Martin's Dungeon Bash

Martin's Dungeon Bash is a fairly simple roguelike game.

What is Martin's Dungeon Bash, anyway?

Martin's Dungeon Bash is a simple roguelike game. It has balance and AI competence issues (among other bugs and infelicities), but these are being gradually resolved.

The Current Version

The current version of Martin's Dungeon Bash is v1.7. This is a bug-fix release relative to version 1.6; save files may be compatible but this is not guaranteed and has not been officially tested.

The Experimental Version

If you wish to play an unstable and probably buggy development version of the game, download the current experimental version of Martin's Dungeon Bash.

Historical Versions

This project started its life as "Martin's Seven-Day Roguelike", aka "MPR7DRL", so named because it was written in 168 hours of civil time. There are one or two nasty bugs in MPR7DRL, as noted in the release notes for Martin's Dungeon Bash, but for those of you with an interest in how I got to where I am, you can download the source anyway.

Discussing Martin's Dungeon Bash

Martin's Dungeon Bash is best discussed in person in the pub over a good pint of real ale or, failing that, in the newsgroup You can discuss it elsewhere, of course, but I almost certainly won't see those discussions. As I am allergic to "web boards", there will not at any time be an official Martin's Dungeon Bash web forum.

Please put "-MPRDB-" in the Subject: header of posts to RGRM about Martin's Dungeon Bash; this will make everyone's life more pleasant. This advice previously suggested the use of square brackets to surround the "MPRDB" part, but until Google Groups is fixed, this is suboptimal.

Plans For Future Development

None at present.