Fascist Game 8 - Proposals 36-70

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Proposal 36

Proposer: THS
Proposed: 18 Jan 1995
Proposal: Any player who sails to the Edge of the World falls off and is lost forever (out of the game), along with her/his ship, personnel, and equipment.

Decision: Accepted as Rule 33.
Comments: Surely no one would be so foolish as to Sail off the Edge of the World, but at least it should be a Known Hazard.

Proposal 37

Proposer: Anarchy
Proposed: Wed, 18 Jan 1995 13:07:09 +0000 (GMT)
Proposal: Although there is provision for encountering and doing battle with hostile natives or pirates, it seems the land battle system is lacking. Therefore, I propose the following. If a land battle takes place, the player and the enemy each have one six-sided die rolled for them by THS. As Marines are highly trained, the players get a +1 to their die roll. The winner kills 2 dice worth of the other side's troops. This is repeated every 2 published proposals until either one side withdraws or one side is completely wiped out.

Normally, 3 dice worth of native troops are to be found in a hostile land. However, The Piratical Pirates have a total of 36 Pirates defending their base. As The Piratical Pirates are highly trained in Piracy, they also get a +1 to their die rolls. Now at last there is a way of ridding The Imperial Empire of the pirates (though it isn't easy).

Decision: Accepted, with modification, as Rule 34.
Comments: In the case the die roll is the same (a tie) each side shall lose one die worth of troops.

Proposal 38

Proposer: toejam
Proposed: Wed, 18 Jan 95 09:40:46 -500
Proposal: I would take this moment to remind my fellow explorers and bounty hunters of one of the most dangerous aspects of our line of work: the hurricane! It has been my experience that a ship at sea [I don't think he really wants "at sea" here. - THS] holds about a 1 in 6 chance in port of being caught in a hurricane. A ship at sea has a better chance of avoiding them, only 1 in 10. A ship which dedicates a Marine to the crows nest can usually spot the clouds on the horizon in time to flee the storm. A Marine in the crows nest cannot assist in combat in any way. A ship caught in a hurricane, will be tossed and thrown, and will lose strength points equal to the roll of a 6-sided die, divided by 2, and rounded down. A ship will not sink unless its combined strength (including Marines but not cannon) is reduced to zero.

Decision: Accepted, as rule 35.
Comments: This Rule is basically good, but has one problem, it does not specify how frequently Hurricanes occur. Until a Rule appears specifying such, no Hurricanes shall occur.

Proposal 39

Proposer: Andre Engels
Proposed: Wed, 18 Jan 95 16:46:44 MET
Proposal: Nowhere in the current Ruleset I see a rule considering the time it takes to sail from one place to another. Therefore I propose the following rule:

Each place has connected with it a distance, which is the sailingtime from Atlantis to that place. This distance must be an integer number. To go from one place to another takes a number of proposals, equal to L+0.5*S, where L is the largest of the distances, and S the smallest of the distances. This number, if not integer, is rounded up. The distances of the already existing lands are:

Atlantis         0 (all sailing distances are counted from Atlantis)
Makal            2
Sakal & Takal    5
Near Azores     10
If a new land is created by a proposal, the proposer must specify a distance, if not, TIE chooses it. If a player sets out to discover a new land, THS selects is distance randomly from between 10 and 30.

Decision: Accepted as rule 36.
Comments: For Our Subjects who are already en route to Faraway Lands, the time they have spent en route since setting Sail shall be counted towards their total Sailing time for the purposes of arriving at their Destination. [This should satisfy Donagel's impatience to get to the Near Azores. Unfortunately, he did not meet a Pirate ship in the harbor there. - THS.]

Proposal 40

Proposer: THS
Proposed: 20 Jan 1995
Proposal: In the region of the world where we all dwell, there shall be a single prevailing Wind. This wind has two attributes: direction and strength. These attributes may change at most once every three proposals, as follows. Direction is any of the 8 major compass points, initially North; if any proposal since the last direction change uses the words "wind(s)," "windy," or "blow," the wind direction will change 1 or 2 headings clockwise or counterclockwise, at random. Strength is from 0 to 7 on the Beaufort scale, initially 3. When the strength is eligible to change, if the most recent proposal was Rejected, wind strength increases by 2; if it was Accepted with modification, wind strength decreases by 1; and if it was Accepted (without modification), wind strength increases by 1. Any other action the Emperor chooses to take in regard to a proposal will leave the strength unaffected. Normal sailing is impossible with wind strength 0 or 7; ships make no progress toward their current destinations and may not embark on new voyages. Indeed, 7 represents a Hurricane, with all its previously legislated effects. At the conclusion of a Hurricane, wind strength falls to 2 regardless of the status of the latest proposal.

