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changelog: start 9.13
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2020-06-22 Ian JacksonFix upstream_commitish_search API
2020-05-28 Sean WhittonDgit::upstream_commitish_search: fail if more than...
2019-09-05 Ian JacksonDgit: Break out $tarball_f_ext_re.
2019-07-21 Ian Jacksongit-playtree-setup: Rename from git-playtree-create
2019-07-21 Ian Abolish now-unused $t_local_git_cfg playtree_s...
2019-07-21 Ian Jacksongit-playtree-setup: Rewrite in shell and call it from...
2019-07-21 Ian Provide @git
2019-07-20 Ian JacksonUpdate copyright notices in many files
2019-07-17 Ian printcmd: Print in one go
2019-07-17 Ian resolve_upstream_version: Report tag, where...
2019-07-17 Ian reflog_cache_insert: Use ensurepath for the...
2019-07-17 Ian Provide `ensurepath'
2019-07-06 Ian Move $suite_re from dgit
2019-07-02 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'buster'
2019-06-30 Ian read_tree_*: Treat '' as meaning 'delete this'
2019-06-29 Ian resolve_upstream_version: Return a message too
2019-06-28 Ian Move hash_commit from dgit
2019-06-28 Ian Move make_commit (git-commit-tree wrapper...
2019-06-28 Ian JacksonRename various *make_commit* to *hash_commit*
2019-06-28 Ian Move read-tree wrappers from git-debrebase
2019-06-28 Ian Move resolve_upstream_version from git-debrebase
2019-06-28 Ian Move upstream_commitish_search from git-debrebase
2019-06-28 Ian Tidying up after tag format: Drop debiantag_old
2019-05-26 Ian JacksonReplace `confess $!' with `confess "$!"', to actually...
2019-01-06 Ian Allow uppercase (ascii) letters in multi-orig...
2018-10-11 Ian Jacksonchangedir_git_toplevel: Special error for not in git...
2018-10-11 Ian Move changedir_git_toplevel from git-debrebase
2018-10-10 Ian rename_link_xf: Avoid copying if src is a...
2018-10-10 Ian rename_link_xf: Always use cp
2018-10-10 Ian rename_link_xf: Minor style fix
2018-10-10 Ian Provide rename_link_xf
2018-10-09 Ian git_cat_file: When passed undef, crash with...
2018-10-02 Ian reflog_cache_lookup: Replace `confess' with...
2018-10-01 Ian Jacksoni18n: mark final batch of messages (2)
2018-10-01 Ian parsecontrol: Improve error message for failed...
2018-10-01 Ian Split here doc for reflog cache commit message...
2018-10-01 Ian Improve message for control file parse failure
2018-10-01 Ian Improve symlink failure message
2018-10-01 Ian Replace many die calls with confess
2018-10-01 Ian Jacksoni18n: mark some of messages (1)
2018-10-01 Ian Improve getcwd failure message
2018-09-29 Ian Jacksoni18n: Rename ___ to f_
2018-09-29 Ian Jacksoni18n: Flag a handful of messages for translation
2018-09-29 Ian Jacksoni18n: Source-level framework: call setlocale, provide...
2018-08-12 Ian Move reflog_cache_* from dgit
2018-08-12 Ian Move $maindir* up the file.
2018-08-12 Ian Move make_commit_text from dgit
2018-08-11 Ian failmsg: Remove all double newlines, not just...
2018-08-11 Ian printdebug: Selectively print $debugprefix...
2018-08-11 Ian printdebug: Strip empty strings from @_ and...
2018-08-11 Ian printdebug: Break apart the print
2018-08-11 Ian printdebug: Refactor slightly
2018-08-11 Ian Introduce $debugcmd_when_debuglevel
2018-08-11 Ian Introduce $printdebug_when_debuglevel
2018-08-03 Ian Move upstreamversion from dgit
2018-08-03 Ian Deconfuse argument orders of is_orig_file_of_p...
2018-08-03 Ian Move is_orig_file_of_p_v and its dependencies...
2018-07-08 Ian Move debinatag_maintview from dgit
2018-07-08 Ian Break out parsechangelog_loop from dgit
2018-07-08 Ian Move parsecontrol etc. out of dgit
2018-06-26 Ian Jacksonref updates: Break out git_reflog_action_msg
2018-06-26 Ian Jacksonref updates: Honour GIT_REFLOG_ACTION everywhere.
2018-06-26 Ian Jacksonref updates: Introduce update_ref_cmd
2018-06-21 Ian Jacksondgit, Clarify error framing a bit
2018-06-20 Ian Move shell_cmd from dgit
2018-06-20 Ian Jacksondgit: gitattributes: Defuse working-tree-encoding
2018-06-17 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'gdr-manpages' into wip.rebase
2018-06-17 Ian gdr_ffq_prev_branchinfo: move from git-debrebase
2018-06-16 Ian Provide failmsg, previously buried in fail
2018-06-16 Ian provide $gdrlast_refprefix
2018-06-16 Ian JacksonDgit: provide $ffq_refprefix, for git-debrebase
2018-06-16 Ian JacksonDgit: provide $git_null_obj
2018-06-16 Ian When checking that the tree is clean, check...
2018-06-16 Ian break out git_check_unmodified from dgit
2018-06-16 Ian, dgit: Break $extra_orig_namepart_re out into...
2018-06-16 Ian "confess" when we die due to a warning, rather...
2018-06-16 Ian Break out git_get_symref
2018-06-16 Ian git_cat_file: Introduce $etype parameter
2018-06-16 Ian Move $playground global to dgit.
2018-01-07 Ian JacksonMerge branch stable into master
2017-08-03 Ian Jacksonplayground refactor: fresh_playground: Improve...
2017-08-03 Ian Jacksonworktree support: Fix playtree_setup
2017-08-03 Ian Jacksonworktree support: Fix ensure_a_playground (gives absolu...
2017-08-03 Ian Jacksonworktree support: Introduce $maindir_gitdir...
2017-08-03 Ian Jacksonplayground refactoring: Provide ensure_a_playg...
2017-08-03 Ian Jacksonplayground refactoring: Honour $maindir in...
2017-08-03 Ian Jacksonplayground refactoring: Provide fresh_playgrou...
2017-08-03 Ian Jacksonplayground refactoring: Expose $local_git_cfg
2017-08-02 Ian JacksonRevert "Dgit: Introduce in_workarea and fresh_workarea"
2017-08-02 Ian Jacksonplayground: playtree: rename from workarea
2017-08-02 Ian JacksonDgit: break must_getcwd out into
2017-07-19 Ian in_workarea: Use changedir
2017-07-19 Ian changedir: Break out from dgit
2017-07-18 Ian JacksonDgit: Introduce in_workarea and fresh_workarea
2017-07-18 Ian git_slurp_config_src: Break out from dgit
2017-07-18 Ian workarea_setup: Break out from dgit
2017-07-18 Ian $negate_harmful_gitattrs: Break out from dgit
2017-07-18 Ian runcmd: Break out from dgit
2017-07-15 Ian JacksonMerge tag 'archive/debian/3.11_deb9u1' into stable
2017-07-09 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'stable'