Academic Publications

Digital Libraries

Tom Casey, Michael Roe, Bill Tuck and Steve Wilbur. Secure Automated Document Delivery.


Tuomas Aura, Janne Lindqvist, Michael Roe and Anish Mohammed. Chattering Laptops. In Privacy Enhancing Technologies, Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science no. 5134, 2008.

Tuomas Aura, Thomas Kuhn and Michael Roe. Scanning Electronic Documents for Personally Identifiable Information. In Proceedings of the 5th ACM workshop on privacy in electronic society. ACM, 2006.


Tuomas Aura. Moritz Becker, Michael Roe and Piotr Zielinski. Reconciling multiple IPsec and firewall policies.

Tuomas Aura, Michael Roe and Anish Mohammed. Experiences with Host-to-Host IPsec.

Mobile IPv6

Michael Roe and Tuomas Aura. Designing the mobile IPv6 security protocol

Greg O'Shea and Michael Roe. Child-proof Authentication for MIPv6 (CAM).

Tuomas Aura, Jari Arkko and Michael Roe. Security of Internet Location Management.

Michael Roe, Tuomas Aura, Michael Roe amd Jari Arkko. Authentication of Mobile IPv6 Binding Updates and Acknowledgements. Internet Draft, February 2002.

Jari Arkko, Tuomas Aura and Michael Roe. Securing IPv6 Neighbor and Router Discovery.

Government Access to Keys

Ross Anderson and Michael Roe. The GCHQ Protocol and its Problems.

Michael Roe. How to Reverse Engineer an EES Device.

X.509 Authentication

Michael Roe. Cryptography and Evidence. PhD thesis, Univeristy of Cambridge, 1997.

Michael Roe. Certification Authority Requirements. Technical report, PASSWORD project, 1993.

Michael Roe. Experiences with Secure Electronic Mail.

Encryption Algorithms

Michael Roe. Performance of Protocols.

Michael Roe. Performance of Symmetric Ciphers and One-way Hash Functions.

Michael Roe. Perfomance of Block Ciphers and Hash Functions—One Year Later.


Bruce Christianson, Michael Roe and David Wheeler. Secure Sessions from Weak Secrets.

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