Atlantis vs. The Pirates Fascist (Game 8)

Fascist Game 8 is terminated.

All activity in the game has ceased for a couple of months now, and interest seems to be non-existent. Besides, the Humble Scribe is a busy guy these days. However, feel free to browse the pages to read about everything that happened before the game went bust. If you would be interested in a continuation of the game or in starting a new game, feel free to send me email at Sorry that Game 8 is no more.
Welcome to Fascist Game 8. This is a game based on rule-making and amending, which starting from the ground up has created a world of adventure on the high seas. The most important point is that anybody can play at anytime; all you have to do is submit a proposal. Read on for more information...
Currently decided: proposal 176, posted: proposal 184

News (reverse chronological order)

Citizen John Paul has become the first Speaker. Congratulations! So far, he's earned 40 Po8.

July is starting off with a bang! As of this writing, there are 7 undecided proposals, which should get the game moving again, and besides that, the Emperor has just issued the following edict, which becomes rule 2.15:

A new office, that of Speaker, is created. Initially, no one is Speaker. A player automatically becomes the Speaker when he submits a proposal; the previous Speaker loses the title. Any player who holds the office of Speaker continuously for at least a full day earns a salary of 20 Po8 per day the office is held.

With June here, THS is back, and the game can proceed at whatever pace the players want. Send submissions anytime.

THS is in Boston for a logic conference until the end of May, so there won't be any more updates until June. See you then!

The game continues to progress at a slow pace, but primarily because I've been receiving very few proposals and actions. That's all up to you the players, of course. Interested readers might want to note that Tivol's unoccupied ship is under attack from an Imperial Galleon and look up the rules on what that means.

Andre Engels requests repeal of rules 5.12 and 4.10 via rule 1.17, which used to be Rule 92. Both succeed, earning 200 Po8.

Dawn is back on-line and back aboard as Historian of Battles. Send all battle-related requests to

Game information

The central flow of the game consists of the list of proposals for creating and amending rules. Here is the current batch of proposals.
Or, look at the archive of Proposals 1-35, Proposals 36-70, Proposals 71-105, or Proposals 106-140.

For an update on democracy (?) in the Municipality, see the mayoral election page.

For historical interest, you may want to see why this was originally called "Minimalist Fascist" by looking at the initial ruleset.


The current rules of this Fascist 8 game are divided into several sections, presented on separate web pages for quick access to each section:
  1. Government
  2. Players
  3. Ships and the Sea
  4. Geography, Exploration, and Colonization;
  5. Battle
  6. Trade and Wealth
  7. Foreign Politics

State of the Game

This information is also split up into various pieces:
The current travels and attributes of the players.
Player's whereabouts, listed by location or sea route.
The archive of weather reports.

The following pages used to have additional information, hosted by other players, but have now been lost:
A register of the lands and places in existence.
The history of the battles that have occurred.
And last, but not least, trade information, including the contents of each ship.


You can no longer submit proposals as this game is over.

Last modified: September 17 1997