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2011-02-06 grizzly-guestnew german translation
2011-02-04 rhondadocument my change in the changelog
2011-01-29 taffit-guest(fr) Proofread [ Olivier Humbert ] <1921311101.52299512...
2010-12-17 henrichupdate Japanese translation
2010-12-13 henrichupdate Japanese translation
2010-12-12 henrichupdate Japanese translation (a bit)
2010-12-12 henrichupdate Japanese translation
2010-12-12 henrichupdate Japanese translation
2010-12-08 henrichupdate Japanese translation
2010-12-07 henrichupdate Japanese translation
2010-12-03 rhondasince version tracking is in place, uploads to unstable...
2010-11-24 hertzogAdd new changelog entry.
2010-11-24 hertzogFix debian/tocsubstvars to cope with the new way dpkg...
2010-11-24 hertzogUpdate standards-version to 3.9.1 and add missing ...
2010-11-22 taffit-guestHandle addendum if it exists
2010-11-22 taffit-guestupdate changelog for 3.4.3 upload by buxy
2010-11-21 taffit-guestUpdate changelog for NMU
2010-11-21 taffit-guestFix Lintian doc-base-abstract-might-contain-extra-leadi...
2010-11-21 taffit-guestActivate Japanese package.
2010-11-21 taffit-guestRemove Japanese comments breaking pdf built
2010-11-21 taffit-guestmsgcat, no other change
2010-11-20 henrichupdate Japanese translation
2010-09-04 henrichupdate Japanese translation
2010-08-24 henrichupdate Japanese translation
2010-08-23 henrichupdate ja trans (eliminate fuzzy)
2010-08-08 taffit-guest* dinstall run happens four times a day. Closes: #585161
2010-07-30 taffit-guestproofread [Julien Valroff]
2010-07-23 taffit-guesttypos
2010-07-18 taffit-guestTypo
2010-07-18 taffit-guestTag corrections
2010-07-14 taffit-guestpreventive unfuzzy
2010-07-14 taffit-guestTypo, thanks to Nick Andrik
2010-06-20 taffit-guestPOT and PO update (planned with Hideki).
2010-06-20 taffit-guestPreventive unfuzzy (planed with Hideki).
2010-06-20 taffit-guestTypos and other nip ticking issues
2010-06-14 taffit-guest"-a ?" is only possible with po4a version in Squeeze...
2010-06-14 osamuremove ? which breaking build
2010-06-14 taffit-guestProofread
2010-06-13 taffit-guestProofread [Omar Aboura]
2010-06-13 taffit-guestRevert Osamu change: without "?", package fails to...
2010-06-13 osamuTypo ?
2010-06-11 taffit-guestProofread [Thomas Blein]
2010-06-11 taffit-guestPermit addendum for translations
2010-06-11 taffit-guestAdd an advert for the Frensh translation
2010-06-05 taffit-guestFrench translation up-to-date.
2010-06-05 taffit-guestPOT updated in order to fit with last changes.
2010-06-05 taffit-guestMinor changes: tags, typos, links and other cosmetic...
2010-05-31 taffit-guest * Apply updated patch from Nicolas François. Closes...
2010-05-31 taffit-guestFrench translation update (pkgs and best-pkging-practices).
2010-05-31 taffit-guestPOT updated in order to fit with last changes
2010-05-31 taffit-guestMinor changes: tags, typos, updates and other cosmetic...
2010-05-26 taffit-guestDocument the new derivatives-bugs PTS keyword in email...
2010-05-20 taffit-guestTranslation update for derivatives-bugs PTS keyword
2010-05-14 lucasDocument the new derivatives-bugs PTS keyword.
2010-05-06 taffit-guestupdate .pot files
2010-05-06 taffit-guestupdate .po files for French
2010-05-06 taffit-guest * Update outdated mentions, typos and tags. Closes...
2010-04-15 spaillardForce UTF8 charset for txt output
2010-04-13 spaillardOn publish: preserve timestamps during copy
2010-03-29 spaillardUse po4a --previous option (store previous string versi...
2010-03-29 spaillardFix typos
2010-03-29 spaillardFix some typos
2010-03-28 hertzogDocument the notion of "team upload"
2010-03-13 henrich-guestupdate Japanese translations
2010-03-13 henrich-guestupdate Japanese translations
2010-02-15 henrich-guestJapanese: update
2010-02-14 hertzogSmall typo fixes and clarifications/rewordings suggeste...
2010-02-14 hertzogUpdate and simplify list of architectures. Thanks Karl...
2010-02-14 hertzogUpdate number of source packages. Thanks Karl Goetz...
2010-02-09 spaillardFix typo
2010-01-25 henrich-guestftp-eu-upload-host is ftp."eu" fixed.
2010-01-23 henrich-guestJapanese: squash fuzzy
2010-01-17 henrich-guest<literal> tag to testing as well stable.
2010-01-16 henrich-guestchange "Security Team FAQ" url for l10n-ed link.
2010-01-12 henrich-guestupdate resource.po (Japanese)
2010-01-09 hertzogUpdate URL explaining the "Debian Maintainer" status.
2010-01-08 hertzogDocument new "buildd" keyword from the PTS.
2010-01-08 henrich-guestupdate and fix tag miss.
2010-01-07 hertzogUpdate section about Alioth to mention FusionForge...
2010-01-06 hertzogRemove spurious </para><para> in the middle of a sentence
2010-01-06 henrich-guestupdate Japanese translation (not reviewed yet).
2010-01-06 henrich-guestmissing <para> for resources.dbk:585.
2010-01-04 hertzogFix typo muliple -> multiple
2010-01-03 hertzogRegenerate POT files and merge into po files
2010-01-03 hertzogUpdate URL of Packages-arch-specific. Closes: #553974
2010-01-03 hertzogUpdate URL of the security tracker
2010-01-03 hertzogDrop section about debmake, it has been removed of...
2010-01-03 hertzogFix typo “programms“ → “programs”. Closes: #560808
2010-01-03 hertzogFix typo “transfered“ → “transferred”. Closes: #555685
2010-01-03 hertzogUpdate several sections to take into account the new...
2010-01-03 hertzogMention docbook, POD and reST as convenient formats...
2010-01-03 hertzogDrop references to non-working upload queues, document...
2010-01-03 hertzogMention instead of ftp-master...
2010-01-03 hertzogThe key protecting #debian-private is now stored on...
2010-01-03 hertzogInclude full URL to the README of the upload queue
2010-01-03 hertzogUpdate guideline for override change to point to BTS...
2010-01-03 hertzogUse "3.0 (native)" source format with bzip2 compression
2010-01-03 hertzogAdd accent on my first name in debian/control.
2010-01-03 hertzogUpdate description of the PTS "summary" keyword
2009-12-22 osamuMarked bug number.