Officer Reports


Ambassador (maintaining contact with other Nomics)
Dean (checking standards at Ackanomic University)
DeeJay (tracking the songs on the Ackanomic Sound System)
Dungeon Master (tracking all Characteristics)
Financier (the entity with the money - and no it's not the Treasury)
Herald (Honour Scores) (emblazoning Acka with Shields of Glory)
Historian (linking Acka's past with Acka's future (tm))
Illuminatus (get your Agenda Hats here!)
Map Harfer - Map of the City (Lynx version), Map of Ackanomic
Map of the Town, Player Location List
Poet Laureate (organising commemorative utterances)
Postmaster (managing the lists which keep us all together)
Registrar (tracking the activity states of all current players)
Summarizer (ensuring anyone can understand the rules)
Treasure Harfer (fairly obvious what e does, isn't it?)


The History of Ackanomic || Old Mad Scientist (1) (2) || Old Poet Laureate
Old Pollster [*] || Old Postmaster [*]

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