Decision: Accepted, as Rule 37.
Comments: We are intrigued by this Method of Determining the Weather. This sounds like it would be rather troublesome to keep track of, but, that's what Humble Scribes are for.

Proposal 41

Proposer: toejam
Proposed: Wed, 18 Jan 95 17:46:33 -500
Proposal: After consulting the Imperial Weathermen, I have acquired the statistics for Hurricanes. It seems we can expect to see a hurricane about once every 20th proposal. It will appear off-shore of a random land mass, and move in to the land mass itself after 5 proposals. it will rain itself out, however, after another 5 proposals.

Decision: Rejected.
Comments: We now already have a Method of Determining when Hurricanes occur.

Proposal 42

Proposer: damian
Proposed: Thu, 19 Jan 1995 10:54:49 +1100
Proposal: I propose that all ships sailing in a squadron must be of the same colour. (Is there any other reason for painting our ships Green, Purple or Orange?)

Decision: Accepted as Rule 38.
Comments: We definitely agree that Squadrons should be Colour-Coordinated.

Proposal 43

Proposer: dpn
Proposed: Wed, 18 Jan 1995 19:48:41 EST
Proposal: All fiefs shall be divided into two categories: explored and unexplored. Currently, Makal, Takal, Sakal, and the fiefs of Atlantis are explored. Any discovered lands which have friendly occupants shall be considered explored.

A player may travel overland to any fief in the continent he is currently on in 5 proposals. The player may bring any number of people (Settlers, Marines, etc.) with him. To travel to a fief, a player shall mail THS to inform him that he is doing so: `I am traveling to Makal.' A Player may choose to travel to a random undiscovered fief on a continent; upon arrival, he may give it a name.

Exploring a fief shall take 40 proposals. A player may use Settlers or Marines to reduce the time to explore a fief; each Settler or Marine reduces the time by one proposal. If the player is an Explorer, or has one traveling with him the time is halved (rounding up). The time to explore a fief shall never be less than 10 proposals.

Exploration is a dangerous business. If Settlers undertake exploration without Marines for protection, THS shall throw two fair six-sided dice to determine the number of Settlers lost. If Marines are present, THS shall throw throw two fair six-sided dice and subtract the second result from the first to determine the number of people lost. (If the number is negative, no people are lost.) This number shall be evenly divided between Marines and Settlers.

Fiefs with unfriendly occupants may not be explored. Unexplored fiefs may not be settled.

Decision: Accepted as rule 39.
Comments: A good overland travel and exploration proposal. Naturally, Fiefs which discovered by overland travel may also be inhabited with either friendly or unfriendly Natives.

Proposal 44

Proposer: Tivol
Proposed: Wed, 18 Jan 1995 20:47:47 EST
Proposal: Oh, greatest Emperor that ever sailed the Indeterminate Number of Seas, I swear that I know absolutely nothing about that pretender to the throne "Tivol" in FascistSevenLand, except for the rumors that I hear. "Tivol" is an unusually common name around these parts.

Sailing around the sea, I noticed that along the shores of each Land of the Empire, there were three and only three Docks. There was a Green Dock, an Orange Dock, and a Purple Dock. It dawned on me what this must mean: a boat can only dock in a Dock of the same color, and therefore no two boats from the same colored branch of the Fleet can be docked at the same Land. Boats that are not docked must float At Sea just outside the Docks, and so they people aboard the ships may not come on to the Lands for exploraration, claiming, or the like. Did I jump to the wrong conclusion about these Docks, wise Emperor?

Decision: Rejected.
Comments: While this Proposal has some merit, We must regretfully refuse it, as Squadrons travelling from one Port to another must all be of the same Colour, and so it would make travelling in Squadrons fairly useless if only one of those Ships could dock upon arrival.

Proposal 45

Proposer: Donagel
Proposed: Thu, 19 Jan 95 00:17:00 -2400
Proposal: Oh mighty overlord!!! As I (still) wait to do battle, I have some time to reflect on my Emperor, and his Empire. Therefore, I propose to offer unto the Empire the Near Azores should I capture them in battle. They will be yours to govern as you wish. While I recognize that I do not gain from this proposal, I believe that any loyal subject would do the same. I say this now, as I may perish in the (hopefully) upcoming battle at Near Azores, and I wish to make my desires known.

Decision: Accepted as rule 40.
Comments: Good luck.

