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Now featuring NINE YEARS of faithful service
(First version of page written June 1994)

June 1994 - September 1997: (~duncan)
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The Detritus of Nine Years

Note: The following pages generally haven't been modified in more than a year. Anything in them was my opinion once. It probably isn't anymore - if you want crazy recent opinions, then you should try reading A Serving of Crow(Eater) - if I ever manage to get the time to update that. Read at your own risk.

About Me and About Nomic

Who Is Slakko?
South Australia - Where's That?
Animaniacs Information

Various Other Guff

What I Believe About Alt.Folklore.Urban
My Personal "Best of AFU"
The Queens' MCR Cricket Results - including 1999 season
The AUSFA Constitution

The Whole Nomic Bit

A Weird Web Game - Nomic!
World Imperial Nomic Association
Nomic High Scores - Table Format
Nomic High Scores - Summary Version
An old defunct Main Page for Ackanomic


 Random Details about My Life

Doctor of Philosophy (University of Cambridge)
My thesis entitled Graph Theory and Combinatorial Games will bore you senseless, trust me.
Bachelor of Science (Maths & Computer Science)(Hons.) (University of Adelaide)
Bachelor of Economics (University of Adelaide)

What am I doing now?

I am now a management consultant. I work for McKinsey & Company, in their Business Technology Office in the London Office.

Where Am I Physically?

What - you want my home address? Nice try.


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