Fascist 8 - Proposals 106-140

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Proposal 106

Proposer: Pirate Tivol
Proposed: Fri Feb 3 10:02
Proposal: Yo Ho! The wind she blows! I hereby would like to nominate Anarchy as a candidate for Mayor of Atlantis. Granted, Pirates cannot currently hold office or even vote in the system, which I feel is an outrage! Certainly Pirates are suitably corrupt to hold public office. Not only should Pirates be allowed to run for office, they should also be allowed to Stuff the Ballot Box, a suitably nasty and underhanded thing we Pirates like to do. A Pirate can place up to three votes into the Ballot Box during any Election as long as he is voting for a Pirate. One day, we Pirates will hold all the offices in all the Empire! MuaHa HaHaHa!

Word of the King: Unfortunately, ignored. My hands are tied. As an Evil Pirate Ruler, I approve wholeheartedly of shanghai-ing the entire rathole of Atlantis. But I can only add new rules, which can never overrule lower-numbered ones, and modify old rules that specifically mention Pirates or pirates, which the rule on elections does not. Sorry. But I do approve of further attempts to sabotage their hateful elections. And by the way, not including an oath, although it does make the weather more interesting, is no way to get rid of Mr. P.O.

Proposal 107

Proposer: Citizen dpn
Proposed: Fri, 03 Feb 1995 13:34:34 EST
Proposal:Terrible news, your Imperial Highness, terrible news! While perusing the current rules, I suddenly realized that there seems to be no possible means for one player's ship to attack another's! This is, of course, unacceptable -- the honest Citizens of your great (though damp) Empire must be able to engage the foul Pirates and send their reeking scows to the bottom.

I propose, therefore, that whenever two player's ships are in the same harbor, either player may choose to attack the other. Furthermore, whenever two players are sailing in opposite directions, there is a 2 in 5 chance that they shall encounter one another upon the high seas, whereupon either may decide to engage the other in battle. (By "sailing in opposite directions", I mean that one player is sailing from point A to point B, while the other is sailing from point B to point A.)
All rules regarding flight from battle shall apply for conflicts that occur due to this proposal.

Decision: Accepted, as Rule 76.
Comments: Terrible news indeed! We thank Our Subject, dpn, for bringing this to Our Attention.

Proposal 108

Proposer: Pirate Anarchy
Proposed: Fri, 3 Feb 1995 19:53:59 +0000 (GMT)
Proposal: Emperor of the rabble, we shall scatter your fleets as straws before the wind! As the East Wind is the Ill Wind, it favours us, the Pirates of Great Plundering Ability. Any time the wind blows northeast, east or southeast, all Pirates get the Wind Bonus as per the normal Wind Strength; also, the Ill Wind makes ships' timbers Dry, increasing the effect of Casks of Greek Fire by increasing their bonus to +6.

Word of the King: Accepted as Rule 77. Yes, we Pirates are Ill indeed!

Proposal 109

Proposer: Citizen Andre Engels
Proposed: Mon, 6 Feb 95 13:09:55 MET
Proposal: I would like to know when I am going to reach this land called Brazil. Therefore I would like to propose the following: When a player is at sea, THS should mention in his report the destination and the estimated time (proposal) of arriving of that player. (He already did the first, so the change is the second)

Decision: Accepted, causing another Hurricane!
Comments: We suspect you are already at Brazil, but an ETA is nevertheless a useful fact to record.

Proposal 110

Proposer: Citizen Death
Proposed: Mon, 06 Feb 95 09:50:18 EST
Proposal: Ah, generous Emperor, who has fitted out the PSF Hoppin' Mad Albatross II as a replacement for the ill-starred PSF Albatross, I must tell you that being caught in a Hurricane is a harrowing experience. However, I cannot say it was unrewarding, as I have gleaned form the storm a better understanding of the Winds. I propose that a player whose ship is caught in a Hurricane shall suffer less damage from further Hurricanes. The roll of the 6-sided die shall be divided by 3 (rounded down). The player shall also gain the benefit of winds one step more favorable than the actual winds.

Decision: Accepted as Rule 78.
Comments: All Our Subjects should learn so well from experience.

Proposal 111

Proposer: Pirate Tivol
Proposed: Mon, 06 Feb 1995 10:22:26 EST
Proposal: Beware the fierce and fearsome Pirates of the Super Coop III as I warn thee, get in our way and we shall flog and skin ye, scraping out your internal organs as nutritional supplements to our gruel and hoisting your flabby skin shells up our mast in lieu of flags! Which reminds me, although we Pirates cannot affect the election in any way whatsoever, it seems, we can wreak havoc upon the life of the new Mayor. Any Pirate can kidnap one of the extremely prolific Mayor's children (he always manages to have one for each Pirate), although he may only do this once per Mayor. Any Pirate with a Mayor's Child holds tremendous influence over the Mayor--the Mayor will decide any Proposal the way the kidnapping Pirate wants him to. Any Citizen defeating a Pirate in battle can regain the Child automatically. When more than one kidnapping Pirates tell the Mayor to do conflicting things, the Mayor will be able to choose which Pirate to listen to.

