Known bugs in Martin's Dungeon Bash, v1.2

This table lists the currently known bugs in version 1.2 of Martin's Dungeon Bash.

Bugs are given an ID composed of the version in which they first apply followed by a hyphen and a sequence number. Bugs are sorted in descending order of version, then ascending order of sequence number within a version. When you encounter a bug, please check this list before submitting a report.

If you have a save file that illustrates an example of a bug on this list whose "Fixed in" entry reads "None", please give me a copy of the file.

Bug ID Bug details Bug reported by Fixed in
1.2-1 Player can descend without standing on stairs Gero Kunter v1.3
1.2-2 Hit point display does not update after drinking potion of poison Gero Kunter v1.3
1.2-3 select_dir() does not accept number keys for direction Gero Kunter v1.3
1.2-4 Unidentified rings have a number in front of them even though they don't stack. Gero Kunter v1.3
1.2-5 Monster apparently generated in wall. (not replicated) Gero Kunter None
1.2-6 Object names beginning with a vowel do not get 'an' as their indefinite article. Found while fixing 1.2-4 v1.3
1.2-7 Saved game file name does not accurately reflect the name of the game. Gero Kunter v1.3
1.2-8 Some non-ring items can be (P)ut on (for that matter, non-armour can be worn and non-weapons can be wielded). David Damerell v1.3
1.2-9 The code that unwields your weapon sets u.weapon to 0, not -1, causing you to wield object 0 if you then cancel. David Damerell v1.3
1.2-10 Monsters sometimes become invisible for some reason. Suspected of being a bug in monster movement or LOS code. David Damerell None
1.2-11 Typo: a frost ring "flahses" blue. David Damerell v1.3
1.2-12 Levels 11 and 21 had experience requirements that led to them being gained on your first kill at XL 10 or XL20. David Damerell v1.3
1.2-13 Dropping items worked only by accident. Related to bug 1.2-8. v1.3
1.2-14 "Bystander" missile hits were being resolved using the attacker's defence rating, not the victim's. Martin Read v1.3
1.2-15 Tick count is not saved; most obvious effect of this is that the player heals by save/reload due to the way hit point regeneration works. David Damerell v1.3
1.2-16 Defence does not get recalculated after agility gains. David Damerell v1.3
1.2-17 Drop notifies player that there is something at his feet after he has already selected an item to drop. David Damerell v1.3
1.2-18 Summoned demon strength appears suspect. David Damerell v1.3
1.2-19 "Boost" functionality of heal_u() is never used. David Damerell v1.3
1.0-1 Monster AI is not clever enough Martin Read None

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