - my mistake. Proposal 8 is appropriate and the bonus will be awarded.
Adjusted Score: Tivol gets 2 A points.
His total is now 6 A points.

Proposal 23 (Steve Mansfield)

Note: Proposal really from Toejam - See Point of Order 30

Date: Tue, 17 Jan 1995 17:50:50
Proposal: In the event that the Emperor has made a call for legislation, or multiples thereof, let each proposal submitted which does not pertain to the call be affected thus: If the proposal is accepted, only 1 A point will be awarded. If it is rejected, 2 B points will be awarded. If it is ignored, then it may not be further submitted for review, but may resubmit the proposal, once another proposal has been accepted which fulfills the(a) call.
Decision: Rejected. Nice idea, but Proposal 20 beat you to it. BTW, these calls are known as Directives.
Score: 1 B point.
Total: 1 B point.

Proposal 24 (Dawn)

Date: Wed, 18 Jan 1995 10:43:10
Proposal: If a proposal contains undefined terms and the proposal is accepted the undefined term wil be placed in a list that is published with the Scores and stats. If a proposal is submited that defines a term in the list and is accepted the proposer gains 1A extra per defined term, the term then is removed from the list. If in a proposal a term is being defined that already has been defined the TIE will decide if the new definition is 1) ignored 2) accepted as the only right one(term redefined) 3) accepted in addition to the other def.(both definition count).
Decision: Accepted with modification as Rule 33. Modification is that only one definition can be right, so option 3 is out.
Score: 2 A points.
Total: 2 A, 1 B.

Proclamation 25

The Imperious Emperor Proclaimeth:
I will be merciful for once. To this extent, all players involved in proposals 19 through 24 will not be penalised for failing to flatter me as required. Please note: This is a once-off benefit. In future, if a rule you haven't seen blocks your proposal, so be it. Sorry, but I have to run a tight ship.

Proposal 26 (Tivol)

Date: Thu, 19 Jan 1995 02:00:29
Proposal: It now seems possible that a player's score can contain one A point, two C points, an E point, and a P point. A score like that is just one letter away from one of the words that brings us such joy to hear from your melodious speaking voice, sonorous Emperor. I therefore propose that any player whose score contains letters that can be arranged to spell "ACCEP" will have those five points be replaced with a "T" point.
Decision: ACCEPTed. Simple, easy and just about as silly as I can take. Becomes rule 34.
Score: 2 A points.
Total: 8 A points.

Point of Order 27 (Tivol)

Date: Thu, 18 Jan 1995 02:00:29
Point of Order: Would it not be easier to replace the wording in Rule 24 from the vague and awkward references to "Popularity Rating" to the number of P points? No one can write prose as well as you, TIE, and I see you have selected a Scribe whose writing serves you justice.
Comment: Okay, I'll fix it. Just give me some time -- THS.

Proposal 28 (Big Mad Drongo)

Date: Thu, 19 Jan 1995 13:45:55
Praise: Almighty Emperor, whose wisdom is wiser than a wise thing on a particularly wise day...
Proposal: I propose that, in order to simplify the task of THS, although other scoring letters may be added to the game, only the letters A-J may be used to represent these scores. This gives a total of 10 available point types, of which 5 are already in use (though as yet there is no value for D or E points). Clearly, P and R points are not covered by this, since they are not part of the players score, more of the player's description. Any tag of this sort outside the A-J range can not be exchanged for a tag within the A-J range.
Decision: A laudable attempt to reduce the maximum complexity of the game. The values of P points may change through the game however, so I can't really give you 10 as the limit. I'll Accept your rule as rule 35, but change the range to A-T (given Rule 34).
Score: 2 A points.
Total: 6 A points.
Voting on Popularity:
No: Tivol

Proposal 29 (Big Mad Drongo)

Date: Thu, 19 Jan 1995 13:47:53
Praise: Oh great Emperor, most wonderful of the wonderful, before whose feet we all must abase ourselves...
Proposal: At the moment a proposal that the Emperor sees as valid and a good proposal can be rejected on the grounds of a previous proposal in the same batch making it ineligible. Despite the Emperor's liking of the proposal, the proposer still gains one of the much-hated B points. Therefore I propose that if this situation crops up in future (as it did with Proposal 23) the Emperor may, at his discretion, waive the B point. This is, of course, only in the case of proposals that would have been valid before the latest set of decisions, but was not when it came round to its turn to be decided, and, of course, only where the Emperor feels the proposal was particularly worthy.
Decision: Rejected. I just did this (see Proclamation 25), so there is no need to introduce a new rule. Nice try though. Just to be fair, I'll waive the B point. d:-p
Score: No change.
Total: 6 A points.