Proposal 46

Proposer: Andre Engels
Proposed: Thu, 19 Jan 95 17:49:47 MET
Proposal: When a player forms a colony, he/she is declared governor of that colony. Rule 10 should be changed so that a player who is the governor of a set of lands, which in total form an empire-sized land or more, shall be declared the Exalted Winner.

Any player may bring any number of royal mariners to a colony. These Mariners stay under control of that player. If at any time a player has at least 10 more mariners in a colony than the governor of that colony, then that player can take over that colony, although he will loose 10 mariners in the ensuing fight.

If a player has at least 25 mariners in a colony of which he is governor, he can declare his colony Royal Land. 25 of the mariners in the colony will be given back to the king to protect the Royal Land. If a player declares a colony of which he is governor Royal Land, he stays governor. Royal Land can never be taken over in the way described in this proposal. If a player who governs Royal Land ever makes a hostile take-over as described in this proposal, he looses governorship of all Royal Lands he governs, and these become governorless Royal Lands. Takal, Makal and Sakal are governorless Royal Lands at the adoption of this proposal, and governorless Royal Lands can be given a governor as described in Rule 29.

Decision: Accepted as Rule 41 + amendments.
Comments: A good proposal, but...who is this King fellow, anyhow?

Proposal 47

Proposer: Egil
Proposed: Thu, 19 Jan 95 18:14:05 MET
Proposal: It would be usefull to have a map of the world so we would know where we and others are. Therefor I propose the following: Atlantis will be used as the centre of the map and thus the centre of Atlantis will have the coordinates (0,0). It's size is 1 square Measure. Makal is situated two Measures north of Atlantis (centre at (0,2).) and it's size is 0.5 square Measures. Sakal lies five M. west of Atlantis and Takal five M. east (both are 0.5 square M. in size). The Near Azores can be found 10 M. south of Atlantis. Now anyone who wants to travel to a place can do this if this place is known and on the map, or he can give the coordinates he wants to go to. Another option (especially useful for exploring) is to travel in a direction. Of course, traveling is not alowed if any other rule than this one prohibits it.

Decision: Rejected.
Comments: We don't feel We have need of such a Map; Distances from Atlantis have already been Determined by a previous Proposal, as well as a metric for determining Distances between non-Atlantean Lands, and We suspect these Distances coupled with a coordinate Map would only result in confusion among Our Subjects who are used to Euclidean Geometry.

Proposal 48

Proposer: Death
Proposed: Thu, 19 Jan 95 19:09:46 -2400
Proposal: All ships shall contain a room known as the brig. When a ship sinks another ship the captain of the winning ship may elect to take the captain (or commanding officer, if he be not of the rank Captain) of the other ship prisoner. For every ten proposals that the prisoner is held on the ship he has a 1 in 36 chance of escaping and taking over the ship, placing the old captain in the brig.

Honorable prisoners shall be released upon landfall. Dishonorable prisoners (ie. pirates) shall be turned over to the Emperor's guards. Turning the captain of a pirate ship over to the guards shall be considered an Act of Valor. Not taking the captain of an honorable ship of the fleet prisoner shall be considered an Act of Cowardice.

Decision: Accepted as Rule 42.
Comments: Both Acts described in this Proposal shall be a one step modification of Bravery (an increase for Valour, a decrease for Cowardice).

Proposal 49

Proposer: Slakko
Proposed: Fri, 20 Jan 1995 11:27:34 +0930 (CST)
Proposal: Now, most Gracious Emperor whom I am honoured to be able to talk to, here is my humble proposal: I propose that, once a colony is established, it shall grow in the following manner. (1) Each 10 proposals, a number of colonists equal to half the original number of colonists (rounded up) shall be added to the total to represent growth. Every 15 proposals, the colonists shall interact with the natives of the continent on which they have landed. On a 6-sided dice roll a 1 indicates a war in which half the colonists are killed, a roll of 2-4 indicates a peaceful agreement, and a roll of 5 or 6 indicates conversion, where a number of natives equal to one-quarter of the current number of colonists (rounded up) become colonists. (2) The maximum number of colonists in one fief is 200. Any excess colonists are ignored, until the player who owns the colony arrives to lead an expedition to a neighbouring fief. This fief, if colonised, acts in the same way as any other colony, except all increments are halved for inland provinces (i.e. natural increase is 1/4 every 10, war kills 1/4, and conversion adds 1/8 of the appropriate figures).

Decision: Accepted as Rule 43.
Comments: Now Colonies can be founded, taken over, grow, and be wiped out by Native Uprisings. Now all We need is someone to found one.

