Dramatis Personae: V

Tolnedran Valgon, Ambassador

Honethite Tolnedran Ambassador of Ran Borune XXIII to Belgarion's court in Riva.

Tolnedran Varana, General, Duke of Anadile
(Ran Borune XXIV)

Solid, unassuming, and extremely intelligent, Varana was sent by Ran Borune XXIII to keep an eye on Ce'Nedra's army at the Battle of Thull Mardu. He was later adopted by the Emperor and became Ran Borune XXIV after his predecessor's death.

Nadrak Varn

Tipsy gold-hunter who meets Silk and Garion in a tavern in Gar og Nadrak; recruited by the Malloreans after a fight with Besher.

Arend (Mimbrate) Vasrana, Countess

Mimbrate girl at the court of Vo Mimbre who attempted to seduce Garion.

Alorn (Drasnian) Velvet
(Margravine Liselle, The Huntress)

Velvet is the nickname of Margravine Liselle, Javelin's niece and a not untalented member of the Drasnian Intelligence Service, holding the post of Hunter on a mission to kill Harakan. She accomplishes this by throwing Zith into his face; the little snake expresses her irritation in no uncertain fashion. Her secondary, and unofficial, mission is, fairly obviously, to seduce Silk, and she manages this one with flying colours. To Silk's bemusement, she ends up marrying the career bachelor.

The door opened, and a young lady of perhaps nineteen or twenty came in. Her hair was the color of honey, her eyes were a warm, golden brown, and she wore a plain-looking gray dress. Her expression was serious, but there was just the hint of a dimple in each of her cheeks. "Uncle," she said, and her voice had a kind of vibrancy about it that made it almost irresistibly compelling.

(GotW, Part One (The Vale of Aldur), Chapter Seven)

Arend (Mimbrate) Vo Ebor, Baron of

Mimbrate nobleman, Mandorallen's mentor, and first husband of Nerina.

Alorn (Drasnian) Vordai

"The witch of the fens", Vordai lived in the Drasnian fens after fleeing from civilisation when an angry mob tried to burn her at the stake for witchcraft. She modified the fenlings (small mammals related to otters) around her to be intelligent, and persuaded Belgarath to teach them to speak. She died between the Belgariad and the Malloreon.

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