Word of the King: Accepted with modification as Rule 79. Excellent! We shall soon have the municifoolity of Atlantis cringing at our knees! I have heard, however, that the crafty Mayor has begun guarding his children with 4-6 bodyguards, who fight as normal citizens, and these must be defeated in battle by no more than 6 Buccaneers (more would attract too much attention) in order to make off with a child. Also (see the rule) I've detailed how the kidnapping Pirate makes his wishes known. Apparently the tutelage of my P.O. has finally taken hold: this fine Oath shall be rewarded with his removal, and the installation of a Gangplank on your ship.

Proposal 112

Proposer: Pirate Dawn
Proposed: Tue, 7 Feb 1995 00:12:47 +0100 (MET)
Proposal: Vile atlantean scum, who need the colorselective magic winds of their pathetic emperor to flee from any battle they encounter, soon your white gleaming skulls will decorate the bow of my ship ( white on black will look quite nice, i think).
The streams of the seas go their own ways it seems, they have the tendancy to hinder the atlanteans who do not seem to understand its waves through the sea. It has a strenght of 1 to 6 and a direction from North, NorthEast,East etc.. the funny thing is that a North wind seems to hinder the Orange Fleet, southerly winds hinder the Purple Fleet, and westerly winds hinder the Green Fleet. A wind blowing between two directions shows that two fleets are hindered. the strenght of the stream is subtracted of the strenght of the ship of the fleet in battle. Any time a Pirate or pirate wins a battle or gains some Po8 in any way the Strenght of the stream will increase by 1 any time a Pirate or pirate loses a battle or money (not to buy things) it will decrease by one. The direction of the streams changes every time a proposal from a Pirate is accepted 1 in a random other direction. The streams are part of the weather. Perhaps this is your magical influence, my king?

Word of the King: Rejected. I got nothin' against adding to the weather patterns in our salty seas, but us Pirates need new and better legislation, not just parallels of everything those imperial slimebuckets have. And I'm not magical, I'm just mean and nasty and I rule with an Iron Hook! Speaking of Hooks, I'm awarding you one for that excellent and stinging Oath; the next proposal should make it come in quite handy...

Proposal 113

Proposer: Pirate Tivol
Proposed: Tue, 07 Feb 1995 12:05:15 EST
Proposal: Aargh, we Pirates are itching for a fight with you puny Citizens, who have yet to taste our fury! However, it has come to my attention, oh Pirate King, that although our Ships are being outfitted with the neccessary Pirate-like equipment, we Pirates ourselves are lacking a few of the neccessary props. Therefore, I suggest that Pirates may have zero, one, or two of the following replacement body parts: Peg Leg, Hook, and Eyepatch. Having one and only one of a certain body part adds an extra fierceness to Pirates, but having two replacement parts severely hinders the poor Pirates. Any time a Pirate engages in battle with non-Pirates and non-pirates, the dice rolls are modified one point in his favor for every body part he has one of and one point against him for every part he has two of. (for example: Mauvebeard the Pirate has one Peg Leg, one Hook, and two Eyepatches as he leads his Buccaneers over land. When they encounter and fight Natives, the actual die roll for Mauvebeard is a three. He gets his +1 for the Buccaneers, but he also gets +1 for one Peg Leg, +1 for his Hook, and -1 for his two Eyepatches.) If a Pirate is successful in his battles, he may choose to receive an extra replacement body part. If the Pirate is unsuccessful fighting players or foes controlled by players (like the Mayor's Children's Bodyguards), then the victorious opponent may decide to award a body part of his choice to the Pirate.

Word of the King: Accepted as rule 80. At the conclusion of a battle between Opponents, the victor should inform THS of any body part modification of the Pirate involved. Also Mauvebeard shall replace Morgan as one of the three non-player Notorious Pirates.

Proposal 114

Proposer: Citizen Andre Engels
Proposed: Tue, 7 Feb 95 18:03:30 MET
Proposal: Hail to Your Glorious Emperor, When I read 79 I think it gives a bad impression of the willpower of the Mayor of Atlantis. Of course, he feels inclined to save his child. However, some things are important enough to make the Mayor forget even that. Therefore I propose that Rule 79 will be changed such that the Mayor may even decide something the kidnapping Pirates do not agree with. If he does do so, the Pirates will take revenge by killing the child, having the following consequences:
  1. The Mayor will suffer from a severe heartache, and will retire for a period of 20 proposals. All decisions he should make will be delayed until after that period is over, and he may not propose anything himself during that period.
  2. This absence will be frowned upon by the general public, causing the Mayor to loose one step in rank (unless Rule 13 applies).
  3. The pirat becomes quite notorious for the killing of an innocent child, and therefore gains 1 level in infamy.
  4. The pirat has no child anymore to threaten the Mayor with.
  5. If the Mayor looses a child this way for the second time, he will retire from his post, and TIE takes over his function until a new Mayor has been chosen. Also his period of retirement (see point 1) will take 30 instead of 20 proposals.
Furthermore, if a Pirat kidnaps a child he should keep it imprisoned in his ship, either on the deck (taking space which could be taken by one Buccaneer or ton of Freight) or in the brig (giving the child the chance to take over). If the child takes over, it brings the ship to Atlantis as soon as possible, and the Pirat looses all worldly goods, rank and infamy, and must start again as if he was a new Player.

Decision: Accepted amending rule 79.
Comments: Angst! Suffering! Infamy! Hurrah!

