Known bugs in Martin's Dungeon Bash, v1.3

This table lists the currently known bugs in version 1.3 of Martin's Dungeon Bash.

Bugs are given an ID composed of the version in which they first apply followed by a hyphen and a sequence number. Bugs are sorted in descending order of version, then ascending order of sequence number within a version. When you encounter a bug, please check this list before submitting a report.

If you have a save file that illustrates an example of a bug on this list whose "Fixed in" entry reads "None", please give me a copy of the file.

Note that some of these bugs are listed merely because I don't have concrete certainty that I've fixed them; in some cases, I think I've found a fix, but haven't been able to prove it.

Bug ID Bug details Bug reported by Fixed in
1.2-5 Monster apparently generated in wall. (not replicated) Gero Kunter Believed fixed; no regression test exists.
1.2-10 Monsters sometimes become invisible for some reason. Suspected of being a bug in monster movement or LOS code. David Damerell Believed fixed; no regression test exists.
1.3-1 Regeneration feedback messages are printed for monsters not in line of sight. Gero Kunter v1.4
1.3-2 Aggravation scrolls do nothing. Gero Kunter v1.4
1.3-3 Armourmelt curse does nothing. Gero Kunter v1.4
1.3-4 Various black magic messages were being incorrectly printed. Gero Kunter v1.4
1.3-5 Wraiths are both stupid and smart. Gero Kunter v1.4
1.3-6 Food is too plentiful. Gero Kunter v1.4
1.3-7 No feedback or display update when the player eats food. Gero Kunter v1.4
1.3-8 Objects mysteriously becoming identified. May be related to 1.3-9. Gero Kunter Possibly fixed in v1.4; will await further reports after release of v1.4.
1.3-9 uhitm() was testing for zero, not -1, when deciding whether to ignore the player's ring slot. Martin Read v1.4
1.3-10 Some invalid inputs are not caught by inventory selection menu. Gero Kunter v1.4
1.3-11 Inventory selection did a stupid thing if you had no applicable items. Martin Read; noticed while investigating bug 1.3-10. v1.4
1.3-12 Protection and aggravation scrolls were not getting their titles initialised. Martin Read; noticed while investigating bug 1.3-10. v1.4
1.3-13 Having goblins drop daggers is pointless. Gero Kunter v1.4
1.3-14 Demons can get generated on top of each other by summon_demon_near(). Gero Kunter v1.4
1.3-15 Level thresholds for XL19 and XL20 are identical Gero Kunter v1.4
1.3-16 Dungeon layout is not interesting enough Martin Read None.
1.3-17 Defilers don't actually cast any spells Martin Read v1.4.
1.0-1 Monster AI is not clever enough Martin Read Much improved in 1.3, but still believed too stupid.

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