serith: ZX81

serith is a ZX81. Enough said.

I'm ashamed to say I haven't even powered it up yet. I have an AC adaptor for the ZX Spectrum, but the connectors are different (it's the connector conspiracy!).



Interior View

view of PCB
Top left is the RF modulator. Next to it is the custom ULA. The 2364 ROM is at the bottom, the Z80 is in the middle and the two smaller ICs to the right are RAM. Below the modulator are sockets for connecting a cassette recorder and also the power socket (9V unregulated DC). There is a 7805 regulator at the bottom left corner. It's obvious that Sinclair pared away as much hardware as possible to keep the cost down.

Exterior View

outside view
The outside of the ZX81. Prominent in the shot is the utterly dire 40-key keyboard, which used a touch-sensitive membrane thingy and provided no tactile feedback whatsoever. It also had a space key rather than space bar, and the 'function' key used to obtain most of the punctuation was itself a two-key combination: SHIFT-NEWLINE...
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