Comments of the King: Ahh yes, me hearties, this reminds me: any successful kidnapping shall be an act of Infamy, and of course if this proposal passes, having to do the child in will be an act of Infamy as well.

Proposal 115

Proposer: Citizen dpn
Proposed: Tue, 07 Feb 1995 15:34:06 EST
Proposal: What with all these blowhard Pirates running around, it has seemed to me that the time is right to conduct a survey of the forces in your Empire. (Or at least those parts which haven't sunk yet.) I have found the following:
Every Fief in the Empire was initially guarded by 30 experienced Marines, with the exception of Makal. As the Principality of Atlantis is composed of two Fiefs, should any of the scurvy Pirates attack it, they shall face a total of 60 Marines.
Makal, as we all know, is the training ground for the Imperial Marines, and contains more Marines than can be easily counted. We might think, therefore, that it is safe from all invasion. I spoke of this, however, to an old sergeant, and he warned me that this is not so. It seems that forces of more than 40 Marines are no more effective than ones of 40, as the additional soldiers get in one another's way.

Decision: Accepted as Rule 81.
Comments: We thank Governor dpn for conducting this much-needed Census of our Empire.

Proposal 116

Proposer: Pirate Anarchy
Proposed: Tue, 7 Feb 1995 22:44:25 +0000 (GMT)
Proposal: I am the Scourge of the Seven Seas, the Demon of the Deep! Flee far away now, foul Imperial fools, for I come with thunder of cannon borne upon the wings of the Hurricane, to tear the bones from your miserable bodies.
Great King, it will soon be necessary to have provisions for Death in Fascist 8, what with the number of Citizen scum that will soon be dying. If a player is killed, they will be transported to The Isle Of The Dead, a faraway land(distance 25), ruled by the Judge of the Dead. They lose all rank and bravery, but will retain as loyal to them any colonies, etc. that they might have, plus they keep their citizen/pirate status. Their proposals will be judged as normal. When they have had two proposals accepted, The Judge Of The Dead will return their physical body to them and send them on their way with a normal ship with no equipment on it. If no ships are available, they will be sent on their way in a Life Raft.

Word of the King: Accepted as rule 82. The Judge of The Dead only has Life Rafts available, however, as in my long years as a Pirate I've heard tell that no tree can grow on the Isle of the Dead. The Isle of the Dead shall be considered an Unknown Land for purposes of travel, until such time as someone returns from there to any known land. Your poetically evil Oath deserves a fine reward, as well: an Acme Instant Life Raft (just add water) which takes up no cargo space, but is otherwise just like a Life Raft.

On another issue, Historian of Battles Dawn correctly points out that Rule 48, which takes precedence over Rule 77, states that "winds blowing to the East benefit nobody". Thus, until such time as these rules may be amended, Pirates only get bonuses when the wind is blowing Northeast or Southeast.

Proposal 117

Proposer: Citizen Slakko
Proposed: Wed, 8 Feb 1995 10:29:24 +0930 (CST)
Proposal: Great Emperor who sees fit to delegate authority: I propose that a player who wishes to start a Colony faster may exploit the capabilities of their ship. By reducing the space available to each Colonist on the ship, a player may boost the capacity by up to 50% in people only (no Cannon may be included). However, these cramped conditions cause an additional risk. Namely, that for every 10% over capacity, there is a 5% chance of mutiny by the Crew, locking the player in the Brig as if he were the captain of a captured ship.

Decision: Accepted as Rule 83.
Comments: Naturally the urgency of establishing Colonies may lead to, well, unsafe Practices. We direct that the chance of mutiny shall be checked for after every tenth Proposal that the overcrowded Ship is at Sea.

Proposal 118

Proposer: Citizen Death
Proposed: Wed, 08 Feb 95 08:48:16 EST
Proposal: O, knowing Emperor, I have heard that a sailor may sail his ship off into the sunset, departing, perhaps forever, to far off lands. I propose that players be allowed to Sail Off Into The Sunset, reaching another Fascist Game of their choice and entering it as a new player normally would. While a player is in another Fascist Game he is bound by the rules of that Game, and so may not return unless that Fascist allows some mechanism whereby he might do so. However, if a player is able to return with some treasure of that realm (I have heard rumors of strange Diamonds and Marbes as well as the mystical "R Point") and present it to his sovereign, he shall surely be rewarded richly.

Decision: Accepted as Rule 84.
Comments: It shall take 20 Proposals to Sail Off Into The Sunset, and also 20 Proposals to Sail Back From the Sunset.

Proposal 119

Proposer: Citizen Shadow Foxy
Proposed: Wed, 8 Feb 1995 08:15:06 -0800 (PST)
Proposal: O Mighty Emperor, sitting like a Spider at the center of the Web of the World, the Bloodthirstyness of your Imperial Navy has me Appalled. These Pirates do not deserve this Bloodshed. Instead, they should be Captured and their Ships brought back to Atlantis for use by your Imperial Citizens. Each ship (is or may be, at TIE's discretion) equipped with grappling hooks and boarding planks. When in combat with another ship, either player may choose to close and board the opponent ship. How this is accomplished will be left for a later proposal; however, if it is successful, the crews then fight as if in a land battle, but with casualties halved for each side. (Fighting onboard a rocking ship makes everyone fight worse) During the battle, either side may surrender to become prisoners of war for the other side. The winning side may then take control of the ship and return it to their home base (Atlantis or the piratical base)

Decision: Accepted as Rule 85.
Comments: Boarding parties are definitely called for, what with the shortage of Timber and all. Also, to take control of the ship and Sail it home, at least ten Marines (or Buccaneers) must be put aboard the Prize Ship as a Prize Crew in order to Sail it, until it reaches the home base, at which time a new Crew may be put aboard. Furthermore, capturing a Prize Ship and Sailing it to Atlantis shall be an Act of Valor (1 bravery) for any Citizen.

