Dramatis Personae: S

Ulgo Saba

A young Ulgo woman, befriended by Ce'Nedra.

Nyissan Sadi, Chief Eunuch
(The Man who is No Man)

Chief Eunuch in the palace of Queen Salmissra at Sthiss Tor, and later one of Garion's companions on the quest for his son.

Nyissan Salmissra, Queen of Nyissa
(Eternal Salmissra, Handmaiden of Issa, The Serpent Queen)

Originally the High Priestess of the God Issa, the first Salmissra's God neglected to confer immortality on her before he and the other Gods left. Since then, after each one died, a new Queen of Nyissa was selected from among the girls of Nyissa, based on her similarity (in appearance and temperament) to the original Salmissra. (The Salmissra who ordered the assassination of King Gorek of Riva and all his family was originally named Illessa.) This practice continued until the time of the quest for the Orb, when Polgara turned the last Salmissra into a snake, to live forever.

Nyissan Sariss

Sadi's successor as Chief Eunuch in Sthiss Tor, and, according to Sadi, "a petty schemer". Killed by Salmissra for forging her approval on a document helping Zandramas at the instigation of Naradas.

Tolnedran Sharell, Lady

Alias used by the then Princess Ce'Nedra while escaping from the Imperial Palace at Tol Honeth.

Alorn (Algar) Silar, Queen of Algaria

Queen of Algaria at the time of the Belgariad/Malloreon, and wife of Cho-Hag.

Alorn (Drasnian) Silk
(Prince Kheldar, Radek of Boktor, Ambar of Kotu, The Nimble Thief, The Guide)

Silk is a master spy and, uncharitably put, a sardonic rat-faced cheat, but nevertheless a long-time friend of Garion and one of his childhood protectors. He is a member of the Drasnian royal family, but a long way down the line of succession, perhaps fortunately for all concerned. Married to Velvet after a lengthy and increasingly half-hearted campaign to evade her attentions.

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