Chap IX - Miscellaneous

  1. (Weed - Rule 90)
    A player can smoke weed. Weed is illegal and smoking it earns the player 3B points except in Adelia and Cambar where there is no penalty. The effects of smoking weed are determined by a d6 roll: 1-3 the player is affected by "the munchies", 4-5 the player is "stoned", 6 the player achieves angarook for 10 proposals. A player affected by the munchies can make no other proposals until they have had a proposal accepted where they have bought and consumed food. A player who is stoned may not make any proposals until 5 proposals have been accepted, they then gain one H point.

  2. (Having a Party - Rule 94)
    Players can decide to hold Parties in order to increase the general level of happiness and merriment in Your Wonderful Empire! In order to hold a Party, the player holding the party(hereafter referred to as "The Host") must be in a City Location. It costs 5 A to Host a party, and invitations will be sent out to everyone in the Empire(this will be published in the proposal list). The Party will last for one Night and begin at the next Sunset after the Invitation is published. The Host may not move from the Party Location until the Party is over. A player who wishes to attend the Party, hereafter referred to as a Guest, may do so simply by moving to the location and paying 1A. Guests may join the Party at any time, if they join before the official starting time they will simply wait for the Party to start, performing no other movements until it does. For every Guest who joins the party in excess of 2, the Host gains 1P. Guests at a party receive Food and Drink. They will also receive 1 J Point (for Jollity). They may leave at any time, but anyone left at the end of a Party will gain 1P and be Drunk, including the Host.

  3. (Alien Object Guidelines - Rule 96)
    Any objects from another world which have an immediate and obvious use in this may be used freely. Any objects which have a use but do not seem to apply in this Empire may be declared useless by the Emperor during the stay, or may be assigned appropriate powers. Any objects deemed unbalancing to the game by the Emperor shall be confiscated from the visitor on entering the Empire and returned to them as they leave.

  4. (Banquet Time - Rule 137)
    The Lord of a City, while in the City which he rules, may declare that he is holding a Banquet. This is treated the same as holding a Party, with the following differences: first, instead of paying 5A, the Lord Host furnishes 10 points (which may be of any type) which are distributed randomly to Guests at the Banquet as door prizes, one point to each attendee (excess points at the end of the Banquet are lost; if more attendees arrive than points are available, the later attendees receive no door prize). During the Banquet, the Lord Host may nominate one Guest to be the Guest of Honour. If the Guest of Honour then makes a Speech, he becomes Well Known in that City and receives 3P.

  5. (Strength - Rule 146)
    In order to carry large numbers of objects around, one must be very Strong. G and K points count as material objects for the purposes of this rule. A player may only carry as many objects as three times his S points. Should a player at any time hold more objects than he can legally carry, they will be dropped one at a time until he is no longer overweight, starting with the last object listed in his score. Anything not listed in the score, such as a Cactarian Imperial, is considered to be weightless and therefore exempt from this rule. Dropped objects are promptly recovered by scavengers and thieves and disappear from the game permanently. Currently overweight players have 20 Proposals to do something about either their Strength or their load before this rule takes effect(just to be fair).

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