Point of Order 30 (Toejam)

Date: Thu, 19 Jan 1995 13:50:45
Point of Order: Most wise emperor: I beg your pardon, but I seem to have left out my player name on my last proposal, which was unfortunately rejected. Proposal 23, made by myself, should be listed as from Toejam. The scores for the two should probably be merged.
Comment: How silly of me -- THS. Easily fixed.

Point of Order 31 (Toejam)

Date: Thu, 19 Jan 1995 13:58:08 -0500
Point of Order: I just realised, that by merging Toejam and Steve mansfield, Death (2A) and I (2B) would have identical scores were we to switch Death's A's to B's. According to rule 32, both he and I should receive an A point. I only bring this up, because you might decide some proposals before you reach these points of order, and after that the current state may no longer be true.
Comment: Sorry, but Olivier MARCE also has 2 A points, and did at the time of the point of order. To this end, then, you cannot gain the A point. The scores must be unique.

Proposal 32 (Toejam)

Date: Thu, 19 Jan 1995 14:03:15
Praise: Oh Emperor most literate.
Proposal: If a player at any time has both 5 B points, and a C point, then the B points and C point in question are all removed from the player's score.
Decision: Accepted. Easy way to get back under the 5 B point restriction.
Score: 2 A points.
Total: 2 A, 2 B.

Proposal 33 (Andre Engels)

Date: Thu, 19 Jan 95 14:58:51
Proposal: I see that your empire is becoming a little bit more democratic. Although that has of course quite some advantages, it has disadvantages as well. I am not pointing at the fact that noone else in your empire might even come close to you in wisdom and greatness, but more to the fact that this might lead to lack of unity because people are taking different stands of view. Those who cause this kind of disunity should be punished. Therefore I propose that when a vote has been cast in the Court of Appeal, those villains who dared to vote in another way than the majority will lose 2 A-points (if they have any), while those noble citizens who kept unanimity by voting with the majority gain 1 A-point.
Decision: Accepted as rule 37. I will count the flattery, even though it was in the middle of the message. However, there will be one modification - people can go to negative A points. To get into the Court they must have gained some A points recently, so there shouldn't be much of a problem anyway.
Score: 2 A points.
Total: 6 A, 1 B.

Point of Order 34 (Andre Engels)

Date: Thu, 19 Jan 95 14:58:51
Point of Order: In rule 32 I see the word 'botyh'. I suppose that should be 'both'.
Comment: Fixed -- THS.

Proposal 35 (Andre Engels)

Date: Thu, 19 Jan 95 14:58:51
Praise: Oh most noble Emperor, the fact that I am so far away from the antipodean centre of your grandness makes me feel sorry every day. Please listen to this humble subject of yours as he make his proposal.
Proposal: Every time a player makes a proposal he must appoint a companion. The companion will get the same reward for acceptance, ignoring or rejecting as the original proposer does.
Decision: Rejected. You didn't include a companion, so if I had Accepted it, it would have rejected itself.
Score: 1 B point.
Total: 6 A, 2 B.

Directive 36

Date: Thu, 19 Jan 95 23:43:30
Hear ye, Hear ye. The Imperious Emperor wishes all players to consider proposals for legislation in the field of The Geography of The Realm.

Directive 37

Date: Thu, 19 Jan 95 23:45:00
Hear ye, Hear ye. The Imperious Emperor wishes all players to consider proposals for legislation in the field of Bringing New Players to this Empire.

Proposal 38 (Damian Coffey)

Date: Fri, 20 Jan 1995 06:52:30
Praise: Mighty devourer of Ravens! Please condescend to hear my meagre propsal:
Proposal: 3 races of man are known in the realm. The Sandgropers to the Western reaches of the land, the Sapsuckers to the east, and the Croweaters in the centre. Each player should nominate his or her race next time they submit a proposal.
Decision: Accepted. Aussies Unite! BTW, I will allow a grace period until this proposal has been promulgated, with no penalty for players who do not nominate until after then. Becomes Rule 38.
Score: 4 A points. (Satisfies Directive 36)
Total: 8 A points.

