Initial Ruleset for Minimalist Fascist

  1. The Imperious Emperor will judge each proposal submitted and act on it as s/he sees fit.
  2. The Imperious Emperor may, at any time, modify or remove any existing rule or enact new rules.
  3. The Humble Scribe must publish via the World Wide Web all appropriate game information, including a method to send messages to The Humble Scribe.
  4. Any player may propose a new rule or change to an existing rule by notifying The Humble Scribe via email or the World Wide Web.
  5. The Humble Scribe may not change the meaning of any proposal s/he receives.
  6. The Humble Scribe is under no obligation to post more than one unjudged proposal at a time from any individual player.
  7. When several rules apply at the same time and have different consequences then the rule with the lowest number is applied first. Other rules may then be applied so long as they do not conflict directly with a rule that has already been applied.
  8. The game ends when a player becomes The Exalted Winner, and that player is considered to have Won.
Submit a proposal (use subject "Fascist", please), return to the cover page.