Bugs fixed by release 1.5 of Martin's Dungeon Bash

This table lists the bugs fixed by version 1.5 of Martin's Dungeon Bash. For information on what a particular bug ID references, see the bug list for v1.4.

Bug ID Fix details
1.4-1 UNFIXED: This bug will not be fixed until I feel that the additional state required is worth implementing.
1.4-2 The "What do you want to %s?" prompt is no longer followed by a \n, leaving just enough room for the "[ESC or SPACE to cancel]" line and the 19 lines of inventory.
1.4-3 It turned out that the demon summoning code was always attempting to place the demon on the existing demon's position. This has been remedied.
1.4-4 Body drains now set the status window update flag and calls for a display update.
1.4-5 UNFIXED: I'm not that fussed about supporting ancient instances of GCC.
1.4-6 ushootm() and damage_mon() now check for monster visibility when deciding what messages to print.
1.4-7 PARTIAL: Individual kinds of food are rarer. There are multiple kinds of food.
1.4-8 The status line now displays Body and Agility as current/healthy, just as hit points are currently displayed.
1.4-9 'w'arriors (duellist, warlord) are now 'f'ighters.
1.4-10 update_player() has been relocated in the flow of control so that the player's turn 1 action happens before the first call to update_player().
1.4-11 The arguments to print_mon_name() in mon_curses() were in the wrong order.
1.4-12 Defence value of robes of swiftness has been added to the armour spoiler.
1.4-14 There is now a hard cap applied to the item generation loop in populate_level(). This cap may be subject to further revision.
1.4-15 The messages for hellfire have been modified; the player's resistance is still noted on each pass of the message.
1.4-16 Treasure zoos now contain nine (or sometimes slightly fewer) objects and nine (or sometimes slightly fewer) monsters.
1.4-17 Restoration potions now trigger a display update.

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