Known bugs in Martin's Dungeon Bash, v1.5

This table lists the currently known bugs in version 1.5 of Martin's Dungeon Bash.

Bugs are given an ID composed of the version in which they first apply followed by a hyphen and a sequence number. Bugs are sorted in descending order of version, then ascending order of sequence number within a version. When you encounter a bug, please check this list before submitting a report.

Wishlist items are not shown on this list.

If you have a save file that illustrates an example of a bug on this list whose "Fixed in" entry reads "None", please give me a copy of the file.

Note that some of these bugs are listed merely because I don't have concrete certainty that I've fixed them; in some cases, I think I've found a fix, but haven't been able to prove it.

See the fixes list for details of how bugs will be addressed in version 1.6.

Bug ID Bug details Bug reported by Fixed in
1.3-16 Dungeon layout is not interesting enough Martin Read None.
1.4-1 Monster drops which scatter to an explored square that is not currently visible are nevertheless visible. Martin Read Official fix intended but unscheduled.
1.4-5 Sufficiently old versions of gcc do not support -Wunreachable-code David Damerell No official fix intended.
1.5-1 'T'aking off armour takes a turn even if you aren't wearing any. Martin Read Fixed in 1.6
1.5-2 Black magic appears not to work properly. In fact, all manner of permonst-related things are very broken. A usenetter whose name I have rudely forgotten. Fixed in 1.6
1.5-3 Treasure zoos are far too crowded. Martin Read Fixed in 1.6
1.0-1 Monster AI is not clever enough Martin Read Much improved in 1.3, and further improved in 1.4, but still believed too stupid.

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