ramoth: Tektronix 4406

Contrary to the wishes of my parents :-), ramoth has joined the collection. ramoth is a Tektronix 4406 workstation. Bizarrely, Tek sold these as AI workstations, with Smalltalk as standard. I still can't believe they thought there was a market for them... Fortunately, it is a unix box and so usable for other things.

On arrival, ramoth was non-functional, but with the help of a friend I have fixed most of the problems. The optional 4MB ram board is still faulty though. If anybody has a service manual for this beast, I'd love to hear from you. Similarly, I'm looking for an OS (somebody is working on this for me, but they're busy, so a second source would be nice...) and the X Window System, which I believe Tektronix sold for the 4406.

I've decided that in the absence of any service manual (Tektronix don't want to sell me one...) I may just have to trace out the schematic myself. Does anybody know what the legal issues surrounding reverse-engineering actually are?


ramoth came to me via Kevan Heydon, who pulled it out of a skip somewhere...


None as yet...

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