Proposal 50

Proposer: Dawn
Proposed: Fri, 20 Jan 95 14:31:06 100
Proposal: May your water always be salty enougth to to float in it. When a Squadron tries to sink a ship or other squadron, the combatant with the most ships gain a bonus to their strengh by the number of ships that they have more, also if the leader is of rank captain or higher everybody in the squadron gain a +1 in strenght to represent the coordination by an experienced naval officer. Then every ship would randomly be given an opponent target and every ship would try to sink that ship by the rule for sinking ships as in proposal 31.

Decision: Accepted, with modification, as rule 44.
Comments: This sounds much more interesting than totalling all the Ship strengths and rolling once for each side. However, the Rule of proposal 31 requires two rolls for each pair of Ships in the Battle; instead, each Ship in the Battle shall have a single roll, modified by their strength and the bonuses listed in the above Proposal. Each firing Ship on each side is simultaneously given a random target Ship on the opposing side; if the target Ship has a lower modified roll, it is sunk, if it has an equal roll, it is damaged. The firing Ship is not affected in any case, unless selected as a target Ship of another Ship. A player who is a Squadron leader who engages a larger Squadron in Battle gains a one step increase in Bravery if his or her Ship is not sunk in the Battle.

Proposal 51

Proposer: Damian
Proposed: Thu, 19 Jan 1995 18:55:19 +1100
Proposal: It is well known that all tides lead to Atlantis. Thus if a players ship is sunk, be it by pirates, hurricanes or some other disaster, the player will eventually drift home to Atlantis, clinging to a piece of broken wreckage. This takes time of course, and unfortunately, the player will be unable to submit proposals while he or she is drifting. So, a player whose ship is sunk, cannot submit proposals until 5 other proposals have been published. Furthermore, the player will then have to build, paint and christen a new ship, this will be completed after a further 5 proposals have passed. As the player is in Atlantis during this time, he or she can submit further proposals during this time, but cannot leave Atlantis (no ship to leave on!). Players who are currently journeying to another land, can still submit proposals, as all ships are supplied with an adequate number of homing pigeons that allow players to send messages home to Atlantis.

Decision: Rejected.
Comments: We hardly want shipwrecked sailors washing up on Our shores all the time. Shipwrecked sailors should have a harder time getting back to Our fair domains, that they may reflect on their errors.

Proposal 52

Proposer: THS
Proposed: 20 Jan 95
Proposal: I respectfully submit that the tasks set before THS have become many and varied, and threaten to slow the game down considerably because of the great deal of time he has to spend on his hobby as a math teacher. I therefore propose the creation of a few new titled positions in your realm. First, the Imperial Cartographer, whose job it shall be to maintain an orderly presentation of the lands in the area and their multiple attributes. This could either be mailed to THS regularly, or could be a WWW page whose link would be incorporated into the cover page for this game. The IC would perform all random determinations, etc. regarding new lands that the rules currently dictate for THS. Second, the Historian of Battles; all orders for battle (or fleeing) would be sent to this individual, who would work out the results according to current law and send back a report to THS. Third, the Royal Meteorologist who would maintain a list of the weather conditions for each three-proposal period. (Although I understand if no one takes this job, as I kind of brought that on myself.) The jobs should be filled by volunteers, although TIE will choose among multiple volunteers for an individual job, preferring ones who can provide WWW pages over those who can't. I also humbly beg the Emperor to declare taking on any of these jobs an Act of Valor (which it surely is), in case the prospect of the game slowing is not sufficient incentive to spur volunteers.

(Note this still leaves THS with legislative duties, personal attributes, and travel, in case anyone is worried he's trying to shirk.)

Decision: Accepted with modification as Rule 45.
Comments: All of the above positions sound good except for the Royal Meteorologist. Since the Weather is inextricably tied to the Approval and Rejection of Proposals, it would be quite impossible for anyone to track the Weather and resolve Hurricanes unless they do so at the same time Proposals are Decided. Therefore We regret that this task must fall upon THS, unless the Weather rules are reformed. The other positions shall be taken by THS as well until THS is able to find suitable persons to delegate them to.

Plea for Guidance 53

Pleader: THS
Pleaded: 20 Jan 1994
Plea: O wise guy! (1) It is difficult for me, your Humble Scribe, to determine the strength of Toejam's fine ship, as I cannot tell whether the Marines manning the cannons count toward the sets of five which raise ship strength, cf. Rule 30. Please advise. (2) Do Pleas for Guidance count toward periods of time measured in Proposals? If not, I shall stop numbering them, but rather just interleave them unnumbered.

