Evolution had a winning concept - lets remake ghostbusters, but do it like X-Files, and lets use the star of X-Files as the star of the movie. Oh and lets add some fart jokes. People like fart jokes.

The idea was good.

The only problem the film has is its sitting-in-the-chair-trying-not-to-scream-out-in-pain enducing terribleness. Other than that, its basic idea was really quite good. David 'Fox Mulder' Duchovney played his part reasonably. Everyone played their parts reasonably. Some actors only had parts that allowed them to play one dimensional stereotypes, but they were competant one dimensional sterotypes. The problem was with the content of the film. It was about science and genetics and evolution and stuff. Unfortunately all the authors had managed to do, in so far as researching science genetics and evolution and stuff was to discover the word mitosis. They used that word lots - apparently saying mitosis makes you look like a top american army biologist. They also took some scientific advice from the back of a bottle of Head And Shoulders (I kid you not).

By the end of the film I was dying to write a book called "The Science of Evolution" because as far as science fiction goes, this film had the most fictional science I have ever seen.

I should stress, the film is weak in many non-science related ways. Its predictable (the good looking guy gets the girl). There seems to be more or less no chemistry between the actors. The script is incredibly weak, not very funny and all the jokes involve farting or rectal surgery. And everyone gets slimed at the end (just like ghostbusters, only in this film the slime comes from a creatures rectum. I kid you not. I really wish I was kidding!)

This film gets no smiley faces out of a possible five.

Don't go and watch it. There is enough pain in the world already.