Proposal 120

Proposer: Citizen Egil
Proposed: Wed, 8 Feb 95 22:25:03 MET
Proposal: A ship's basic strength (I mean the strength without additions of marines and cannons etc.) can be improved by docking in a friendly harbour. This will cost 25 Po8 and will take three proposals per 1 upgrade in strength. If the basic strength of a ship would rise above 6 the cost will be 50 Po8 and it will take six proposals.

Decision: Accepted with modification as Rule 86.
Comments: Each strength gained shall be represented as a Strut (a structural support); however, each three Struts added or fraction thereof shall take up the same amount of space as a Ton of Cargo, and removing Struts takes the same amount of time as adding them (though costs nothing).

Proposal 121

Proposer: Pirate Tivol
Proposed: Thu, 09 Feb 1995 17:52:29 EST
Proposal: Ye scurvy scalawags, you'd be best to crawl into your graves now rather than wait for we fierce Pirates to stuff you into them, piece by piece. Another thing we Pirates are notoriously bad for is our illegal Pirate Radio, which we may use to falsify public announcements made by officials. Just like normal announcements describing what each Ship holds and how the Pigeons are faring, Pirate Radio announcements are placed on the officials' pages. Anyone (besides the official, who is afraid that the public will fear he is flip-flopping and a therefore a weak and lousy official) who suspects that an official's blurb is actually a Pirate Radio announcement may announce his declaration, thereby exposing the falseness of the statement. In the meantime, for each player who falls for the announcement (by sending mail to the official saying, "I was hit by a hurricane? When?" or "I would like to buy 6,000 Tons of Opium at the price of 1 Po8 per Ton--what a bargain!"), the Pirate will gain one notch of Infamy. Pirate Radio announcements should be easy to detect, however, as we Pirates are foul spellers and use words like "ye" and "avast" a lot. All announcements would be sent first to The Pirate King, who makes sure the broadcasts are sufficiently Piratical, and then TPK forwards the messages to the officials, who must publish the announcement and report on who falls for it.

Word of the King: Unfortunately rejected. A nice idea, but I think too complicated to administer in this era of delegated responsibility.

Proposal 122

Proposer: Citizen Slakko
Proposed: Fri, 10 Feb 1995 12:13:21 +0930 (CST)
Proposal: Oh Most Gracious Maritime Emperor, please hear my proposal: I notice that we require a large number of colonists to become successful in this game. However, I also notice that there are currently no places in which to set up colonies, as all lands are occupied. I therefore propose the following amendment to reconcile the possibilities of rule 43 with the difficulty of rule 27:

Even if natives are unfriendly a settlement may be established in a fief. However, given the nature of these natives the player is subject to much greater restrictions on the growth of their colony: You must roll 1d6 as normal every 15 proposals to determine the interactions with the natives, but have the following results instead: 1,2 or 3 war in which half of the colonists are killed. 4 or 5 peaceful agreement - no change. 6 - roll again - 1-3 peaceful agreement, 4-6 conversion of natives in number equal to 1/4 the number of colonists. If you convert natives 3 times, the natives become friendlier and the rolls revert to those for supposedly uninhabited fiefs. If friendly natives exist in a fief, you may set up a colony there as if the colony was uninhabited, with the colony governed by the existing Rule 43.

Yours hopefully, Second Mate Slakko the Bold from the Water Tower Warrior in Makal.

Decision: Accepted, amending rules 27 and 43.
Comments: Though, the real reason no unoccupied Lands are out there is because no one has gone out and Discovered any.

Proposal 123

Proposer: Citizen Toejam
Proposed: Fri, 10 Feb 95 14:09:49 -500
Proposal: Oh mighty emperor, the corpses of the verminous pirates shall be used as compost for your most beautiful gardens: All ships shall initially be alotted 2 barrels of gunpowder for use on their ships. Each barrel takes up 1/2 of a space on a ship, and will supply enough gunpowder for 10 firings of 1 cannon. Thus, a ship with 2 barrels and 5 cannon, could participate in 4 battles and be able to fire all of its cannon, but any further, and she would not gain any further bonuses from their cannon. If a ship has gunpowder, but not enough for all of her cannon, then she could only fire cannon for which she had gunpowder. Barrels of gunpowder will sell in Atlantis for 120 pieces of eight, and will be bought for 100 pieces of eight.

Decision: Accepted as rule 87.
Comments: Any ships which do not currently have space for their initial 2 barrels of gunpowder shall not receive their initial allotment.
Word of the King: Excluding the initial allotments, the first time a Pirate obtains Gunpowder shall count as a one+ act of Infamy, since we Pirates currently have no reliable way of getting our hands on the precious stuff! That, me hearties, is an outrage!

