Champion's Cloaks
and Badges of Glory

Champion's Cloaks and Badges of Glory are governed by rule 669 and rule 666.

When proposal 1314 passed on October 13, 1996, temporary text in rule 1314 awarded Champion's Cloaks and Badges of Glory as appropriate to past winners:
Robert Sevin - cloak
Bascule - cloak
Malenkai - cloak, 2 badges
/dev/joe - cloak
ThinMan - cloak

/dev/joe (Joseph DeVincentis) - Mon, 14 Oct 1996 01:23:30 -0500 (CDT)

My Champion's Cloak is a Cloak of Invisibility (when I took a day off to play in a Magic tournament a few weeks ago, this was one of the few cards that really helped me). When I have not activated its invisibility (by wrapping it completely around myself), it appears to be a black velvet hooded cloak. The hood is an extra-large hood to accomodate my Prosthetic Forehead. Inside of the hood are small speakers mounted near the ears. The speakers are connected to the audio output from a laptop computer (with cd-rom drive and cellular modem -- used for playing Ackanomic), which is stored in a pocket inside the cloak when I am not using it. Another pocket contains a case of CD's to play in the cdrom drive when I am not using it with a cdrom (which is of course most of the time). Although the outside appears to be black velvet, it is actually a solar cell which charges the computer's battery. The solar cell does not work when the invisibility is activated. There are also several other pockets of various sizes; several of them are just right for holding decks of cards, but only one of these has a deck in it -- it is a Magic deck. Equipment for playing several other games is packed in other pockets. The cloak has one other magical ability besides the invisibility -- it is weightless, as is anything in any of its pockets.
I am wearing my Champion's Cloak.

Malenkai (Randy Hall) - Tue, 15 Oct 1996 00:16:00 -0400

My Champion's Cloak is blue with red trim. It has an infinite number of pockets on its inside. It can be seen in the Portrait Gallery.
I am donning it.

ThinMan (John Bollinger) - Wed, 16 Oct 1996 09:29:18 -0500

My Champion's Cloak is a full-length half-circle cloak of regal violet velvet trimmed with ermine. On close examination, it becomes evident that the spots on the ermine trim are actually numbers -- 6, 256, 514, 549, and 607 are all present. Enblazoned on the left breast is a small white scroll overlaid by a blue cross, below a set of golden scales. Concealed within the cloak is a high-quality CD player and a pair of lightweight speakers, through which I am prone to play Queen's "We are the Champions."
I hereby don my Champion's Cloak and request to be addressed as "Exalted One."

Slakko (Duncan Richer) - Tue, 27 Jan 1998 12:47:04 -0500

On first inspection, it looks not so much like a cloak as an Anorak. To ensure that whatever Malenkai can put in his pockets, I can in mine, I have ensured that it has omega_1 pockets on the inside :-). It is a shade of sky-blue on the outside, with a tricoloured blue,red and yellow stripe around the middle to look like a belt. When pressed, this stripe lights up giving the final score from the 1997 AFL Grand Final, and booms out the phrase "Go You Crows!". The inside of the cloak is done in a velvet-trim black and yellow check.
I don my Champion's Cloak.
I ask to be addressed as Slakko. :-)

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