Entity-Related Details

Current Entity Records

The Harfonian Institute - Remembering Old Entities Since 1998

Silver Moon Winners - Pieces of Ackan Literary Excellence

Auctions - Current Prices for All Entities Traded
Bracket/Smiley Pedantry Hearings
Champion's Cloaks and Badges of Glory
The Gumball - who's chewed it and when
Houses And Towers - player-provided descriptions
The Monolith - descriptions of its many levels
Parades - descriptions of their pageantry
Phoebe the Steel Flea - the wisdom of Phoebe
Prosthetic Foreheads - an infinite variety of descriptions
Treasure (A German Dog)
Trinkets (JT)

Old Entity Records

Contracts (/dev/joe) [*]
Earth Shape Societies
The Great Sphere Probe Project
Party Hall Parties (/dev/joe) [*]
Phoebe the Steel Flea (Past Wisdom)
Silly Vacation Hats (/dev/joe) [*]
Links with a * are dead - anyone with info about where to get the info please contact me.

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