Decision: (1) Marines manning cannons shall not count towards the sets of five which raise ship strength. (2) Yes, they shall count; however, THS is under no obligation to publish more than one Plea for Guidance from an individual player at a time. A single Plea for Guidance may contain more than one request for clarification, however, as evidenced by this Plea.

Proposal 54

Proposer: Anarchy
Proposed: Fri, 20 Jan 1995 19:34:24 +0000 (GMT)
Proposal: It seems that under the new naval combat system, the ships of Our Fair Empire could be sunk very quickly by The Piratical Pirates. This seems unfair, as Imperial Ships of the Fleet are surely constructed far more sturdily than the Pirates' crude attempts.

Therefore, let the basic strength of Pirate ships be set at 1, this will be modified by cannons and Pirate troops on board. When 2 ships engage in combat, one die is rolled for each ship and the winner is the one with a higher total after adding Strength. The loser loses 5 marine-equivalents. Once a ship has zero strength (not counting cannons for this purpose) it is sunk. This is repeated once every 3 proposals until either one side flees or one side is destroyed. Anyone fleeing from a weaker enemy shall LOSE one level of Bravery for obvious reasons. If more than one ship is involved in a fight, they will attack one after the other starting with the leader during each 3-proposal 'round'.

In order so that Players can configure their ships to be stronger than the Pirates, it is suggested that the total amount of cargo space on a ship is redefined as 30. One Settler or Marine takes up 1 unit of Cargo Space, and a Cannon takes up 3 units; note that as 2 marines are required to handle the Cannon, this is effectively 5 units. In this way, Cannons have to be balanced against Marines(Cannons are more efficient in increasing strength, but don't stop a ship from sinking.) A player may re-configure his ship every time he returns to the Imperial port.

Decision: Rejected.
Comments: The Pirates already have the powerful Ships that are described, and Our Loyal Subjects already have the smaller Ships that have been previously Proposed. We cannot simply legislate already-existing Pirate Ships smaller and already-existing Imperial Ships bigger. We suggest you propose something with a better rationale, such as methods of purchasing larger Ships, better armaments, ways of sabotaging Pirate Ships, or whatever.

Proposal 55

Proposer: Toejam
Proposed: Fri, 20 Jan 95 17:42:03 -500
Proposal: Oh most benevolent and gracious lord: I have recently made a visit to your royal embassy row, and spoken with the representatives of the merfolk, and learned a valuable secret. It seems that the merfolks are watching us, and are looking out for us. They have a standing policy, that any player, should they succeed in making 3 consecutive proposals at sea, which are all accepted, then a mermaid shall swim to the surface, call for the captain of the ship, and bestow upon that player a hint to undiscovered land. This will be a clue in the form of either distance to the nearest undiscovered land mass, or the direction, but never both. Once the hint has been given, the player may never receive another such gift.

Decision: Accepted with modification, as Rule 46.
Comments: To prevent overworking THS, a player who qualifies for this benefit shall notify THS that he is seeking a mermaid, rather than requiring THS to track all this. Additionally, since there is no concept of direction at this time, the hint shall create an undiscovered land at a random distance which shall be published, but shall be considered a "known land" only for that player; no other player may sail to that land until that player sails there.

Proposal 56

Proposer: Toejam
Proposed: Fri, 20 Jan 95 17:44:33 -500
Proposal: It was my intention, as the proposer of the now rule describing combat at sea, that Marines manning cannon would not affect ship strength. They're too busy shooting bad guys. Therefore, by your leave, let the rule be modified to note that marines manning cannon shall not be counted toward any group of 5 for additional ship strength.

Decision: Accepted; it would have amended Rule 30, but Rule 30 was already so amended via Plea 53.
Comments: We suppose this is the same as the answer to the Plea for Guidance, but this makes it official.

Proposal 57

Proposer: dpn
Proposed: Fri, 20 Jan 1995 21:48:28 +22295707
Proposal: Under the rules of proposal 46, if a player has 10 more mariners in a colony than the governer does, he may take over the colony at a loss of 10 mariners. This proposal does not, however, specify the consequences to the governer's mariners. I propose, therefore, that three quarters of the mariners on the losing side of a takeover shall be lost.

Incidentally, are mariners and Marines two different names for the same thing?

Note: Assuming proposal 52 is accepted, I would be happy to volunteer for the job of The Imperial Cartographer or the Historian of Battles. I should be able to provide a WWW page as of this coming Tuesday.

Decision: Accepted; amends Rule 41.
Comments: Naturally the losing side would suffer casualties. Regarding Mariners, they are to be considered the same as Marines. All references to Mariners should be considered to be referring to Marines. Once dpn is able to establish a WWW page for this purpose, he shall be appointed Imperial Cartographer with Our blessing.

