Fascist Game 8
Rules Section 6: Trade and Wealth

The rules are divided into several sections, which have been placed in separate web pages to allow for quicker access to an individual section:
(1) Government; (2) Players; (3) Ships and the Sea; (4) Geography, Exploration, and Colonization; (5) Battle; (6) Trade and Wealth; and (7) Foreign Politics. Rules are numbered consecutively within each section. Rule 5 in this section would be referred to as "rule 6.5" elsewhere.

Rules may be followed by a proposal number in parentheses indicating that the given rule was created, amended, or applied at that proposal. THS makes no guarantee that the listed values represent the most recent time a rule came into play. Rules that are considered part of the original ruleset are marked with (*). Rules that by their nature are constantly used are marked (now).

The Rules of Section 6: Trade and Wealth

[See also rules 4.7, 4.8, and 3.11.]
  1. The Minister of Trade's job consists of keeping track of the current contents of each ship (Personnel, Equipment and Cargo), the current personal fortune of each player in Pieces of Eight, and the current Cargo prices prevailing in the Realm. The MoT should be published on the WWW by the MoT, with links to it from the Game 8 cover page. The MoT therefore must be capable of posting WWW pages. All orders to take on or unload Personnel, Equipment and cargo should be sent to the MoT. THS keeps track of all other personal attributes of the players, their whereabouts and travels, etc.
  2. Players may dock and trade at any settled Land. Various type of cargo may be bought and sold; see the Minister of Trade's informarion page for a complete list, with current prices. Among these commodities is Wood; 8 Tons of wood are required to build a Ship. Buying a Cargo costs 10% more than the listed Sale price. After each proposal immediately following a Purchase or Sale of a Cargo, the market value of each Cargo changes randomly from -10% to +10%. All market prices will be rounded to the nearest unit except for General Cargo, whose market price is rounded to the nearest half unit. One ton of Cargo takes up one settler space aboard a Ship.

    Not all places buy and sell all goods. Fish and General Cargo are bought in all inhabited places. Places with a village or city, like Atlantis, are considered to have a marketplace and buy all things. All sales or other buys must be defined by the Rules. The register of Lands kept by the Imperial Cartographer will indicate what commodities may be traded at each Location. If an area produces a certain product, it may be bought at the listed Sale price (without the 10% premium). At the time of this rule's acceptance, there are 2 producing areas: Takal for Greek Fire, and Brazil for Wood.

  3. Any player may take his ship on a Fishing Expedition to The Fishing Grounds, a portion of the sea near Atlantis (distance 1). This is the only place that Fifth Mates may actually sail to. Players in The Fishing Grounds may attempt to catch Fish. In order to do this, they simply state their intentions to THS, e.g. "I sail to The Fishing Grounds and Fish for 10 Proposals." For the duration that a ship is under Fishing Orders, two six-sided dice are rolled every turn. If the total is more than 6, the player's ship is loaded with One Ton Of Fish, a new Cargo as per rule 6.1 above. Should insufficient settler space be available on board the ship, the Fish may not be taken on board. However, should the dice turn up a score of 2, a ship of The Piratical pirates will appear and attack.
  4. Citizens are allowed to go on Treasure Hunts around the Shores of Royal Empire, by Informing the Humble Scribe of their Intent to hunt Treasure off of a Specified Fief. If there be Treasure off of that Fief, and the Player finds that Treasure, they may Load it and Return in Glorious Victory with the Treasure in their Cargo. Treasure is a new Commodity, initially worth 1000 Pieces of Eight. The Chance of finding two tons of Treasure is 1 in 36 (a Roll of 2 on two Fair Six Sided Dice) for every 6 Proposals spent Hunting, and once Treasure has been Found off of a Fief, no more will be Found there until 30 Proposals have past. Only Atlantis and the Near Azores shall buy Treasure initially.
  5. While a player's ship is docked elsewhere than its home fief, that player gets 100 Po8 per ten proposals that s/he makes, provided the tenth proposal explicitly states its status as such.
  6. Whenever a citizen kills/captures a Pirate, s/he receives a bounty of 100 Po8 per rank level of the Pirate, starting from Galley Slave.

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