New Players Guide for Game #9

To get new players started, the following summary of the rules will probably help:

To enable TIE to judge your proposal (i.e. not have it ignored or rejected outright), it must satisfy a number of criteria. Firstly, it must be written with at least 1 capital letter and 1 full stop, or 0 of both. Secondly, with the proposal you must submit a Yes or No vote on the popularity of at least two of the previous proposals of other players. You cannot vote on your own proposals.

Other useful tips include: submitting your race (Sapsucker, Croweater or Sandgroper) with your first proposal, and giving the Emperor some perfunctory praise (not doing this costs you 1 A point and gives you 1 B point, which you don't want to get). This is probably all you need to know to start playing, but as you go along it will certainly help to read through the full ruleset as it stands.

Happy playing!

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