Proposal 124

Proposer: Pirate Anarchy
Proposed: Fri, 10 Feb 1995 20:40:39 +0000 (GMT)
Proposal: Yo ho! The wind she blows! If two players are in the same land location as each other they may challenge each other to a Personal Duel. A player is normally considered to be on Land when his ship is docked at a location, unless he states that he wishes to remain on board ship(as would be the case with unfriendly lands). If the Duel is accepted, THS will roll 2 six-sided dice for each contestant modified as follows: +1 bonus for every level of bravery above Bold, plus the piratical modifiers for replacement body parts; there might also be bonuses awarded for having High Quality Weapons, and other similar factors. If the loser is a pirate, the winner may decide to award him a Replacement Body Part(heh-heh) of his choice; in any case the winner gains respect and can take up to 100 Po8 off the loser.

Word of the King: Accepted with modification as rule 88. Players will be assumed to be on board ship unless they specify that they go on land; this matches how things have worked so far and will make things easier on THS. Players may only decline the challenge to a Personal Duel at a cost of one level of Bravery. Duels in this country are by Wrestling, so weapons will not be involved; but other modifiers than the one listed here might be proposed in the future. Finally, the loser's forfeit may be taken in Po8 (up to the 100 limit stated) or in kind; in the latter case, the value of the cargo taken must not exceed 120 Po8 at current market prices.

Proposal 125

Proposer: Citizen Death
Proposed: Fri, 10 Feb 95 22:50:40 -2400
Proposal: Statement of Umbrage: In Proposal 116 that Piratical Scum known as "Anarchy" implies that I am not worthy of owning provisions! I demand his apology!

Decision: Ignored.
Comments: This is a proposal? Seek out Anarchy and attack him if you are offended by him. [THS note - Citizen Death did not specifically indicate that this was a proposal. I felt that his remarks were amusing enough to be of general interest, and the only forum for publicizing them was through the proposal list. Also, great TIE, is violence the only answer to disputes?]

Proposal 126

Proposer: Citizen Hellion
Proposed: Fri, 10 Feb 95 23:29:34 -0600
Proposal: Hail, most Imperious of Imperious Emperors! Since it is unreasonable to expect that seamen will stay content with a captain who is defeated in battle, I propose that any Player who takes damage in a sea battle must roll (or have rolled, to be precise) a 6-sided die. Should a 1 be rolled, the seamen aboard his ship will mutiny. If the Player has a life raft; he will be set adrift in it. Otherwise, the Player will be Marooned on a Desert Island, and remain there until such time as provisions are made to find Marooned Players.

Decision: Accepted as Rule 89.
Comments: All Officers of the Empire, naturally, are expected to be Victorious in Battle, thus this should never be a Problem.

Addendum: The "Desert Island" shall in fact be the previously discovered "Island of Marooned Sailors".

Proposal 127

Proposer: Pirate Egil
Proposed: Tue, 7 Feb 95 17:37:54 MET
Proposal: Beware! Emperor of the Chicken People, who produce manure instead of eggs because of their fear of the fierce Pirates that will soon come to smash their insignificant little empire. Here is how this plundering will happen. Fleets of Pirate Ships will come to attack the imperial islands. The Historian of Battle will look at the ships' strength and of the Forts on the Shore-Fiefs of the island. On a Shore-Fief there will be one Fort for each twenty Marines in the Fief. Each Fort will contain 15 Marines and cannons can be transferred from Ships to Forts with a maximum of 6 cannons per Fort. Forts have a basic strength of three. A battle between a Ship and a Fort will be exactly the same as a battle between two Ships. If a Fort loses it explodes (because of the gunpowder) and the marines that were inside are killed. After we Pirates have destroyed one in three (rounded up, if there are none, no Forts need to be destroyed) of the Forts on a Fief we can continue the battle on land. After our Victory we will take as many Po8 as our ships can carry and go to the next island or Fief, or whatever may suit us best.

Word of the King: Accepted with modification as rule 90. This rule will define Plundering an Imperial land, which will become an act of Infamy replacing Conquering an Imperial fief. The Imperial Cartographer will keep track of the Forts and their contents for each Imperial land. Principalities, Kingdoms, and Empire-sized lands will be considered unified for the purposes of this rule, i.e., they may not be plundered fief by fief. When a Pirate notifies the Historian of Battles that s/he wishes to Plunder a given land, the fort to be faced is selected at random if there is more than one. Each Fort initially contains 1 Cannon, 10 Marines, and 1 Keg of Gunpowder; naturally the explosion only occurs if there is more than 4/10 of a Keg left in the fort; any amount below that can be captured by the Plundering Pirate. Any Citizen may transfer Marines, Cannons, or Gunpowder to any Fort, which shall have a capacity of 40 of the standard units. Finally, the rewards of Plunder are a bit sketchy in this proposal: they shall be 1 Ton of Treasure, anything else specifically located in the conquered Land (such as Bank contents, Cargo at Harbour, or 1 Ton of a commodity produced in that land) and as many Imperial Settlers as Hostages that the Plunderer can fit aboard ship. Plunder leaves the affected land in a state of Anarchy as defined earlier. Whew. Try to make your proposals more complete, mateys.

