Chapter IV of the Imperial 9 Ruleset - Proposals Second Time Around

  1. (Resubmission of Ignored Proposal - Rule 25)
    If a proposal is ignored the proposer may submit it to review by the Court of Appeal in exchange for gaining 1 B point. If at least 3 of the Court of Appeal agree that the proposal has merit and should be accepted the ignoree gains 1 C point and the proposal is submitted to TIE for reevaluation. TIE may accept or reject the proposal as he will, granting the original proposer the proper score, but he may not ignore it again. If less than 3 of the Court 5 speak in favor of the proposal the ignoree loses 1 A.

  2. (Appeal for Rejected Proposal - Rule 26)
    Should a proposal be rejected by the Emperor, the player may put it before the Court of Appeal by submitting an Appeal. Each member of the Court votes for or against the proposal, sending their decision to THS. When the vote has been taken, if everyone who can vote votes yes, the proposal is accepted, and the player gains 2 A points and a D point. Otherwise, the player gains 2 B points and an E point.

  3. (Members of Court of Appeal - Rule 27)
    The Court of Appeal consists of the last 5 players to have a proposal accepted. If the player making an appeal is a member of the Court, they cannot vote.

  4. (Bonus and Penalty for Votes of Court - Rule 37)
    Those voting with the majority in the Court of Appeal shall gain 1 A point, those voting in the minority shall lose 2 A points.

  5. (Forced Rejection Resubmission - Rule 65)
    If a rule is responsible for the forced rejection or ignoring of a player's proposal, they may later resubmit it once. No other player may submit that same proposal, or one with exactly the same meaning, unless the original player agrees. In this case, if the proposal is accepted the 2 A points awarded shall be split between the two players.

  6. (Secret Ballot II - Rule 72)
    The votes of the Court of Appeal will not be published until all votes have been received. Only the names of those who have voted will be known during the voting period.

  7. (Unpopular Proposals - Rule 91)
    An accepted proposal which receives three or more negative popularity votes may be submitted by any player to the Court of Appeal, who will vote on whether they consider that the resulting Rule (or rule modification) should be repealed, in which case the appellant gains 1D. In the event that the court takes this position, the proposal shall be resubmitted to TIE, who will take such action as, in his great wisdom, he sees fit. Should TIE decide that the proposal be rejected, the proposer shall lose 1A, if the decision is to ignore the proposer shall gain 1B, and if the acceptance is reaffirmed they shall lose 2B. If the original acceptance is not reaffirmed, then any effect the proposal may have had on the rules is repealed.

  8. (Resubmission Problems - Rule 135)
    Anyone who resubmits an unpopular proposal but has the resubmission rejected by the Court of Appeal shall forfeit 1P point to the original proposer, gain 2 B points, and may not make any further resubmissions until a different player has made a resubmission.

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