Imperial 9 Ruleset Chap VIII - Money

  1. (Official Currency - Rule 83)
    The official Currency is the Cactarian Imperial. A player's Imperial total will be kept secret from the other players.

  2. (The Imperial Merchant - Rule 92)
    Cactarian Imperials may be earned by Selling various Valuable Commodities to An Imperial Merchant. The Imperial Merchant has a Caravan that moves from city to city. It beings in Adelia City Square and moves to a different city at dawn each day. Any player in possession of Items may sell them to the Merchant. Present values of items are: Compact Disc (any) - 10 Imperials; Photocopied Book - 2 Imperials (although the player might get into trouble with Copyright Laws); Shield - 5 Imperials; Pelt of an Animal - 8 Imperials; Weed - 5 Imperials, but the merchant will only buy this in Adelia and Cambar; The Hat Of Longbeard - 25 Imperials. Items sold to the Merchant disappear from the game permanently. The Humble Scribe will keep players informed of how many Imperials they have each time they attempt to make a Transaction.

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