A family animation, in the best tradition of panto - jokes for the kiddies, different jokes for the adults. Thats what makes Shrek, thats more or less all there is to it. At heart Shrek is intended as a parody of Disneyesque kiddies films, and tries its hardest to oblige. There are some nice digs at Disneyland and an obligatory Matrix scene. Everything works well, even if there is a bit too much lavatorial humour for my taste.

The story is ogre meets girl, oger falls in love with girl, ogre and girl have a fight, ogre learns girl is actually a were-ogre so thats alright. Everyone learns an important lesson about it being whats inside that counts. Then they all sing "I'm a believer". But if you're over about ten years of age, you probably don't care about the story. Personally I feel the ending was a bit weak - when they keep going on about "Loves first kiss" all the way through the film I would like to see "Loves first kiss" in some way differentiated from other kisses. Oh well.

The CGI is good (not wonderful, but the best I've seen at the cinema so far), the voices well acted (except for Mike Myers - why does he think he can do British accents?) and I seriously considered going to see it again the day after. Shrek isn't a wonderful piece of cinema, but it is a good flick. It gets four and a half dwarfs out of a possible five.