Proposal 39 (Damian Coffey)

Date: Fri, 20 Jan 1995 07:02:38
Praise: Everlasting Ruler, whose wisdom is revered throughout the lands!
Proposal: I propose that any player who mentions this game in a proposal to one of the other Imperial games currently running, should recieve 2 A points and 2 D points, because by doing this, the player advertises this game to potential new players.
Decision: Rejected. TIE hasn't got enough time to check the other games all the time. Besides, just mentioning means anyone can get the points for just a nonsensical proposal with a reference.
Score: 1 B point.
Total: 8A, 1B.
Voting on Popularity:
Yes: Big Mad Drongo.

Proposal 40 (Dawn)

Date: Fri, 20 Jan 1995 12:45:54
Proposal: Oh, most powerfull, you asked if we could supply you with more subject than only our humble self, who in our vanity cannot satify you, Now i have heard that your empire is in fact a large disk traveling on a giant turtle. I also heard that this turtle is under your command. Now the happens to be an other disk of this type who is couvered with a large number of explores who often in there enormous stupidity fall over the edge of there world. I propose that you place our empire exacty under this waterdisk an so catch all fall seafarers and make them you loyal subjects. Ofcause you will have to negotate with their emporer, who is not worthy of that name, about your position, The name of this insignifcant waterfall is Minimalist Imperial.
Decision: Rejected. PTerry mightn't be too pleased! Then again, he probably would but we already have some geographical definitions.
Score: 1 B point.
Total: 2A, 2B.
Voting on Popularity:
Yes: Big Mad Drongo, Egil.

Proposal 41 (Dawn)

Date: Fri, 20 Jan 1995 13:11:13
Proposal :Oh, builder of the mountains, We all know that your Empire is a place of great mountains in spooky regularity(we suspect your divine influence). Your residence is on top of the larges mountail of the empire. Travel in your empire hapens with the aid of bridges between the tops of the mountains, the low valleys are for the peasents and slaves, at this moment the only bridges are those who connect from the Emperors Residence to the tops in the North, South and East. Players are not allowed to mingle with the common people so they are not allowed to enter the valleys.
Decision: Rejected. You are the common folk. Besides, Cori Celesti is too cold and Blind Io won't let non-deities into Dunmanifestin.
Score: 1 B point.
Total: 2A, 3B.

Proposal 42 (Toejam)

Date: Fri, 20 Jan 1995 15:19:15
Praise: Oh most well-dressed emperor:
Proposal: I propose that an individual desiring to join into this most wondrous pastime of ours, must obtain a sponsor. To this end, THS will need to list the email addresses of the existing players. The new player must email a player who has at least 1 A point, with a proposal. The sponsor will submit the proposal to TIE, with his and the potential new player's name. If the proposal is accepted, then the sponsor will get 1 A point, and the new player will get both both A points, and will have his name and score added to the list. If the proposal is rejected, the sponsor will gain 2 B points, and the new player will must submit another proposal via a sponsor (who does not have to be the same player), and is not yet considered a player. Thus players who will be sponsors may collaborate with the new players to ensure a proposal which passes. If the sponsor feels the proposal will not pass, he can work with the new player on the proposal before submitting it to TIE.
Decision: Accepted as Rule 39 with the following modification: I am keen on privacy, so it is the job of the current players to find new people for them to sponsor. However, to enable new people to enter the game, new players need not have a sponsor.
Score: 4 A points (Satisfies Directive 37).
Total: 6A, 2B.
Voting on Popularity:
Yes: Tivol.

Proposal 43 (Tivol)

Date: Fri, 20 Jan 1995 11:38:41(Proposal Deferred due to Directives)
Proposal: Any player whose proposal is accepted will earn, in addition to his usual score, a point that matches the first letter of his proposal, provided that the point is valid ("W" is out of range, or perhaps a player might have too many of one flavor) and that the previous proposal didn't begin with the same letter (to keep a flood of "C"s from coming in, deluging our glorious and majestic Emperor with sentences that are real stretches.
Decision: Rejected. We'd still get a C every other proposal.
Score: 1 B point, + 1 B, - 1 A.
Total: 7 A, 2 B.
Voting on Popularity:
No: Big Mad Drongo.

Proposal 44 (Glamis)

Date: Fri, 20 Jan 1995 15:47:48
Proposal: Hail, Super-Duper Emperor! I propose that any proposal which contains no capital letters, periods, or exclamation points, but is nevertheless correctly capitalized and punctuated by the conventions of standard English, must be ignored (as it has been delivered in a whisper unfortunately too feeble for even your magnificent ears to detect).
Decision: Accepted as Rule 40 with the exclamation points ignored.
Score: 2 A points.
Total: 4A, 1B.

