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descriptionServus: an IRC bot
ownerMatthew Vernon
last changeThu, 17 Jan 2019 18:01:50 +0000 (18:01 +0000)
5 days ago Matthew VernonOutput the date of first mention, not the current date master
12 days ago Matthew Vernonnew trout from chelgrian (no, not the album by Bride)
2018-12-11 Matthew Vernonstrip more garbage out of twitter urls (esp the ?s...
2018-12-10 Matthew VernonAdd blame-filtering
2018-12-10 Matthew Vernon0-pad times (so 13:03 rather than 13:3)
2018-11-23 Matthew VernonNew trout from Diziet (apropos what 🔥 looks like)
2018-11-14 Matthew VernonCorrect tyop in flirt from rjk
2018-11-09 Matthew Vernonnew flirt from Diziet
2018-11-08 Matthew VernonAdjust url-observation, per chiark.irc discussion
2018-11-07 Matthew VernonDon't remark on URLs that are repeated after a short...
2018-11-07 Ian Jacksonurl observations: Rename `urlcomplaints' variable to...
2018-11-07 Matthew Vernonurl observations: make the "complaints" less complainy
2018-11-07 Ian Jacksonmain: Drop daft try/expect
2018-10-10 Matthew VernonRemove trout in light of objections
2018-09-24 Matthew Vernonnew trout from rjk
2018-08-28 Matthew Vernonnew flirt from Emperor (SatW board game)
16 years ago upstream_0_3
5 days ago master