Monsters Inc.

Disney-Pixar. They havn't made a bad film yet. They follow essentially the same formula of pretty computer graphics, comdey aimed at two levels and a fairly simple plot. What you get as the result is a cracking family film. Its hard to say much more. Yes there are famous people doing the voices. Yes the graphics are astounding. Yes, its really quite funny.

So, whats the downside? Well, nothing except theres nothing new - Monsters Inc. doesn't do anything toy story didn't do. The novelty is wearing a bit thin. This doesn't stop the whole thing being very entertaining, but it does mean I don't have the same fondness for MI that I do for Toy Story.

Really, there isn't much else to say, the story is quite a neatly disguised animal rights metaphor (maybe with an evils of nuclear power metaphor thrown in for good measure). Nevertheless it doesn't quite have the courage of its convictions. There are plot holes - I'm prepared to overlook them, because overlooking holes in this sort of story is what allows them to work as entertainment. Maybe my expectations are too high. Four kitties out of a possible five - and only that because I'm feeling generous, it made me laugh and looked like it acheives its aims competently.