Proposal 45 (Anarchy)

Date: Fri, 20 Jan 1995 20:06:45
Praise: Mighty Emperor, you are very intelligent.
Proposal: In order to attract new players to Your Magnificent Empire, I propose that the first time any player has a proposal accepted, they receive an additional 2 A points over and above what they would normally gain for the proposal's acceptance.
Decision: Accepted with modification that it must be their first submission of a proposal. Becomes Rule 41.
Score: 2 A points + 2 A points as per Rule 41.
Total: 4 A points.
Voting on Popularity:
No: Tivol.

Proposal 46 (Anarchy)

Date: Fri, 20 Jan 1995 20:06:45
Flattery: Oh great and powerful emperor before whom even The Mountainous Mountains tremble in fear, hear my proposal.
Proposal: The Empire of The Imperious Emperor shall be bounded on three sides by The Mountainous Mountains, and on the fourth side by The Sea Of Troubles. The Mountainous Mountains are impassable and The Sea Of Troubles may only be crossed if a player has a Ship. Beyond The Sea Of Troubles, so it is rumoured, lies the dreaded realm known only in whispers as "Imperial Game 8", and further still, the even MORE dreaded horrors of "Imperial Game 7"! Any player who Sails to these Faraway Lands and brings back what The Imperious Emperor deems to be A Suitably Large Amount Of Tribute shall be rewarded with three I points.
Decision: Accepted. Notice I didn't say how you could Sail away. There is no way just yet. Becomes Rule 42. The Sea will be to the South.
Score: 2 A points.
Total: 6 A points.

Proposal 47 (Big Mad Drongo)

Date: Tue, 24 Jan 1995 13:16:53
Praise: Oh great and mighty Emperor, whose wisdom surpasses even that of wizened old men in bad martial arts films who learn everything there is to know by eating prunes...
Proposal: I propose that any player may, at the expense of one C point, remove all B and E points from *another* player. This may not be done to yourself, as that would make it too easy by far to meet the 'not more than 5 B points' requirement. However, it does allow for co-operation between players, which is always something to be hoped for in citizens of such a generous Emperor.
Decision: Accepted with Modification as Rule 43. Modification is that D and E points will be removed as well as B. You can't help the other player out that easily.
Score: 2 A points.
Total: 8 A points.
Voting on Popularity:
Yes: Tivol.

Proposal 48 (Big Mad Drongo)

Date: Tue, 24 Jan 1995 13:22:31
Praise: Oh great and mighty and great and wonderful and great Emperor. Who is quite great as well, in case I didn't mention that...
Proposal: I propose that the Emperor should have a fund of points himself. Clear ly an infinite number of A and B points must be available, but I would suggest that the Emperor also has 20 C points, and 15 each of D and E points. The Emperor would, of course, (and I hope nobody will try to deny this) an infinitely high number of P points. Any awards given by the Emperor will then have to come out of these Imperial coffers. If no award of the type required is available at the time, then the Emperor may either ignore the award entirely or replace it with another appropriate award - substitute 2 B points for an E point, for example, or an A and a D for a C. These substitutions would not be by any standard exchange rate, but rather totally at the whim of the Emperor.
Decision: Accepted as Rule 44. Note that exchanges of points according to specified rules will not constitute awards, and hence do not affect my coffers. I also have 15 points of all the other potential types, in case people create rules involving them.
Score: 2 A points.
Total: 10 A points.

Proposal 49 (Stefan)

Date: Tue, 24 Jan 95 14:23:22
Praise: O Imperious Emperor, whose enemies quake with fear, hear my humble propo sal in response to directive 37.
Proposal: If a player submits the name of a current player with his first proposal, and that player sends a recommendation to the humble scribe, both the new player and the recommending player receive one extra A point, regardless of any action taken on the proposal. Since Olivier MARCE was the only player to congratulate me on winning game 5, I will ask him to make the recommendation.
Decision: Accepted partially. Modifies Rule 40 as to method for sponsoring. One Extra A point will not be used, as we already have bonus point schemes.
Score: 2 A points + 2 A points as per Rule 41.
Total: 4 A points.

Proposal 50 (Stefan)

Date: Tue, 24 Jan 95 15:44:50
Praise:Oh glorious Emperor, whose light nourishes your kingdom..
Proposal: Proposals which are submitted in response to a directive shall be exempt from rule 10 (2 proposal rule).
Decision: Accepted as Modification to Rule 10.
Score: 2 A points.
Total: 6 A points.
Voting on Popularity:
Yes: Anarchy.
No: Big Mad Drongo.
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