Proposal 128

Proposer: Pirate Dawn
Proposed: Thu, 9 Feb 1995 22:05:12 +0100 (MET)
Proposal: Twice the Atlanteans battled on land, twice they were defeated , which speaks for their tremendous skill in losing battle. It is in their blood, Born to lose, our natural prey. But also twice the main characters in the battle, the coward and vile atlantean citizens Donagel and Andre Engels managed to escape it. We all know they have a hart for fleeing but how they did it i do not know. Normally if a battle at land is lost because there are no troops anymore there is a 50 % chance that they player(s) with the troops will be captured by the victorious troops and will be held captive by them. The player has however every 10 proposals chance of 1 in 6 to escape the captivity and return to his ship( if he still has one). Also will he be released if the capturers troop are reduced to 0 by an neutral or friendly force. If the capturers are destroyed by enemy troop ( enemy to the player) he will become a captive of the enemy force at a roll of 3 or higher with a six sided dice, otherwise he escapes in the chaos of place at that time.

Word of the King: Accepted as rule 91. Good proposal, THS can practically copy it into the rules verbatim. You can keep track of the escape possibilities, HoB, as it is your proposal. Also, a fine, stinging Pirate Oath; for which I transmute one of your Buccaneers into a Keg of Gunpowder (nasty me), but don't consider that an Act of Infamy on your part.

Proposal 129

Proposer: Citizen Andre Engels
Proposed: Mon, 13 Feb 95 14:37:35 MET
Proposal: I think laws are becoming too many and too complicated. Therefore I propose the following:
Any Rule that has not been enacted, amended or applied for a period of 100 Proposals, shall be removed from the Ruleset. This Rule cannot befall on Rules that were part of the original Ruleset, and will not be effective until proposal 140 has been decided upon.
A player may propose to 'save' a Rule. If such a Proposal is accepted this will count as a zero-amendment, and so the Rule will be safe from deletion by this Rule for another 100 Proposals. Although saving Rules counts as an amendment, TPK is allowed to decide on Proposals to save Rules, in spite of Rule 4.

Decision: Accepted with modification as Rule 92 and amends Rule 4. Since We cannot have THS being any more Overworked than he already is, a Rule shall be removed from the Ruleset as described above only if a player submits a Petition to remove that Rule to THS; if the Rule qualifies for removal as above, then the Petition succeeds and the Rule is removed. (This will save THS from having to track which Rules are due to expire.) [I reserve the right, however, to post information pertinent to expiration in the ruleset and to petition myself for elimination. - THS]
Comments: The Rule set IS becoming rather Bulky, and this method for cleaning it up is so Meritorious that We choose to Award Andre Engels Governorship of Sakal for it.

Proposal 130

Proposer: Citizen Andre Engels
Proposed: Mon, 13 Feb 95 14:40:05 MET
Proposal: Pirates may propose changes to Rules, even if they do not mention Pirates and pirates. However, in that case BOTH TPK and TIE have to give their consents, instead of TPK only.

Decision: Rejected.
Comments: No need to encourage the huge Influx of Piracy We have suffered recently.

Proposal 131

Proposer: Pirate Haddock
Proposed: Mon, 13 Feb 95 22:47:53
Proposal: Billions of bilious blue blistering barnacles in a thundering Typhoon! You misguided missile, visigoth, anacoluthon! Your empire of addle-pated lumps of anthracite will be skinned alive by the mates of the Bounty! A captain may at any time make any prisoner in the brigg walk the plank. There is a 1 in 2 chance that the prisoner will be eaten by sharks, which results in the death of said prisoner. Otherwise, the prisoner will wash up ashore of the nearest place.

Word of the King: Accepted as rule 93. Provided the player has a gangplank, that is. And the prisoner gets 2 extra chances to take over the ship in the usual way (one when s/he's let out of the brig, one for last-minute heroics on the plank). Your quite impressive Pirate Oath very nearly got you a handsome award, except you embarassed the Pirate King by making him look up .. Don't you dare show up your King!

Proposal 132

Proposer: Citizen TOAD
Proposed: Wed, 15 Feb 1995 19:57:45 EST
Proposal: Great Emperor, I sense that the experimentation with alternate, foreign dimensions has brought about a most regrettable and horrid consequence. The evil, lurid pirate Longbeard was enabled to enter our world from Fascist 4. He is now roaming our land, slaughtering people and plundering the wealth of this nation.

Decision: Rejected.
Comments: Our sources indicate that this particular Pirate is in fact currently plundering a rumored land called Fascist 9, not in our seas at all.

Proposal 133

Proposer: Citizen Shadow Foxy
Proposed: Fri, 24 Feb 1995 17:05:33 -0800 (PST)
Proposal: Oh Most Sonorous and Resonant Emperor, I propose that, the Ability of a Ship to Successfully Close to Boarding Range depends only the Skill of her Captain and Crew. If a Captain chooses to Attempt to Close with another Ship and Board that Ship, one 6-sided die is rolled for each Captain. To each Captain's die roll is added that Captain's Rank (0 for Fifth Mate or Galley Slave, 1 for Fourth mate or Cabin Boy, and so on up to 7 for Commodore or Notorious Pirate and 8 for Admiral or Dread Pirate), plus 1 for each 5 Marines or Buccaneers carried. If the Captain attempting to Close has a higher Total than the other Captain, the attempt is Successful.

