Fascist Game 8
Rules Section 2: Players

The rules are divided into several sections, which have been placed in separate web pages to allow for quicker access to an individual section:
(1) Government; (2) Players; (3) Ships and the Sea; (4) Geography, Exploration, and Colonization; (5) Battle; (6) Trade and Wealth; and (7) Foreign Politics. Rules are numbered consecutively within each section. Rule 5 in this section would be referred to as "rule 2.5" elsewhere.

Rules may be followed by a proposal number in parentheses indicating that the given rule was created, amended, or applied at that proposal. THS makes no guarantee that the listed values represent the most recent time a rule came into play. Rules that are considered part of the original ruleset are marked with (*). Rules that by their nature are constantly used are marked (now).

The Rules of Section 2: Players

[See also Rule 6.6.]
  1. The game ends when a player both (i) has earned the title The Exalted Winner, and (ii) is considered to have Won. (*)
  2. To be considered to have Won, a player must have at least 1000 Settlers in their lands, have Vanquished all Opponents of rank Commander/Plunderer and above, and have built a Monument to TIE (if a Citizen) or TPK (if a Pirate) with a suitable Inscription. "Vanquishing" means either: (i) Capture and imprisonment; (ii) Opponent's death; or (iii) Opponent deserting to the other side. (74)
  3. Players may at any time elect to desert the Atlantean Empire for the Pirate Kingdom and vice-versa. If they do elect to do this, then they are relegated to the rank Fifth Mate/Galley Slave and lose 2 levels of bravery (but cannot fall lower than Bold). If a Citizen is imprisoned by a Pirate, then s/he is offered a choice of death or desertion to the Pirate Kingdom.
  4. Each player has a rank whose name depends on his status as Citizen or Pirate. The Citizen ranks are Fifth Mate, Fourth Mate, Third Mate, Second Mate, First Mate, Commander, Captain, Commodore and Admiral, in that order. The Pirate ranks, in corresponding order, are Galley Slave, Cabin Boy, Deck Swabber, Deck Hand, Mate, Plunderer, Pirate Captain, Notorious Pirate, and Dread Pirate. Each player starts the game with rank Fifth Mate. Each time two successive proposals of a player are accepted s/he climbs 1 in rank if s/he is below the rank of Captain/Pirate Captain. Each time two successive proposals of a player are rejected s/he degrades 1 in rank, provided that demotion does not contradict Rule 2.6 below. (now)
  5. Every time a Citizen's proposal is rejected, TPK shall promote one of the lowest-ranking Pirates, as long as some Pirate is below the rank of Notorious Pirate. Every time a Pirate's proposal is rejected, that Pirate shall be demoted, but this shall not cause an extra demotion if the previous rule (2.4) applies. (basically now)
  6. Players who attain the rank of Commander/Plunderer may never be demoted below the rank of Commander/Plunderer. (146)
  7. In order to become a Notorious Pirate, one must first have sunk 2 Atlantean Ships(either players or Imperial Galleons) and have a personal fortune of 3000 Pieces of Eight (at the time of promotion); in order to become a Dread Pirate, one must first be a Notorious Pirate, and one must have delivered a total of 40 Hostages to the Near Azores and Plundered a Royal Land.
  8. TIE may propose certain Acts of Valor that any danger-seeking Citizen may decide to attend. TPK similarly proposes Acts of Infamy for Pirates. The more Acts of Valor/Infamy a player successfully faces, the more and more s/he becomes recognized for his bravery. A player's bravery is one of the words from the following list, with each word representing more bravery than the words before it: Bold, Intrepid, Gallant, Courageous, Gutsy, Heroic, Brave. All players are originally Bold, and may increase their bravery by any number of steps at once by facing these Acts of Valor/Infamy.

    Current possible Acts of Valor:

    Current possible Acts of Infamy:

  9. If a player is killed, they will be transported to The Isle Of The Dead, a faraway land(distance 25), ruled by the Judge of the Dead. They lose all rank and bravery, but will retain as loyal to them any colonies, etc. that they might have, plus they keep their citizen/pirate status. Their proposals will be judged as normal. When they have had two proposals accepted, The Judge Of The Dead will return their physical body to them and send them on their way in a Life Raft.
  10. Any player who sails to the Edge of the World falls off and is lost forever (out of the game), along with her/his ship, personnel, and equipment. Any player may set sail toward the Edge of the World.
  11. All Pirates have a parrot on their left shoulder.
  12. Pirates may not recruit Personnel, trade Cargoes, receive weapons, or perform any other transaction in any Land of the Empire.
  13. All Pirates captured by Citizens will be immediately killed.
  14. Every Proposal from a Pirate Player which is not accompanied by a Pirate Oath, will be prepended with "Yo Ho! The wind she blows!" Oaths which, in the opinion of The Pirate King, are particularly nasty and insulting to the Empire, shall be rewarded. Oaths which are truly passive and wimpy may be penalized.
  15. A new office, that of Speaker, is created. Initially, no one is Speaker. A player automatically becomes the Speaker when he submits a proposal; the previous Speaker loses the title. Any player who holds the office of Speaker continuously for at least a full day earns a salary of 20 Po8 per day the office is held.

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