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    St Totteringham's Day was the day when Arsenal fans celebrate the fact that Tottenham can no longer catch Arsenal in the League. It is a movable feast, but usually falls in March, April or May. It was the day to collect on bets made by over-optimistic Spurs fans in the close season who think that "this is the year".

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    Sat, 13 Jan 2018

    Gaps between league titles? Is 14 years too much for one man?

    Not looking good at the moment, so I'll talk about history.

    I think most Arsenal fans know the significance of the number 18 when it comes to gaps between our league titles. 18 years is the longest gap between titles since we first won it back in 1931. It has happened twice, either side of the Bertie Mee 1971 double team.

    However these gaps usually had several managers (in the 1953-1971 we had Whittaker, Crayston, Swindin, Wright and Mee; in the second gap Mee, Neill, Howe, and Graham (and Burtenshaw as caretaker)). So I thought which managers have had the longest dry runs in the league for Arsenal.

    Ignoring caretakers and those who had under three seasons...

    Manager		Seasons		Then what?			Years without a title
    Neill		1976-1983	left job in 7th season		7
    Chapman		1925-1931	won in sixth season		6
    Bradshaw	1899-1904	left job in fifth season	5
    Whittaker	1948-1953	Won in 5th season		5
    Mee		1966-1971	Won in 5th season		5
    		1971-1976	left job after 5th season	5
    Kelso		1904-1908	left job in 4th season		4
    Swindin		1958-1962	left job in 4th season		4
    Wright		1962-1966	left job after 4th season	4
    Graham		1991-1995	left job in 4th season		4
    Allison		1938-1947	Left job after three seasons	3
    Howe		1983-1986	left job in third season	3

    Of course one person is missing. If Wenger doesn't win the league this season (and noone thinks he will) then it'll be 14 years. Surely this is indulging him to excess if we are still a club which starts with the ambition of winning the league?

    A small footnote: 1938-1947 only covered three full seasons. 1938/9, 1945/6 and 1946/7.

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