Decision: Accepted with modification as Rule 94.
Comments: Prior to each battle each ship's Captain may declare whether they are attempting to Close or not. If both ships attempt to Close, the Closing attempt is automatically Successful. Otherwise, the die is rolled as described. A Successful attempt at Closing will cause the Battle between the Ships to be resolved as if it were a Land Combat rather than a Naval Combat. [THS note: Somebody better figure out what the rank of the captain on non-player ships is.]

Proposal 134

Proposer: Pirate Tivol
Proposed: Sat, 25 Feb 1995 04:29:40 EST
Proposal: Who rules all of the seven seas? (doot doo doot) The Pirates!
Who brings Citizens to their knees? (da dum bum bum) The Pirates!
Who sank the Palace with great ease? (doot doot doot) The Pirates!
Who has impressive capital P's? (da-da da-da di dop) The Pirates!
The Pirates! Hey, those Pirates! It's the Piiiiiiiiii-iyi-iiirates!

Now that the Emperor has been sunk, no proposals may be made by Citizens until he is rescued from the Isle of the Dead. We Pirates shall rule the seas in the meantime, taking advantage of the poor, defenseless Citizens and gaining three whole pips whenever we fight them. Confused and without their leader, Citizens might try to sail to the Isle of the Dead to pick up their Emperor, but all lowercase pirates are converging on the site to automatically attack any foolish Citizen. Should the Mayor ever be killed while the Emperor is dead, the Pirates shall rule the seas, causing immense chaos among Citizens and causing undue torture of various sorts. I'd say that if you, o Fabulous Pirate King and true leader of the seas, were also sunk that we Pirates would be in a similar position, but I know that a fierce Pirate like you isn't so stupid as to let himself be defeated in battle.

Word of the King: Accepted with modification as Rule 95. Due to the, ahem, restrictions of my legislative powers (Curse the day the Emperor was born!) I have had to word the final rule very carefully in order for it to have any effect. You may see the results in the ruleset. The brief summary is that Citizens may legislate while TIE is on the Isle of the Dead, but their new rules cannot go into effect until he is off.

Turning to the matter of Pirate Oath, this is a Gem! I am sure every Citizen's face is red with embarassment this day. Tivol is awarded a Body Part of his choice (or none if he likes), a restoration to the rank of Pirate Captain, and another very special item the details of which shall not be public.

Proposal 135

Proposer: Pirate Anarchy
Proposed: Sat, 25 Feb 1995 12:19:47 +0000 (GMT)
Proposal: Avast! Now that your puny 'Emperor' has been skinned alive and his bones consigned to the bottom of the Sea, nothing can stop us from plundering all yer rich and soft lands! Beware, scurvy Citizens, for ye might be the next victim... Soon we shall sack and burn Atlantis itself! Har! Har! Har! ... in the meantime, strange things continue to happen in the weird dimension known as SevenLand. They are experimenting with strange Magical Portals, through which items can be passed; and the Pigeon Breeder's efforts at contacting them have finally made with success. Also, some mysterious black bags have begun to appear at the docks of Atlantis; these contain visitors from those strange lands. Even the ninth dimension has begun to get in on the act. Therefore, I propose the following additions to the rules.

Mysterious Portals sometimes appear in our lands. Communications from Fascist Game Seven will describe the locations of the portals. Objects can be passed through these portals. In fact, the reason the Pirates have no extra Gunpowder supplies at the moment is because most of it was passed through to the seventh dimension in exchange for some of their Gold Coins. As yet, the portals aren't suitable for players to travel through. Any Strange Artifacts from other dimensions have no power until legislated by Proposal.

Sometimes, a player from Fascist Game Seven might be dumped at Atlantis docks in a black bag. This only takes effect if communication from Fascist Game Seven has been received to that effect. A person may run only one native player, but may run any number of visitors. Visitors must have an unique name, so you can't for example have 2 Tivols. Visitors are subject to the same rules as normal players and can make proposals. However, they do not automatically start with a ship even if the current number of ships is under the limit. They get to keep their Strange Artifacts that they had with them.

People might also sail out from Fascist Game Nine. The only difference between visitors from there and visitors from Fascist Game Seven is that visitors from Game Nine already have a ship, which exists independently of the 21-ship limit. They must choose a side and paint their ship in a decent colour before making any proposals. Its strength is 3, as normal.

In order for visitors to return to their native lands, they must Sail Off Into The Sunset just like a native player would. They get to keep all their items and take them back home. No visitor may become The Exalted Winner.

Word of the King: Accepted as Rule 96. Note once again that no objects or players may arrive from another dimension unless/until THS of this game gets an official communication to that effect. For the purposes of this game, official communications from Game 7 consist of email messages from TIE or THS of that game, or any missive from the Entrepreneurial Pigeon Breeder. [THS note - By coincidence, these all seem to be the same reallifeperson.] From Game 9, the only current official communications are email from TIE or THS of that game.

