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Synchronised with 1.72 (no real change needed, updated french version number)
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2001-12-27 ahulinSynchronised with 1.72 (no real change needed, updated...
2001-12-19 ahulinModified translation of 'General Public license'
2001-12-17 ahulinLast modifications reviewed by P. Batailler
2001-12-12 ahulinMiscellaneous changes to enhance overall coherence...
2001-12-12 ahulinSynchronised with 1.71
2001-11-06 ahulinRemoved some mistakes.
2001-10-27 ahulinSynchronised with 1.70.
2001-10-03 ahulinReplaced "sévérité" by "gravité" which is a better...
2001-09-26 ahulinUpdates reviewed by P. Batailler.
2001-09-08 ahulinIn sync with version 1.65... without bug.
2001-09-08 ahulinIn sync with version 1.65 of developers-reference.sgml.
2001-08-22 ahulinRemoved a brown-paper-bag mistake.
2001-08-19 ahulinSynchronized with cvs version 1.63 of developers-refere...
2001-06-21 aphprovide proper l10n for SGML date entities; now we...
2001-05-13 ahulinReviewed by P. Bataille. Some more changes.
2001-05-05 ahulinReviewed by P. Batailler
2001-04-16 ahulincvs-en-rev entity updated
2001-04-16 ahulinSome changes from P. Batailler, N. Bertolissio and me.
2001-04-13 aphutilize orphan-address
2001-04-11 ahulinIntegrate the second review of N. Bertolissio. This...
2001-04-08 aphmore purging of url-pkg-manual references
2001-04-08 ahulinFirst complete translation of the Debian developer...
1999-07-27 clebarsadd old french translations