Ben's Film Reviews

I enjoy films. Films are good. Good films are worth seeing. Some films cause only pain and misery. This page is dedicated to both types of film. Read and take notice

Evolution David Duchovney inflicting pain through fart gags
The City of Lost Children A warped fairytale to screw up young minds everywhere
ShrekA slightly less warped fairytail, with an anti-disney spin
Tomb RaiderLara Croft shows 12 certificate amounts of flesh and raids tombs
Final Fantasy - the spirits withinCollect the spirits and save gaia. Trade doubles with you're friends, I suppose.
The Princess and the WarriorGerman psychiatric nurse meets bank robber film
Moulin RougeOhhh, shiny thing!
AIA robot who can love. Ah!
EnigmaMary Jane Hopkins, its a film about cryptographers
AmelieSurreal french stalkers
The OthersGhosts in Jersey
Jay and Silent Bob Strike BackLuke and Leah meet Jay and Silent Bob
Lord of the RingsThe deadly dangers of jewelery
Vanilla SkySleeping, vertigo, magazine publication and monet but no ice cream or satellite TV.
Monsters Inc.Billy Crystal reprises his classic "Soap!" role and comes out of the closet
Start Wars Episode 2 - Attack of the clonesYoda Why-Oh-Dee-Ay Yoda Yoh yoh yoh yoh yoh-dah
Panic RoomAll the fun of house hunting and sitting in small rooms combined in one film!

And after quite a long gap, the second coming

Shrek 2 Stay-Puff move into gingerbread