Some Interesting Machines!

Current Collection

These are the computers I own which aren't just ordinary run-of-the-mill PCs. [I have one of those too - mnementh is the Linux box I use for real work...]

Now With Added Imagery!

I've now acquired a Connectix QuickCam, and have been able to take some pictures of my collection, using the cqcam software running under Linux (naturally!) Some technical information about QuickCams is available, if you're interested.

Each machine is described on its own page:

Machines I used to own but don't any more:

What are those silly names?

So why the funny names? Well, they're a reference to the Dragon series of books by Anne McCaffrey. I've not been so interested in the books recently, but I still like the naming scheme - I'm naming all my computers after the dragons. This provides a nice large name space, as recommended in RFC 1178. The larger machines in the collection are named after bronze or gold dragons, whilst the micros get named after the smaller blue and green dragons...

A few machines have the names of Pernese minerals; this is because those machines are on the network at the office where I work, which has a vaguely minerals-and-gemstones related naming system.

Future Acquisitions...

Anything I can get my hands on! Seriously, if you do have an old machine, of any description, please don't just bin it; somebody is likely to take it off your hands and give it a good home. Some of us still appreciate these computers...

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