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new upstream release topgit-0.7
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2009-03-05 Uwe Kleine-Könignew upstream release topgit-0.7
2009-03-05 Uwe Kleine-KönigMerge tag 'topgit-0.7' of git://
2009-03-05 Uwe Kleine-Königmake removing quilt patches dir more robust
2009-03-05 martin f. krafftlimit tg branches to those ready for deployment
2009-03-05 martin f. krafftswitch back to DH6 compat until we use DH7
2009-03-05 martin f. krafftpoint only to the GPLv2 common-licence
2009-03-05 martin f. krafftChange maintainer to list and add Uwe as uploader
2009-03-05 martin f. krafftUpdate packaging copyright to GPLv2 and include 2009
2009-03-01 martin f. krafftSuggest git-email package
2009-03-01 martin f. krafftAlso suggest make.
2009-03-01 martin f. krafftfix the PATCHES_DIR deprecation warning
2009-03-01 martin f. krafftDeprecate's $PATCHES_DIR variable
2009-02-27 martin f. krafftSuggest the quilt package
2009-02-04 martin f. krafftFix GPL version in copyright file (closes: #514157).
2008-12-02 martin f. krafftNote in's header the need to soft-include...
2008-11-20 Uwe Kleine-KönigImplement installation of contrib/tg-completion.bash
2008-11-20 martin f. krafftremove duplicate installation dir
2008-11-19 martin f. krafftProvide new tg2quilt target tg-cleanexport to recreate...
2008-11-19 martin f. krafftadd emacs modeline
2008-11-19 martin f. krafftpass --no-print-directory to sub make invocations
2008-11-19 martin f. krafftfix hardcoding of patch dir
2008-11-19 martin f. krafftdo not use MAKEFLAGS
2008-11-19 martin f. krafftmake __tg-temp-export target phony
2008-11-19 martin f. krafftreuse quilt variables
2008-11-19 martin f. krafftclose README snippet bug too
2008-11-19 martin f. krafftupdate since HOWTO is gzipped after install
2008-11-19 martin f. krafftadd news file
2008-11-19 martin f. krafftfactor out standard tg2quilt stuff to its own doc
2008-11-19 martin f. krafftdo not install file
2008-11-19 martin f. krafftrename debhelper files
2008-11-19 martin f. krafftfix detection of topgit repo
2008-11-19 martin f. krafftprovide tg2quilt to handle most quilt stuff
2008-11-18 martin f. krafftfix TG_BRANCHES variable name in README.source
2008-11-18 martin f. krafftadd debcheckout support note to README.source
2008-11-18 martin f. krafftadd bug numbers to changelog
2008-11-17 martin f. krafftadd a TODO about debian/NEWS for makefile snippet
2008-11-17 martin f. krafftrecord tg-export factoring in changelog
2008-11-17 martin f. krafftupdate workflow to use tg-export debian/rules target
2008-11-17 martin f. krafftinstall topgit make snippet during build
2008-11-17 martin f. krafftfactor out exporting of quilt series to make snippet
2008-11-17 martin f. krafftupdate workflow to make use of tg-export -b
2008-11-17 martin f. krafftrecord 0.5-1 in changelog, overwriting 0.4-1
2008-11-17 martin f. krafftMerge commit 'topgit-0.5'
2008-11-11 martin f. krafftadd todo items to README.source
2008-09-26 martin f. krafftupdate version in README.source
2008-09-26 martin f. krafftupdate merging new upstream
2008-09-26 martin f. krafftupdate upstream tarball building steps
2008-09-26 martin f. krafftrecord new upstream in debian changelog
2008-09-26 martin f. krafftMerge commit 'topgit-0.4'
2008-09-14 martin f. krafftadd bug number requesting new upstream
2008-09-14 martin f. krafftreflect TopGit remote handling and slight changes to...
2008-09-14 martin f. krafftamend debian/rules to set $prefix instead of $PREFIX.
2008-09-10 martin f. krafftrecord new upstream in changelog
2008-09-10 martin f. krafftMerge commit 'topgit-0.3'
2008-08-12 martin f. krafftadd instructions for building from source
2008-08-12 martin f. krafftInitial debianisation of 0.2