Proposal 58

Proposer: Tivol
Proposed: Sat, 21 Jan 1995 13:45:47 EST
Proposal: Oh Great Ruler of the Open Seas, I hereby submit that players should be able to dock and trade at any settled Land. Four different types of cargo may be bought and sold (with their average market prices in parentheses): Arms (150), Silk (500), Opium (1500), General Cargo (5). Every proposal, the market value of changes randomly from -10% to +10%. All market prices will be rounded to the nearest unit except for General Cargo, whose market price is rounded to the nearest half unit.

Decision: Accepted with modification as Rule 47.
Comments: Since THS is overworked, the value of Cargoes shall change only immediately after the first Proposal following each Purchase or Sale of a Cargo. The prices given are in Pieces of Eight, and the amount of Cargo purchased for this price is One Ton, which takes up one Settler space aboard a Ship. (Pieces of Eight and Tons were actually introduced by a later proposal, but seem to fit here.)

Proposal 59

Proposer: Tivol
Proposed: Sat, 21 Jan 1995 16:04:05 EST
Proposal: Oh Astonsihing Emperor, as it happens that our seas do not align themselves with a coordinate grid and therefore do not follow the standard physics and mathematics involved with right angles, the fact that the wind blows in these so-called cardinal directions seems to have nothing to do with the locations and directions of objects. Obviously, the direction of the wind shows divine favor! Northerly winds favor the Orange Fleet, southerly winds favor the Purple Fleet, and westerly winds favor the Green Fleet. A wind blowing between two directions (northwest, for example) shows that two fleets are favored. Winds blowing to the east benefit nobody. When a player finds that the winds are favoring him, he may add as many ppips to each die roll as the winds are strong. Granted, adding 6 to a six-sided die roll may seem overkill, but when the winds are almost at hurricane strength, it means they're really cheering you on.

Decision: Accepted as Rule 48.
Comments: The die rolls modified are for Naval Combat only, of course. It's an ill wind that blows no one any good.

Proposal 60

Proposer: Donagel
Proposed: Sat, 21 Jan 95 17:08:05 -2400
Proposal: Oh mighty Emperor I do not mean to question the laws you declare, but there are certain laws of which have been passed while I have been at sea that cause me to worry.
Our Empire's chief goal was to expand the empire(as I understood it), but with the advent of Rules 41 and 44, this noble goal will be hurt by in-fighting. Why should your loyal subjects, destroy the property that you have given them? Why, when your empire is still contested, does your mariners attack one another, not in your name, but in the name of personal greed???
I submit these rules should be stricken. NO subject of good conscience would destroy your property or hinder your wise goals

Decision: Rejected.
Comments: Though it would be regrettable if these Rules were abused by a Power-hungry Rebel, then again they might be used to Overthrow a Tyrannical Governor. In any case We see no reason to Repeal a Rule We have so recently Enacted. Rules don't kill People, People kill People.

Proposal 61

Proposer: Anarchy
Proposed: Sat, 21 Jan 1995 22:56:02 +0000 (GMT)
Proposal: Proposal: Any player may take his ship on a Fishing Expedition to The Fishing Grounds, a portion of the sea near Atlantis(distance 1). This is the only place that Fifth Mates may actually sail to. Players in The Fishing Grounds may attempt to catch Fish. In order to do this, they simply state their intentions to THS, e.g. "I sail to The Fishing Grounds and Fish for 10 Proposals." For the duration that a ship is under Fishing Orders, two six-sided dice are rolled every turn. If the total is more than 6, the player's ship is loaded with One Ton Of Fish(which occupies one unit of settler space). Should insufficient settler space be available on board the ship, the Fish may not be taken on board. However, should the dice turn up a score of 2, a ship of The Piratical Pirates will appear and attack. One Ton Of Fish if taken back to Atlantis will sell for 100 Pieces Of Eight. Pieces Of Eight will be used to purchase various nautical items, which will be defined in subsequent proposals.

Decision: Accepted as Rule 49.
Comments: Fish shall be a Cargo treated similarly to the other Cargoes, with initial value 100 Pieces of Eight per Ton, but which may vary as the prices of other Cargoes do.

Proposal 62

Proposer: THS
Proposed: 21 Jan 1995
Proposal: I regret to inform the Emperor that there is an impending wood shortage in the Empire. Sufficient wood only exists to build and maintain 21 ships total, counting those already in use. As a result, once this limit has been reached, a new player or a player who loses his ship will _not_ automatically receive a new ship. (The appropriate rules should be amended.) Future wood sources may allow players to build a ship beyond this limit; until then, established players must convince other players to allow them to travel on their ships. For this purpose, any player may pick up another player who is at the same location, with mutual consent. New players are allowed a one-time-only enlistment on any ship they choose; the owning player cannot refuse them passage. The new player is instantly transported to that ship. If that ship does not have a name, the new player may supply it, and must do so to have proposals considered.

