Tomb Raider

A brief synopsis of the plot: Lara Croft is rich, she has a geekey techy employee and a butler. Her dad, before he died, tolder her about a magical triangle. Unfortunately the Illuminati also want the triangle (and have arranged for an evil tomb raider with a sub-lawrence-lewellen-bowen employee and a harem to find it). They both compete, then work together for a bit, they find the triangle and Lara Croft wins.

I'm not going into any more depth, because getting any closer might cause me to slip into a plot hole (they seem to be sprinkled librally arond this film). Suffice to say, it does exactly what it says on the tin (there are many pictures of a rather cute Angela Jolie running and jumping in tight clothing) but doesn't come close to Indiana Jones in doing the pulp-archeology genre

When the best thing you can say about a film is there a good cameo appearence by the Clangers, and that Leslie Phillips was underused, its probably better off missed. To anyone who might be toying with making Tombraider 2 I can only say "STOP!"

I give this film one green cornflake out of a possible five.