Proposal 136

Proposer: Citizen toejam
Proposed: Wed, 01 Mar 95 15:55:45 -500
Proposal: Oh most victimised of emperors, who has inevitably already determined that even should proposal 134 be accepted, he can just submit and approve 2 proposals himself to negate it. I propose that Rule 92 be amended such that all rules will be listed with a number to indicate how many proposals have gone by since the rule was last activated, amended, modified, or petitioned. [THS note - I apologize, but I cannot help using the powers of my office to come out against this proposal. As I said at the top of the rules page, I'm happy to track any individual rule or small set of rules any player is interested in; and I certainly must respond to documented requests to drop rules. But to require that this be kept track of for every one of nearly 100 rules might cripple an already deliberately-paced game, with the amount of work it would create. Of course, I bow to the Emperor's decision, ultimately, being Humble and all.]

Decision: Rejected, bringing on the Hurricane.
Comments: It is Our desire that as little additional Burden be placed on Our Humble Scribe as possible, in Order to Keep Things Moving as much as possible.

Proposal 137

Proposer: Citizen Alexandre
Proposed: Fri, 3 Mar 1995 08:32:55 -0500 (EST)
Proposal: I propose that the ownership of a ship may change in the following ways: First, if the ship is not occupied by the owner, the ship may be stolen if it is occupied by another player. Such an act, of course, renders the theif a pirate immediately. Second, if the owner of ship is dead, the ship may be acquired as above, but this is not considered theft, merely salvage. Third, the person who paints and names a ship shall be considered its owner until some action occurs to change that ownership.

Decision: Accepted with modification; adoption of rule deferred by Rule 95.
Comments: A Ship will be considered "not Occupied by the Owner" only if none of the Owner's Personnel is aboard either; thus, a Ship may be Stolen only if no Personnel are aboard. A Ship may be Salvaged when the Owner is Dead even if Personnel are still aboard, in which case they become Personnel of the new Owner. Ships which have been Sunk cannot be Salvaged by this Rule.

Proposal 138

Proposer: Pirate Dawn
Proposed: Wed, 22 Feb 1995 16:44:27 +0100 (MET)
Proposal: Weak Atlantean scwids keep your pretty bodies clean and your bones undamaged, i want my decorations to be in top condition. Took a look at the handelings of my fellow Pirate the Entreupruenueurieual Pigeuon Breudeur. The fast breeding rate of his pigeon makes that he has effectively infinite pigeons at his ship. This breeding rate also makes that he is able to breed new kind of pigeons in short period of time. He will freely give a pigeon to any Pirate in the same location as he is. He will trade pigeons with any Atlanteans, curse there names, in the same location as he is for 1 Po8 per pigeon. Any player who has a pigeon may write a note and tie it to the pigeon leg and let the pigeon fly away. A pigeon will fly to places only the Entreupruenueurieual Pigeuon Breudeur knows. he will keep track of them. If a pigeon returns from where it went it may carry a other on or an object. If the object is an unknown type of object the recieving player researches it and present the result from the research to his lord who will point out any flaws in the players research.

Word of the King: A little bit of this is accepted, amending Rule 55. Most of this proposal covers ground that's already in that rule. I think we Pirates can produce cleaner legislation. Rule 55 already says pigeons are free to everyone, and I don't see any reason to change that. In fact, I think anybody should be able to obtain a pigeon no matter their relative location to Tivol; after all, pigeons can fly, right? The last two sentences are new, however, and they're added to Rule 55.

Proposal 139

Proposer: Citizen Death
Proposed: Sat, 04 Mar 95 00:33:37 EST
Proposal: Oh, wise Emperor, if the rumors I hear about visitors from other dimensions is true, how are we to tell these infiltrators apart from the normal Citizens and Pirates? I suspect that we can't, and that our loyal crews can't either. A visitor who has a counterpart in this world controlled by the same player may issue sailing orders and make proposals just as if he were the Citizen or Pirate that he is impersonating, but that having a visitor in the area allows an extra unpublished proposal to be made by the controlling player.
Visitors may also renounce their ties with their local kin, becoming Pirates if their local kin is a Citizen and vice versa, and establishing a fresh record for themselves, but the crew of the one will still be obeyed by the crew of the oter.

Decision: Rejected.
Comments: An interesting idea, but We fear this would prove just too confusing!

Proposal 140

Proposer: Pirate Haddock
Proposed: Mon, 06 Mar 95 06:38:42 -2400
Proposal: By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth! You dog of an emperor! Blue blistering barnacles! You vagabonds, hooligans, iconoclasts, numbskulls and kleptomaniacs of citizens will walk the plank before the dread crew of the Bounty! Harrr, hearing the mangy proposals of the citizens reminds me of a hurricane that hit my ship -- when I was sailing in the West Indies some years ago... When a player's ship is docked, that player automatically gets money. A pirate plunders 100 po8 from the foolish natives for every 10 proposals submitted , while a citizen graciously (spit on their souls, blistering barnacles!) earns 100 po8 (by babysitting or doing community service or whatever it is those vile do-gooders do) for every 10 proposals made.

Word of the King: Accepted as Rule 97. TPK chooses to interpret your ambiguous "every 10 proposals made" as "every 10 proposals made by that player." To qualify for the 100 Po8 bonus, a proposal must specifically state that it is the 10th proposal made by that player while docked at wherever. Finally, it won't apply to ships docked at their home fief (Near Azores for Pirates, Atlantis for Citizens) since those are overcrowded anyway. Great Oath, by the way, you get a Gangplank.

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