Scores and Other Stats

Player, Followed by Race, Location, Score.
TIE (Slakko), Adelia City, Croweater.
Anarchy, Library, Croweater, 5C, 9A, 3B, 1D, -1H, 1J, 1K, 1O, 1S. and Anarchy is the DJ and the Winner.
Euler, Frement, Sandgroper, 2C, 2A, 3B, 1P, 1S.
Stefan, Frement, Sandgroper, 14A, 4B, -1P, 1S.
Cerebus, Cinni, East Mnt, 8A, 2B, 1G, 2H, 1K, 1P, 2S, Mercenary.
Cerebus also has 2 Weeper Pelts.
Jay Luo, Frement, Sandgroper, 7A, 1B, 9G, 8H, 2K, 2P, 1S.
Jay also has 4 Leaper Pelts, 3 Creeper Pelts,1 Dingo Pelt & 2 Weeper Pelts.
Jay Luo is The Imperial Champion (See Rule 148).
Astroboy, Cambar, Croweater, 7A, 2B, 2G, 2H, 2P, 1S, Lawyer.
Astroboy also has 2 Leaper Pelts.
Tivol, Cambar, Croweater, 6A, 1D, 1J, 1O, 3P, 1S, 1T.
Tivol has become TOP.
Glamis, Cinni, Sapsucker, 4A, 4B, 1S.
Egil, Adelia City, Croweater, 4A, 5B, 1E, 2P, 1S.
Death, Darn, Croweater, 3A, 2B, 2P, 1S.
Bill, Library, Croweater, 3A, 3B, 1H, 2J, 9P, 1S.
Dawn, Cinni, Sapsucker, 2A, 3B, 1S.
TOAD, Frement, Sandgroper, 1A, 1B, -1P, 1S.
glen, Cinni, Sapsucker, 2B, -1P, 1S.

Dead Players

Al-Istar, Underworld, Sapsucker, 11A, 9B, 1H, 1P, -1S.

Missing, Presumed Fed

Damian Coffey, 8A, 1B, -1P, 1S.
Andre Engels, 6A, 2B, -1P, 1S.
Toejam, 6A, 2B, -1P, 1S.
Olivier MARCE, 3A, -1P, 1S.
Jim Huggins, 2A, 1B, -1P, 1S.
Amoeba, 1B, -1P, 1S.
mcv, 1B, -1P, 1S.
ShadowFoxy, 1B, -1P, 1S.

Sailed Away

I know I don't have to do this, but it makes it easier.
Big Mad Drongo, Imperial 7, Sandgroper, 6A, 4B, 2G, 2H, 1K, 2O, 1S.
Big Mad Drongo also has 2 Weeper Pelts and 1 Creeper Pelt.
He is also the Poet Laureate.

Political Parties

Society for the Promotion of Heroism (SPH).
(Proposals may not harm Heroes or benefit Despicable Fellows).
Members: Jay Luo (founder), Astroboy.
Score: 1P.
The Ruling Party (TRP).
(Exploiting loopholes in existing rules is encouraged).
Members: Bill (founder).
Score: 1P.


Available Professions

  1. A farmer can, once each Day, grow one unit of either food or weed.
  2. A mercenary immediately gains one S point and can offer to fight other Players or 'Eepers for 5 Imperials.
  3. Lawyers immediately lose 5 P points but they have a constant income of 2 Imperials per Day.
  4. Hoteliers can, once per Day acquire a unit of wine and can find safe overnight accommodation in any city in the Land.
  5. A Thief immediately loses one S point but can attempt to steal from another Player in the same square: a d6 is rolled and on a 5 or 6 e manages to steal one either possession, one Imperial, or one point from their victim, on a 2-4 nothing happens, and on a 1, the thief is caught in the attempt and must duel the other Player immediately.
  6. A Hairdresser can, if asked nicely, cut the hair of any Player in the same square. Having your hair done costs 2 Imperials (paid to the hairdresser) but the hairdresser decides what style of cut you receive (they should send a description to TIE). Haircuts affect a Player's P points according to how TIE evaluates the description.
  7. The Poet Laureate's job is described further in the rules.
  8. The Same with the DJ's task.

Undefined Terms

Travelling Group (Rule 111)

List of Locations

Location, followed by Abbreviation.
Adelia City Square (Adelia City).
Island of Avalon (Avalon)
Black Lake (Lake)
Breezwane City Square (Breezwane)
Cambar City Square (Cambar)
Central Market (Market)
Central Plains (Plains)
Cinni City Square (Cinni)
Court of Appeal (Court)
Darn City Square (Darn)
Eastern Mountainous Mountains (East Mnt)
Frement City Square (Frement)
Great Arena (Arena)
Great Monolith (Uluru)
Holy Land (Holy)
Imperial Library (Library)
Northern Mountainous Mountains (Nth Mnt)
Southern Seaports (Seaports)
The Underworld (Underworld)
Waterfalls of Liquid Silver (Falls)
Wellworn City Square (Wellworn)
Western Mountainous Mountains (Wst Mnt)

List of Available Missions

  1. To sail away to Game #7 or Game #8 and come back with a brief but detailed report on the state of the other Empire and the disposition of its ruler. (Value: 1 H point.)
  2. To discover a Wonder of the World (Value: 1 H point).
  3. To escape from the Underworld (Resurrection Quest) - Value 1H.
  4. To enter the Underworld and rescue a spirit - Value 1H.

List of Tomes

SevenLand on Three Coins a Day (Tivol)
This book gives you free transportation around the Empire
The Merchant of Cambar and Other Instructive Fables (Bill)
This book makes you a Merchant for Free
The Little Yellow book of Imperial Poetry, Quotations, and Sayings (TIE)
Around the Empire in 1600 Proposals (Big Mad Drongo)
This book makes all Locations Well Known to you.
The Nomicon: Beeinge a Mystickall Hystorye of Ancyente Empyreall Lore (Al-Istar)
This book makes you a Lawyer for Free

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