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 Imperial Nomic Game List

Imperial Nomic is Denis Howe's <> variation on Nomic. The name "Imperial Nomic" (technically my idea, used first in Game 15) has replaced the original, less fortunate name "Fascist". Nomic was invented by Peter Suber in 1980 and described by Douglas Hofstadter in his "Metamagical Themas" column in Scientific American in June 1982. It is a game about rule-making and legislation. There are lots of initial rules and play consists of proposing and voting on changes to those rules. It is designed to be democratic, at least to start with.

Imperial Nomic is completely undemocratic. There are few initial rules. Players propose rule changes and The Imperious Emperor says whether they are accepted or not. Players can join and leave at any time, making this game more suitable for play-by-network. Moves are submitted by e-mail or WWW form and the current state of play is published on the Web. Have a look at the pages for some of the later games below if you want to play or join the mailing-list.


The following game is currently in progress:

  • Game 30 hosted by Stark Mathews (started August 4, 1998)

These have ended:

  • Game 1
  • Game 2
  • Game 3
  • Game 4
  • Game 5
  • Game 6
  • Game 7 hosted by Brian Tivol
  • Game 8 "Atlantis vs. The Pirates" (formerly "Minimalist") hosted by "Thane of Glamis".
  • Game 9 hosted by Duncan C.Richer <>
  • Game X by Aneel Nazareth <>
  • Minimalist hosted by Dave Hughes <>
  • Game 11 hosted by Ryan E Ingram <>
  • Game 12 hosted by Jason Reed <>
  • Game 13 hosted by Jason Reed <>
  • Game 14 hosted by Ben Taylor <>
  • Game 15 hosted by Duncan Richer <>
  • Game 16 hosted by Matt Kasper <>
  • Game 17 hosted by Matt Kasper <>
  • Game 18 hosted by Clifford Hammerschmidt <>
  • Game 19 hosted by Jason Reed <>
  • Game XX hosted by Dan Sanderson
  • Gnomic hosted by Ottis Airhart.
  • Game 21 hosted by Duncan Richer <>
  • Nomopoly hosted by Brian Tivol (Games 1 and 2)
  • Game 22 hosted by JT Traub <>
  • Nomic University hosted by Rhonda Peters and Melissa Tabbifli
  • Blind Nomic hosted by Geppetto might be an Imperial Nomic game. It's hard to tell.
  • Game 27 hosted by Duncan Richer <>
  • Game 28 hosted by Joel "Joe Java" Ricker.
  • Game 29 hosted by Eric "Slagothor" Plumb

Hall of Fame

The Unofficially Official Imperial Nomic Hall of Fame and Officially Unofficial Imperial Nomic Complete High Score Table

There is a Usenet newsgroup for Nomic,, and a Nomic FAQ. There are also numerous links on the Nomic Ring.

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