Players are not considered to take up space on any ship they may be aboard. The highest-ranking individual on a ship issues the sailing orders for that ship, although the owner of the ship is considered two ranks higher than actual for this determination. Note, however, that Personnel on a ship are still considered to be under the sole command of whoever recruited them.

Decision: Accepted as Rule 50 + amendments.
Comments: How distressing that We are running short on Timber. Still, We have provided many Ships and as yet none of Our Subjects have yet claimed any Lands in the name of the Empire.

Plea for Guidance 63

Pleader: THS
Pleaded: 21 Jan 1994
Plea: If a player's ship is docked at the Near Azores, but the player is on shore, does the time passing count toward the fifteen-proposal period for the next possibility of Pirate encounter legislated by Rule 26? What happens if the Pirates come while the player is ashore?

Decision: The Time passing does count towards the fifteen Proposal period for the next Pirate encounter roll, but the Timer is Reset every Time the Player engages in either Land Combat or Naval Combat with Pirates.
Comments: We just realized We did not Rule on what happens if Pirates attack while no player is aboard. Any player in the same Fief as the Ship may immediately board the Ship, with any Personnel available, and prepare for Naval Combat. If no player can or will do this, the Ship is automatically sunk.

Proposal 64

Proposer: dpn
Proposed: Sun, 22 Jan 1995 20:54:17 EST
Proposal: It has come to my attention that a merchant on the isle of Takal is selling Casks of Greek Fire for 100 Pieces of Eight apiece. These may be purchased by any player who sails to Takal.

CGFs may be hurled from a catapult to inflict great damage upon enemy ships. (Attempting to gy Pero traFs s, witThis proposal at throf bhat NG>Comfvel to a place- . reacCGFs Tons Shoot) A patapult equires tix-units.of colonistsspace abn forurMarines twoten it).Casapult , ike icnnon, tay be hcquired tonrequest fo s, tlantis.

Decision: Accepted as Rule 351
Comments: A glayer may suel a 1traFo the Plrates wnly ef PDcked at a TLnd convtolled ey airates. TA paunt ts knpt of dll bGFs muld (o the Sirates.

Proposal 64

Proposer: Tndre Engels
Proposed: TMn, t23Jan 95 172:3524 +ET
Proposal: Itsee nhat nDoegatl' attack onethe Near Azores,is eftisely cor the nenefit nf the mmpire, tnd cot of tis orwn I thenk thas loaylty ehould be areardsed Therefore,let thoRule 490be added t cluuse ,say ng that Wf he bucceed she will rse g1 ore stup incbranery tbesdes lhe m2he wiuld blready iwncbdu to the econd rartsof Rules21

Decision: Accepted
Comments: A gravertnd coyal Sct tnderd.

Proposal 46

Proposer: Tawn
Proposed: Mn, t23Jan 9995 16:49 :2 +0000 P(ET<
Proposal: PHils,mighty Ebower mf whids. TAplace is your empire only pavsro istance 1athas lmoent, a propose that alplace ilso as an englesfo s, tlantis. where ahe Nerth os 0. Deg. Est b9. Deg. nd We t 257. Deg. This iiuld bead toat the wdstances co the playes mN losger tL+0.5*Sbut ((S*ing(0.5*Alpha)+L*ing(0.5*Alpha)^2+((L^2-(L*ing(0.5*Alpha))^2)^-2)- ((S^2-(S*ing(0.5*Alpha))^2)^-2))^2)^-2 (his is tosal at tunder the sasumipion that ahe wirld ss fiate.

Decision: Aejected.
Comments: TIt has clready been Dstablished phat aur Wrld ss fNon-uclidean Ald, theugh TIS havsa Docktratedis yMthematics We haesdate o tCmmand o THS io make mhis stor of Cowmpuation of a ragularl asic. T[Acording to cawn< this nexpessinoncould be sumplyfied I wn't kcmments;it's not me resuerchyarea and the aointes maoo any ay, now. -THS ]p>

