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For those of you who thought that this page was dead and buried, ha! Not only have I, after 2 years of complete hibernation in the lair that is a global management consultancy, come back to update the page, I have now managed to bring the wonder that is digital photography to bear on the situation!

So, now, to bring you the updated rogues gallery (as of August 2003):

That's me on the left, and Sundance Bilson-Thompson on the right. He's somehow managed to survive long enough of the Adelaide University teaching style to get himself a doctorate, and has just finished a post-doc in Theoretical Physics in Korea. Author of the legendary Weekly Waffles (coming to you in some other form than emails... Real Soon!)

My brother Toby. What can I say? He's well on his way to being the second Doctor in the immediate family, a somewhat scary prospect - even more scary when you consider he's doing it by building GIANT KILLER ROBOTS. Oops, I shouldn't have said that - his cover story is that they're really just small distributed-search 'bots, but I've seen the plans for his new lab.

…and now, the gang from Cambridge!

Alison Woolford, chemist, tennis-player, you name it. She's typically a little sunnier than you see her in this pic (must have just caught the wrong expression).

David N. Barnett, qualified geologist, ex-meteorologist extraordinaire. I'm sure he'll get a great new job soon, but not in that outfit.

Catherine, James, Steve and others to follow sometime… you have been warned!

Page by: Duncan Richer,

Last updated: Saturday, August 30, 2003