The Princess and the Warrior

The princess and the warrior is long. There seem to be two acts tacked onto the film. Maybe there is something wrong with me that I am restricted to only wanting to see 3 act plays in the cinema, but it confused me. This isn't to say the film was bad, only that it was structured strangely and goes on a bit longer than you desire

The plot isn't anything special, its a sort of boy distressed because a girl dies, so plans to rob a bank. Different girl gets run over. Boy saves girls life (even though he caused the accident). Girl falls in love with boy, but boy is still hurting about dead girl (and hugging stoves in the middle of the night). Boy rejects girl (because frankly she must seem a bit like a stalker). Girl happens to be in bank at the time boy robs it. Girl sort of helps boy escape. Boy and girl return to hospital (where the girl works... keep up). Boy is disguised as a patient. Police find boy and girl. Boy and girl jump off roof. Film fails to end (we expected it to end soon after girl rescued boy from bank... shurely it must end now?) Boy and Girl land in a lake which we didn't know was there and swim to saftey. Girl and boy drive off escaping police. Film STILL doesn't end. Boy and girl go to petrol station. 2 boys (both the same boy, but representations of different stages in his life... its all very symbolic) get back into the car. They drive off. One boy leaves the car. Catches a bus driven by a dead person I havn't mentioned. Film Ends.

Actually the film is good, there are some nice bits. The psychiatric hospital scenes are well done, and really very realistic. The end scenes are weird, but while they feel out of place, the scenes are moving and gripping, which is good. There are no flaws in the acting, and there are a few nice touches in the direction. To sum up, worth watching and enjoyable, but not the greatest cinema ever made

I give this 3.5 alternate personalities in a car out of a possible five