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2005-06-13 matthewtrout from rjk
2005-05-31 matthewnew trout from mcv21
2004-12-10 matthewtrouts from mole and rejs pp rjk
2004-12-10 matthewmore trouts from anon and one from me :)
2004-06-01 matthewremoved crap shoes trout
2004-03-05 matthewre-word trout
2004-01-06 matthewnew trouts from anon
2003-12-16 matthewcorrect typo, and new trout from vicky
2003-08-06 matthewtrouts from Vicky Clarke
2002-11-18 matthewNew trouts, and update the flirts to fix a typo
2002-10-17 matthewFlirts and trouts from Ross Younger
2002-10-06 matthewno more flirty trouts
2002-04-27 matthewSpell annihilates properly
2002-02-27 matthewCorrect $s syntax, and new trouts from Kate
2002-02-27 matthewRemoved suicide trout, following email request to do so
2002-02-18 matthewAnother day, another trout
2002-02-14 matthewTrouts from Kate
2002-02-14 matthewTrouts from LNR
2002-02-07 matthewmore trouts; also make the telling chance only 10%...
2002-02-05 matthewMake sure all trouts contain %s
2002-02-05 matthewFixed a slight RCS merge collision
2002-02-05 matthewmore trouts from anon
2002-02-03 matthewNew trouts