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    St Totteringham's Day was the day when Arsenal fans celebrate the fact that Tottenham can no longer catch Arsenal in the League. It is a movable feast, but usually falls in March, April or May. It was the day to collect on bets made by over-optimistic Spurs fans in the close season who think that "this is the year".

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    Mon, 28 Apr 2014

    Nineteen years in a row: 28th April 2014

    There are no teenage fans of Tottenham who were alive last time Spurs finished above Arsenal. There are no Spurs fans below about 24 who will really remember when they last finished above Arsenal (and if they do then they'll remember how many trophies we won that year!).

    Time to collect on the bets. Again.

    Anyway the table showing the final calculation:
    GamesPointsGDPoints behind(games left)(max points)

    An April St Totteringham's is the earliest we've had since 2008/9, and 36 games comes as a welcome relief after two successive final day St Ts. We only needed 35 in 2010/11 despite it being on May 7.

    A 1 bet invested at double-or-quits started in 1995/1996 would now need a payment of 262,144. Almost buy a season ticket with that...

    As well as all that we still have two things to play for: we need another three points to be sure of 4th place, and there is the small matter of the FA Cup Final!

    Last season at this stage I said Spurs are improving. I was wrong.


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    Arsenal 3 Newcastle 0: Happy St Totteringham's day

    The race is over. Spurs, for the nineteenth season in a row, will finish below Arsenal.

    St Totteringham's 2014 is 28th April

    Full post to follow...

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    Sat, 26 Apr 2014

    Stoke fail to deliver St Totteringham's day

    On any other day I think every Arsenal fan would be pleased to hear of a Stoke City loss which included Shawcross being sent off. However today was the exception, the one day we wanted Stoke to win.

    On the plus side the good result at Southampton will help the hunt for fourth place.

    Overall the situation remains the same: we need a win or a Spurs loss. The first chance for that is against Newcastle on Monday.

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    Will it be today?

    A reminder: if Stoke City beat Spurs today it will be St Totteringham's for 2014.

    Look for a full update at about 5pm!

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    Sun, 20 Apr 2014

    Poldi is a STILL a superstar, but not yet St Totteringham's day

    Two great finishes from Lukas Podolski, and one from Rambo today. Seems strangely close to the start of my last post, but Spurs managed a result this weekend. That leaves us...
    GamesPointsGDPoints behind(games left)(max points)

    Arsenal need just 3 points from three games to beat Spurs. So if we win or Spurs lose next weekend it is all over. Similarly if both teams draw. To avoid St T's Spurs need to do better than Arsenal next week.

    Moreover the huge goal difference advantage is probably effectively worth a point, but of course that doesn't change St T's. That is only declared when it is certain!

    The run-in, including Everton (who are currently playing Utd as I type)...
    Sat 26 AprilStoke City (A)Southampton (A)
    Mon 28 AprilNewcastle Utd (H)
    Sat 3 MayWest Ham United (A)Manchester City (H)
    Sun 4 MayWest Bromwich Albion (H)
    Sat 11 MayNorwich City (A)Aston Villa (H)Hull City (A)
    Key (position 16:00 20/4/14)
    top 4
    43-49 points
    32-37 points
    relegation zone

    I think it will be settled either at Stoke on Saturday, or at Arsenal on the Monday of next week.

    Fourth place also looks a lot more plausible. A lot hangs on two Manchester clubs though, which doesn't half leave me feeling dirty!

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    Tue, 15 Apr 2014

    Poldi is a superstar!

    Two great finishes from Lukas Podolski, and one from Giroud tonight completed quite a good weekend for the pursuit of St Totteringham's day.

    Spurs failure to win whilst we were otherwise engaged (reaching an FA Cup Final the hard way) leaves the gap between us enhanced after today's result:
    GamesPointsGDPoints behind(games left)(max points)

    Arsenal need just 6 points from four games to beat Spurs

    In fact it could happen this weekend if Spurs lose on Saturday lunchtime, and Arsenal win at Hull the next day. So I shall be cheering on Fulham!
    Wed 16 AprilCrystal Palace (H)
    Sat 19 AprilFulham (H)
    Sun 20 AprilHull City (A)Manchester United (H)
    Sat 26 AprilStoke City (A)Southampton (A)
    Mon 28 AprilNewcastle Utd (H)
    Sat 3 MayWest Ham United (A)Manchester City (H)
    Sun 4 MayWest Bromwich Albion (H)
    Sat 11 MayNorwich City (A)Aston Villa (H)Hull City (A)
    Key (position 9/4/14)
    top 4
    Over 50 points
    40-49 points
    30-39 points
    relegation zone

    It looks more likely to go beyond this weekend though: somehow I think Fulham won't be doing us a favour. I live in hope though. I think it should be settled before the end of April this year.

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    Wed, 09 Apr 2014

    A quick look at the run in...

    I am not going to comment on Arsenal's record against teams in the top 5 this season.

