Fascist Game 8
Rules Section 7: Foreign Politics

The rules are divided into several sections, which have been placed in separate web pages to allow for quicker access to an individual section:
(1) Government; (2) Players; (3) Ships and the Sea; (4) Geography, Exploration, and Colonization; (5) Battle; (6) Trade and Wealth; and (7) Foreign Politics. Rules are numbered consecutively within each section. Rule 5 in this section would be referred to as "rule 7.5" elsewhere.

Rules may be followed by a proposal number in parentheses indicating that the given rule was created, amended, or applied at that proposal. THS makes no guarantee that the listed values represent the most recent time a rule came into play. Rules that are considered part of the original ruleset are marked with (*). Rules that by their nature are constantly used are marked (now).

The Rules of Section 7: Foreign Politics

  1. All players are allowed to Sail Off Into The Sunset, reaching another Fascist Game of their choice and entering it as a new player normally would. While a player is in another Fascist Game he is bound by the rules of that Game, and so may not return unless that Fascist allows some mechanism whereby he might do so. However, if a player is able to return with some treasure of that realm (I have heard rumors of strange Diamonds and Marbes as well as the mystical "R Point") and present it to his sovereign, he shall surely be rewarded richly. It shall take 20 Proposals to Sail Off Into The Sunset, and also 20 Proposals to Sail Back From the Sunset.
  2. Any valorous subject who sails to Fascist Game Seven, should attempt to locate The Victor's Crown and bring it back to Atlantis for the greater glory of TIE's empire! If anyone does achieve this feat, they are awarded a 3 step increase in bravery and a promotion of 2 ranks. (146)
  3. Mysterious Portals sometimes appear in our lands. Communications from Fascist Game Seven will describe the locations of the portals. Objects can be passed through these portals. As yet, the portals aren't suitable for players to travel through. Any Strange Artifacts from other dimensions have no power until legislated by Proposal.

    Sometimes, a player from Fascist Game Seven might be dumped at Atlantis docks in a black bag. This only takes effect if communication from Fascist Game Seven has been received to that effect. A person may run only one native player, but may run any number of visitors. Visitors must have an unique name, so you can't for example have 2 Tivols. Visitors are subject to the same rules as normal players and can make proposals. However, they do not automatically start with a ship even if the current number of ships is under the limit. They get to keep their Strange Artifacts that they had with them.

    People might also sail out from Fascist Game Nine. The only difference between visitors from there and visitors from Fascist Game Seven is that visitors from Game Nine already have a ship, which exists independently of the 21-ship limit. They must choose a side and paint their ship in a decent colour before making any proposals. Its strength is 3, as normal.

    In order for visitors to return to their native lands, they must Sail Off Into The Sunset just like a native player would. They get to keep all their items and take them back home. No visitor may become The Exalted Winner.

  4. Tivol's Ship, the evil YPS Super Coop III, is allowed to collect and breed thousands of Carrier Pigeons, which are handed out to any other Player on request. They are trained to recognize, track, and enjoy the smell of both Tivol's Ship and an odd scrap of cloth he found floating. Therefore, they serve as reasonable messengers to "Fascist Game Seven". Players who get these Pigeons from him may write notices and send them flying toward Tivol's Ship (at <tivol@mit.edu>), and he will direct them toward their destination. Tivol is appointed Entrepreneurial Pigeon Breeder and will dutifully post messages given and received from these weird natives. Perhaps after communications improves, we will be able to pinpoint their location better. If a pigeon returns from where it went, it may carry another note and/or an object. If the object is an unknown type of object the recieving player researches it and presents the result from the research to his lord (in the form of a Proposal) who will point out any flaws in the players research.
  5. Tivol's pigeons represent official communication from Fascist Game 7, and any other Fascist Game whose TIE or THS once notifies THS of this game that it be so. They also represent official communications from any other sort of place already known to this game to exist.

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