Proposal 46

Proposer: dtejam
Proposed: FMn, t23Jan 95 19:46:17 E500< br> Proposal: PMst agneraTonseperor I save year. a romors f lant, tnd cpan yt is strue: Docyour eally cffer ubuntins for prrate eaptain ? Ifwas to ldthat Wf h player folbat,sa pirate hip, and binks at, ah can gake the aptain n board vsa Drisoner place- turnshim thoAtlantis wsr a areardsof your lhooseng. WOf l at thri a player has an catacety of their ship isr aurther prssedger , they sould be nable to sake ovethe Nrrate eaptain I saar Also bhat shme tirates,have already bain d thme tot oriey of theihigheseas such as maptain) Morgan,maptain) Hoo, and laptain) Gmip

Decision: Accepted with modification as Rule 45.
Comments: Bherchree qaptain) eftledated ibove phall be anown as Nat orius Prrates. TA nyPirate Shipsencounter d by a y player was a 1 n 21 coance of ebeng eomband e by a lat orius Prrates (elected astrandom drom Ahose alriertnd ct lanrg; if tone ovailable, tone oay be puesenta) ASbh a Mirate Shipsehall butomatically save a nasapult aboard at is rdditionato allostandard pirate Srmaments,; nd, cf the Pirates cave a y p CaraFlef, onttraFuall be decdcted faom the Pirates' cinent or and vhall b benmsed ty the rat orius Prrates n the enent of Raval Combat. Iherc Regardsoor clptureng a mat orius Prrates uall be dame ty tUswhen ytey dre torned over to tmperial Caustdy. p>

Proposal 46

Proposer: TiS
Proposed: 213Jan 1995
Proposal: IOtmperiaus Pne ! Yur wirld srow, mn ompletxty overy tdy, Cnd so iI- turnshn a l douehumble nss th be offTher to sutohoriz one wore sPsitionsin the sairaisof Rules245 This ould be rhe sem>RMiistsr mf wTade /em>, whose job iould bonsidt of keeing arack af the current nonteste of sach ship a(ersonnel , Equipent, and aargoe),the current nersonal gortunaeof sach slayer in ieces of Eight, and the aurrent nargo puices oreveiling an the Ralm. FAl orders fo sake ovetr usnoadePersonnel , Equipent, and aargoe ould be sent to thiePMsT.THS wiuld suill ckeeiarack af tll orher personal gttributes,co the playyr , theyirwhere bout sand travel,, etc.,tbesdes las logislative dnd muteorologisal Puties, I teagrly paait toe enxestson of tour lFvor tn this Pegardi

Decision: Accepted as Rule 43.
Comments: Wem>RMiistsr mf wTade /em>,shall be a Colunteary ositionsconfigmed.c y ThIEbut shall bequiresthe saility oo publish m WWW page whoch h ould bonsain a l the tnform tion aelyaed to tha posit While Ite MsTpositionsis svaan , aHS whall busumi it sPuties, p>

Proposal 46

Proposer: Tnarchy
Proposed: SMn, t23Jan 9995 120:26:30+0000 (GMT)
Proposal: PTe Imperial Chipsyrds tave girwn thred tof repouation oor poduceng a . reaccrampe and masinly-inksble ship s Therefor e two ew p hips aave been areate d which wan be fPrchased ft ltlantis wsr ahe pisted iumber of hieces of Eight,:

AnPlayer eay btly pwn tne whipswt a time.,bdu to the timebershortage . (I se/e priviously Pwner a Ship. it is san oiblized Wsr ahe ood sfr hinsnew p Sip and te/e pgts are50 Piscovnte.) Fially, she new pSip aust ce given a gropertcolonu and ame, tther ise git iitl cot be tllowed at sailsany aere.

Decision: Accepted as Rule 43.
Comments: Tur Sighty Ehipsyrds thall bventually ut poduceeAhose wh tuhed,Prrates ucum p>

Proposal 47

Proposer: DiS
Proposed: 213Jan 1995
Proposal: I propose that ai proposal 469is accepted, he colrespeoding wule be mended vo bhat soce the h21-hip himit hs eached, ao player cay pirchase orn of the Ehips tisted itere weiheugt upply ng anequate nimeber,fither Ln the form of eatrade -n or hs ufficient sfesphtimebers(rom an is yet nunnown aources. Shpply ng fesphtimebershall besult in ca 75 Pieces of Eight aecdcteon ooom the Puices since tew simeberss nesinr to tork oith then orld.IMn,y arlne shiuld not ae ablowed at scircumvnt the corrent nsoarcty of Pood .We hust fand tew sands tepoetedoith taturallReseurces !If nroposal 469is arjected., I umbly be offyou do ttnoredthas lmissven

Decision: Accepted; amends Rule 43.
Comments: TEvertually dWeiitl coed idditional simber.to build modr Ships, p>