    The run in is definitely upon us, and with five games to play we are five points ahead of Spurs. This means Spurs need to get a point a game on us, or to put it anotherway 2 wins when we lose, or a win when we lose and win when we draw, or 3 wins when we draw. Thats a big ask over five games.

    Another (simpler!) way to put it is to say we need 11 points from five games: four wins will see us safe, as would three wins and two draws.

    There are of course complications if Spurs drop points. I've also added Everton to the analysis for the infamous fourth place trophy...
    Sat 12 AprilWest Bromwich Albion (A)Sunderland (A)
    Tue 15 AprilWest Ham Utd (H)
    Wed 16 AprilCrystal Palace (H)
    Sat 19 AprilHull City (A)Fulham (H)
    Sun 20 AprilManchester United (H)
    Sat 26 AprilStoke City (A)Southampton (A)
    Mon 28 AprilNewcastle Utd (H)
    Sat 3 MayWest Ham United (A)Manchester City (H)
    Sun 4 MayWest Bromwich Albion (H)
    Sat 11 MayNorwich City (A)Aston Villa (H)Hull City (A)
    Key (position 9/4/14)
    top 4
    Over 50 points
    40-49 points
    30-39 points
    relegation zone

    To me there is little to chose between Spurs and Arsenal's games. Most of them are against teams in the 30-something point scrap. They all need a few more points to make themselves safe.

    The Stoke and Newcastle matches look tricky. As could be both the West Ham games. Only Fulham stand out, and a team fighting for survival can spring shocks. Don't think they will though.

    So matching up the games: we both play West Ham and West Brom. We play Newcastle when they play Stoke. Hull and Villa are next to each other in the table. Norwich are the club immediately above the drop and go with Fulham.

    Nothing between them. It will be down to form, and frankly both teams are capable of messing up.

    Fantasy time: the earliest date would be 19 April if we beat the Hammers and Hull, and Spurs lose to the Baggies and Fulham. Seems unlikely!

    I put Everton in as well for the 4th place trophy. It doesn't look good. On paper we have a MUCH easier run in, but they are on form and we aren't. If the title race is still alive on May 3 then I can't see City losing, but if it is over then City will drop and Everton might do it.

    My gut prediction is that we won't hang on to 4th: based on us picking up 12 points, Spurs 10, and Everton 13. It'd be down to goal difference if I am right.

    But I am confident St T's will be earlier this year than last!

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    Sun, 16 Mar 2014

    One Nil to the Arsenal

    Is that the end of Spurs' season?

    If it is or not it's an excellent result. Puts Arsenal back in touch in the title race (though we're still long shots, as I've said before, it's fun whilst it lasts!) and could be significant for St T's day purposes.

    The end is still a way off, but nine points is a big gap:

    66  Chelsea (+33)
    62  Liverpool (1 in hand; +41) Arsenal (1; +25)
    60  Man City (3; +44)
    53  Spurs (0; -1)
    GamesPointsGDPoints behind(games left)(max points)

    If Spurs get themselves together there is still a way to go, and we have some really tricky matches. For now however: 1-0. Deserved. Battling win with a superb goal. Lets enjoy that!

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    Sun, 29 Dec 2013

    Season's Greetings...

    So far a reasonable Christmas has seen a point off Chelsea and good wins at West Ham and Newcastle. I said earlier that I was surprised at our being top of the league, and I am still on. Still think it is great. Playing pretty badly away from home against a contender for the top four and getting a 1-0 win is very pleasing indeed.

    As I write this Spurs are yet to play today and so have a game in hand, however a quick update:
    GamesPointsGDPoints behind(games left)(max points)

    Still 11 behind.

    Happy new year to all Gooners!

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    Sat, 30 Nov 2013

    As autumn turns into winter...

    Well I didn't expect us to be top as we enter December, but I am overjoyed that we are. It has been a superb season and the first goal at Cardiff today sums up the season: Özil crossing to Rambo. The men of our season so far... Credit to Cardiff fans for the reception they gave him too. Reminded me of the reaction of the Arsenal fans to Eduardo's goal against us.

    Even better is Spurs stuttering start. The early penalty wins flattered them it'd appear, and I am sure most readers took great glee in the drubbing that City gave them recently.

    However we must remember how early in the season it is. This time last year Spurs were two points ahead, and the year before by the end of November they had a three point lead. So don't get too confident at a mere 11 point lead. Especially as they have a game in hand.

    The situation in summary:
    GamesPointsGDPoints behind(games left)(max points)

    And a rather elongated Cann table extract is needed to get Spurs and Arsenal both in...

    31  Arsenal
    24  Liverpool (1 game in hand), Chelsea (1), Everton
    22  Man City (1), Southampton (1)
    21  Man Utd (1)
    20  Newcastle Utd (1), Tottenham Hotspur (1)

    That is a heck of a gap, but Arsenal need to keep slogging away and winning. But who saw this back in July?

    Admin update: I've added a 2013/14 link and a link back to the home page to the bar on the left hand side of the page.

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